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Here’s a trend Punjabi’s in Canada are loving – Turban Dictionary

The Punjabi community in Canada is in love with the trend of promoting the culture and letting the world know about their language.

For this purpose, turbandictionaryindia.com has become a fun and interactive platform to tell people the meaning and expressions behind Punjabi words and slang.

The trend has gone VIRAL among the Canadian Punjabi community. Now it is also setting its footprints in India. Also, it is building enthusiasm among the people and connecting them through this creative initiative.


How did the trend started?

The trend started when someone was looking for the meaning of the word “Kiddan” and found the amazing parody meaning “The word that is often used by non-Punjabis when they see any Punjabi in the room.” and even how it is used like “Aur bta tu dass kiddan hai – said a baniya”.

He showed it to his friends and they all had good laughs thinking about how relatable it is. After that, the turban dictionary went viral among all the Punjabis in Canada.They have a user-friendly website that allows everyone to join the community and define the words/slang.So why wait until the next trend comes. If you are Punjabi or you know about some Punjabi slang, become a part of the TURBAN Dictionary trend and let the world know about the fun side of your language.Get this creative dictionary for Punjabi slang words to your browser bookmarks and utilize it for fun. Every punjabis and their friends are always keen to find new way to make their life full of energy.This is the advantage to be with or near Punjabis as they help each and every one of the people with them and also make their life active.Turban Dictionary Launched for Punjabi Slang WordsKeeping up with the trend of name meaning on social media, an Indian Company has launched a website, TURBAN Dictionary. 

TURBAN Dictionary is an online dictionary to define Punjabi Slang Words used by the Punjabi community. It gives a parody meaning to frequently used Punjabi words. It’s a user-generated platform. So you can basically go and define “kiddan”, “Chintu”, “Mintu”, and so on.Apart from the fun side, Turban Dictionary also aims to popularize Punjabi content.You can use the platform to search the Punjabi Slangs and even learn new.And this has an exclusive set of words that you might not find or very hard to find on the internet.


How to become a part of TURBAN Dictionary TREND?

  • Go to turbandictionaryindia.com
  • Enter the Punjabi Slang you Heard.

For example – Chak de Phatte

  • Click on Search

All the results will be displayed, and you can learn the meaning behind them.In fact, if you are a Punjabi and know some slang, you can even add it to the TURBAN Dictionary.

  1. Go to turbandictionaryindia.com
  2. Click on add a new word.
  3. Enter the word/slang.
  4. Describe the meaning
  5. Share the context behind it.
  6. Add a funny nickname, and you are good to go.


Before the trend went viral of searching the name on the internet, who knew that a dictionary can be fun.Internet users find a new way to keep themselves engaged every day.The Turban dictionary that defines the meaning of all the Punjabi slangs is turning out to be most trending today.And we are really hoping that you will get to learn different Punjabi words when you use Turban dictionary as your regular support.And that’s our vision to keep your interest in learning new words daily which makes you more genius in your language.

So, go ahead and join the trend to learn the new Punjabi slang from the Punjabi community till a new trend comes along.


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