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Ultimate Guide For A Safe Trip To Goa Post Covid-19

What can an apt description of Goa? Well. It is all about ‘Sand’, ‘Sun’ and ‘Surf’. However, in reality, Goa offers much more to travel enthusiasts. Carnival City? Portuguese Colony? Old churches or ancient temples? Yes. Yes again! You can call it a beach Paradise and the best holiday capital. This list goes on and on about the trip to Goa.

Situated in South-Western India, Goa is famous as the ‘Pearl of the Orient. Goa’s future as a hotspot of the holiday is the result of the strong intermingling of historical happening and the capacity of the absorption of its forceful spirit.

Deadly Covid 19 again came and the national lockdown was declared in March 2021. It is heartbreaking for the traveler enthusiasts. However, medical settings are recovering quickly. Goa has been one of the most looked after tourist destinations that people couldn’t wait to visit.

After some time, now every state is cutting down the restrictions week by week, the state of Goa allows the entry of the traveler in the state to bring life on track. There are high possibilities that from July, the place will get open for the domestic visitors and people from all around India started booking their visit.

Nearby, selecting for preferred Goa local tour packages and your wait will be made pleasurable at Goa Hotels. A huge leaning of visitors has covered the way for several accommodations.

Goa Travel Advisory In Covid-19 For The Goa Tourism

  • At the entry point, all tourists will have to follow up a basic screening. In case, a person is infected with COVID-19 then he/she should conduct a test at designated testing centers and hospitals. The Tourist will manage the cost on the personal side.
  • The management will check if the booking was made with any registered hotel with the Department of Tourism. The hotel or other accommodation should have permission to operate. It is important to have a validity of the booking for the complete duration of the stay.
  • The state of Goa has permitted travelers by opening up its tourism sector slowly. The main concern is the safety and security of the travelers as well as residents.
  • It is essential to follow up the Covid-19 protocols which include compulsory face masks, the social distancing of 2 feet, and public place sanitization.
  • Every tourist should download ‘The Arogya Setu App’ and according to the app, the traveler should be ‘SAFE’.
  • All domestic, as well as incoming travelers, must follow up thermal screening.
  • In case, the end destination is Goa then it is essential to provide valid residential proof in Goa.
  • If you are showing some of the diseases, you will need to take a PCR test and stay in isolation if required.

Best Time To Visit

Now, you can book your visit to Goa from November to April. During this time, the weather is perfect for relaxing on the well-liked beaches, and the temperature normal from 20 to 30 degrees celsius.

How To Reach Comfortably?

  • If you wish to reach Goa with great ease, you can right away take a flight from the adjoining airport to The Dabolim Airport or Goa International Airport and reach goa most comfortably.
  • There are also a restricted number of trains in service to Goa. Therefore, you should check the availability of the train on the IRCTC website before booking.
  • Road travels can easily book or hire a car or drive you from the state border to the selected hotel or other accommodation. You might face temperature screenings at some checkpoints. However, you should wear the mask every time until you reach your destination.

Places To Visit In Goa Post Covid-19

Also known as the beach capital of India, the coastline of Goa’s is openhandedly sprinkled with surf and sand. Here, travelers can look ahead with untouched havens. The place is covered by the normal agencies of tourism which includes facilities and hotels, advanced day luxuries, restaurants, shops, resorts, spas, entertainment centers, and resorts that work.

Let’s Discuss The Popular Beaches For Flawless Holidays In Trip To Goa:


Located just 18 km from Panaji, this beach is laid in the middle of the hill and sea. One can enjoy a scenic beach having special natural beauty turns into an outstanding holiday.


Located at a distance of 22 km, it is a crescent-shaped beach located on the Chapora River basin and enjoys the Chapora Fort shadow, is a quiet place to unwind. Night parties are often celebrated during the peak season.


It is known as Goa’s northern beaches. It remains vacant and covered by wonderful scenic beauty.


It is one of the popular beaches located just 13 km from Panaji. It is one of the renowned holiday beaches for water sports services providing para-sailing diving, water-skiing, and surfing.


This beach is famous for its 17th-century Portuguese fort which is now changed into a hotel. However, the grounds cover the area around, the beach remains open for the common public.


Greatly popular and the location at just 39 km from Panaji, Colva gives a relaxed holiday with hotels, shops, discos, and restaurants. Colva is also celebrated for the Church of Our Lady of Mercy, which has the figure of Menino Jesus.


Located at a distance of 70 km south of Panaji, the white sandy beach is some commercial movement, which includes shops and restaurants. Especially, weekends require getting crowded here.

Getting Around Trip To Goa

Goa Holidays are a delighting knowledge for holidaymakers. The beaches at the Seaside beaches are the enjoyable vacation tour that ends in Goa. Places and things to discover in Goa are the following: Blue beaches, Cultural heritage, rewarding silvery sands, Gothic churches, huge historical temples, splendid flora and fauna, and historical memorials.

The preeminent logic to a holiday trip to Goa is the possibility of enjoying holidays in Goa India. Goa is every time holiday end for holidaymakers. Moreover, you can look ahead with delicious and exotic seafood with wine peg. A visit to Goa will execute your life enthusiasms. Goa has a diverse range of luxurious villas and hotels.

Reservations for hotels will provide you with the perfect base for holiday adventures, keeping you close to the beaches. Going to friends and family, you need to book a set of rooms in advance to avoid additional costs. Goa carnivals are also a celebrated event to be renowned there. India is highly rich in varied cultures and practices. Goa carnival festival speaks about things. Dance and music are incorporated as part of Goa carnivals.

Step into this striking position, which presents above just sandy beaches but a varied range of traditions and culture. All over the world, people visit Goa to enjoy the various attractions. Holiday in Goa is a main global tourist attraction. Fascinate your strength beach activities making sandcastles, taking sunbath and playing wind gliding among others.

Enjoy The Wild Life

The beautiful state of Goa is also praised for its wealthy flora and fauna. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, and Mollem National Park among others are popular wildlife destinations in the state which are value visit during the Goa holiday in India.

Explore Forts In Goa

The beautiful state of Goa has many splendid forts. The most celebrated fort in the condition is the Aguada Fort. The fort is the main Portuguese fort in the state. Additionally, famous forts in the state are Cabo Raj Niwas, Cabo Fort (Raj Bhawan), Mormugoa Fort and Chapora Fort, Teracol Fort among others. These forts are worth visit on Goa travel and tours. They are some of the Best Places to Visit in Goa in Covid-19.

Goa Tour Package Makes Your Trip Hassle-Free

Goa is bag packers’ delight. Spend holidays in Goa to recognize the amazingly tranquil blue beaches, rich cultural heritage, charming silvery sands, exceptional flora and fauna, alluring churches, and wonderful temples.

Goa is one of the advanced modern and well-maintained states in the nation. However, it is thronged by visitors continually and round the year; the state can educate a lesson or two to Indian states on how to keep cleanliness, serenity, and greenery. Even the beaches in Goa are perfect and have that unspoiled touch. Special beaches of several other cities which are fairly dirty, Goa’s beaches are like the wonderful gardens where only aromatic flowers are permitted to flower.

The ever-growing party pack of the place has given Goa a color of funky. No matter, you wish to calm down or have a good party time, Goa is rather for everybody. And the satisfaction has only simply begun. Go through the best and information Post-Covid Travel Guide To Goa shared by TourTravelWorld.

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