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How to fix earbuds that work on one side

If you are worry or irritate with your earbuds because one side is not working. Before buying the new best Bluetooth earbuds, take a look at these guidelines. It’s helpful for you because you can quickly get the answer to your question of how to fix earbuds that work on one side?

There are many methods of repairing earbuds, but it only depends on what’s the type you are using. Each earbud is different and will need other techniques to fix them. Once you know the necessary process, you will quickly fix your earbud, and you also got the skill that could be helpful in the future.

If you want that your best wireless earbuds will not be stuck, you must have to follow the instruction that helps you.

Causes of fault in earbuds:

  • If you are going outside of your home, you must bring an earbuds case with you. After using buds, please put them in case.
  • Don’t through your buds in bed or at the table.
  • Don’t put earbuds in your pocket. It’s big trouble for you.
  • Not throw your best Bluetooth wireless earbuds into your bag. It’s a big chance of crushed, bent, and twisted. You have to care for yourself.
  • Don’t sleep while using earbuds.

Ultimate guide on how to fix earbuds that work on one side:

It would be best if you tried alternative pair of earbudsFirst, you need to check it’s your earbud’s fault. If yes, then use another alternative pair of buds in good working condition and pair them with the device. If you don’t have another alternative pair, then check the volume setting.

Reset your device or earbuds:

If you are damn sure your earbuds and headphones are breaking down from one side, then one of the easy and best solutions to fix it by quick reset. It’s effortless to do. Simply press the power button on your buds and still hold it until the buds or headphones light flash blue to red or red to blue. After the device is on, then reconnect again with your device. You can see that it works fine. 

Look for broken wires in your headphone or in earbuds:

If your earbuds or headphones are fully charged, or you also do the step of resetting the device, and still your buds and headphones are only working from one side, then you will need to check for internal wires in buds. No need to panic or worry about how to check the internal wires. It’s simple, easy. Just follow the steps.

  • 1st open the device of Bluetooth and remove the case from it.
  • Use the iron just like soldering iron and find the broken wires and fix them.
  • Put all functions (Bluetooth device back to the original position, fix the case) into the original position and then check it again it is working fine.

Check the mono setting (how to fix earbuds that work on one side):

If the audio setting is on the mono setting, most probably the sound play is from one side, and you think that the one side is broken. And you will get panic and you though your best Bluetooth wireless earbuds, and looking to buy a new one. Just change the setting, and the earbuds work fine.

Make the use of warranty:

Almost every earbud has a 6 to 12-month warranty, then take advantage of it. If you have any technical issue or malfunction issue with the warranty time and with any thinking, use the warranty and have them expertly fixed. If you are trying to fix yourself and do some other damage, then this will affect your warranty.

Why the one side of earbuds only working:

If your earbuds stop working or there’s no sound from one side, you will think that your wireless earbuds are a broker and would not repair them again. And you will get panic and looking around for the spare one.

You will decide to pay it for repair, and it takes a long time, and you will wait for it. But you don’t need to spend any money on it. It’s totally in your hands. Properly follow the guidelines and fix them yourself.

Guidance when you buy wireless earbuds:

There are many things you need to notice will buying:

  1. Check the actual price
  2. Check the warranty
  3. Check the mic and speaker
  4. Check the range of Bluetooth and connectivity
  5. If you are hearing the sound and feel crackling noises in it, then say good bye to them.

What’s a better time to buy new earbuds?

Once you buy earbuds in life, unfortunately, a time will come when your earbuds completely destroy or can’t fix. If you had buy-in low price then it’s not such a huge problem, but if you have spent a lot of money on it then it’s worth buying new earbuds. My advice not to spend too much money on earbuds. In the range under 50 earbuds is good for one year or two year worthy.

Can I hear from one side of earbuds?

Yeah, you can hear from one side of earbuds but some conditions are apply for your safety.

  1. Must set the source volume into the medium level.
  2. If you lost one side volume and only tried to listen from the left side of buds, then make sure the source volume is set as a left stereo. Because the mono devices will play sound only from the left side
  3. Connect your wireless headphones and buds directly.
  4. Must test your wireless earbuds or headphones on the other devices.

If you face the problem while using one earbuds or headphones, then follow the instruction on how to fix it. If you can’t fix it, then focus on buy a new one. Don’t jump directly toward buy option some people do this because of panic?

I hope you will get your answer on the how to fix earbuds that work on one side. If you have any quires then let me know in the comments.And If you want to know about the laptops backpack which are very important for laptop. you can easily get guidlines here.

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