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Reasons to visit mobor beach in Goa

Traveling can be fun if things are planned to perfection. Going on a vacation may seem simple but it comes off as a pretty tough thing to plan out if you want to make sure that your stay is memorable instead of a horrid dream.

There are tons of different places to go on vacation, be it in India or all over the world. In the season of hot chocolate and woolen clothing, the southern side of India becomes the center of attention for tourists, with one place, in particular, being crowded more than the others.

Yes, you thought it was right, Goa, the beach nation become the party place for tourists from all parts of the nation and globe during the last couple of months every year. There are plenty of beaches for people yet one beachside catches the eye the most. Mobor beach, situated on the south side of Goa is always stacked with party poppers and other fun things at this time of the year.

But what separates it from other beaches, what makes it one of the most famous beaches of Goa. Read this blog till the end as it will focus on some major reasons why one should visit this beach.

Major reasons to visit Mobor beach in Goa

Betul fort and lighthouse

Betul fort and lighthouse

If you are looking to see some of the most picturesque views in Goa, this is your place to be. The place itself sets the mood with clear skies that stretch to infinity along with the soothing sea view. It was built by none other than Shivaji Maharaj, this structural marvel gives a good glimpse of the history-rich India and is only a mere 13 km away from the beach. You can stay in any of the Mobor beach hotels in Goa and reach your destination within an hour to enjoy your vacation.

Beaches nearby Mobor beach

Beaches nearby Mobor

In case you feel that you have spent enough time on the beach of Mobor, you can go on and explore other nearby beaches, with the nearest beach being only 4.5 km away. Tourists visit Goa mostly for one reason, Beaches. There are many famous beaches in Goa but lots of them are crowded but if you want to spend time alone without a crowded mobor beach could be the best option for you.

The multiple churches situated in and around Mobor

The multiple churches situated in and around Mobor

The area is also known for several churches such as Holy Cross Chapel, St. Roque Church, St. Francis Xavier Church, and many others. Visiting these churches is certain to give you a moment of peace and spiritual clarity. 

Cutbona jetty

Cutbona jetty

Situated within a vicinity of 10 Kms, this is another must-visit place for tourists who are near Mobor. This place is deemed as one of the busiest fishing harbors and if you are in luck, you may even get to go on a complete fishing tour.

These are some of the major reasons why visiting Mobor is a choice that one will never regret.

Apart from personal experience, travelers can also take notes from mobor beach reviews as there are countless reviews on the internet by people who have already been there.

Goa has tons of places for people to roam to and Mobor is no different than any of them. It is packed with surprises and who knows, you may find some friends or a new love interest while enjoying your stay at Mobor.

In conclusion: In this article, we have talked about 4 major reasons why you should visit mobor beach to spend your weekend time with your family.  Goa is majorly famous for its beaches and drinks. Most of the people visit only beaches but there are lots of things you can do in Goa on Mobor beach.  Betul fort and lighthouse are also some of the most visited tourist places in Goa.

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