Magento 2 Marketplace app allows third-party Suppliers to Sell Easily

The customers have several options available to choose from and to buy the products online. Loyal customers may remain on the mobile app of their favorite company. but the online shoppers can opt for big brands like Amazon to find various alternatives to the same products. E-commerce mobile apps also have always been the leading in the market by offering a wider range of products, variants, related supplies, extra discounts, and more. The Magento 2 Marketplace Mobile App platform offers enough room for third-party vendors to sell various products. Shopping apps are becoming increasingly popular with customers. So adding this module to the eCommerce store is a win-win for both users and the local vendors.

Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace-

Magento 2 Marketplace by Knowband allows the store admin to create the web marketplace and allows multiple sellers to sell their products. The store admin can manage and track the activities of the seller. The store admin can also set the commission rate for the seller in terms of percentage and fixed amount. The eCommerce admin can also send an email notification to the seller about their membership plan.

Magento 2 Mobile App Builder –

The Magento 2 Mobile App Creator is also used to transform the web marketplace in the mobile app. The sellers can perform all the activities in the mobile app itself such as adding products, managing the dashboard, and much more. This module gives benefits to the customer as well by allowing them to fetch multiple products and add their favorite one to the cart.

Magento 2 Marketplace Benefits-

  1.  The seller can get registered in the eCommerce app by simply filling out some information such as name, contact number, and other details in the web marketplace. The store admin can also approve the seller request by going into the Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace backend. The same procedure may be followed by a customer who wants to become a seller.
  2.  From the backend of the module, the store admin can also easily control and manage the sellers. It helps the store owner to quickly access the list of sellers and their related information.
  3.  The store admin can add or delete the custom field in the seller’s profile using the Magento2 Multi-vendor Marketplace Module.
  4.  The store owner can have an eye on transaction and commission activities. The eCommerce merchant can change the commission rate of the particular seller in fixed amounts and percentages.
  5.  The eCommerce merchant can have control over the rating and review of the customers and sellers from the extension backend.
  6.  The store admin can accept/reject the payout, categories, and shipping method requests of the seller.

Magento 2 Mobile App Benefits-

  1.  The seller can also easily manage and control the seller panel and he can easily manage, add, track and edit the order data.
  2.  The vendor can add all types of products in the eCommerce app such as single, grouped, and bundled.
  3.  The seller can send multiple category requests to the store admin.
  4. Seller can also easily track and manage a list of products, orders, shipping methods, transactions, reviews, product categories, and payout requests, etc.
  5.  The seller can also link its social media account such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. from the seller dashboard.
  6. Seller will get a low stock notification and can restock the product inventory in less time.
  7.  The seller can also include different discounts, coupons, and offers to increase the product sale.

Marketplace App for Magento 2 Features –

Membership Plan-

The Magento 2 Marketplace plugin allows the eCommerce merchant to send the email notification to the seller if their membership plan is going to expire. So that they can immediately buy the membership plan. The vendors need to purchase the membership to add products to the mobile app.

Easy Seller Management-

By accessing the Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace backend the store admin can manage and have track of the seller’s account. The list of the vendors can also be viewed and managed by the extension backend.

Custom Fields on Seller profile –

The Magento 2 eCommerce Marketplace Module consists of custom field options. This feature allows the store admin to create new custom fields for the seller’s profile under the “Custom Fields” tab. The eCommerce merchant can also delete already added custom fields by accessing the admin panel. The store admin can also show the custom field on the seller profile page.

Easy Commission Management –

The Multi-vendor for Magento 2 plugin allows the eCommerce merchant to set the global commission for the seller. The store admin can also alter the commission limit for the particular seller/vendor. The store admin can also take different commissions on different product categories.

Seller Registration –

The store admin has the option of adding the separate seller registration forms under the “General Setting” tab from the backend of the module. The store admin can also add custom fields in the registration form such as shop title, seller contact details, seller country, etc. The seller can easily register in the Marketplace app for Magento 2 by filling the registration form in the web marketplace. The store admin has to approve/ disapprove the seller registration request from the extension backend.

Track Sellers Transactions –

The Magento 2 Marketplace backend allows the store admin to have track of the transaction data of the vendor. The eCommerce merchant can see the seller’s transaction and earnings from the module backend.

Review And Ratings-

The Magento 2 Multi-Vendor admin panel allows the store admin to manage the reviews and ratings of the customers and sellers. The store admin can approve or reject the seller reviews by module backend. The store admin can also enable the auto-approve option and allow it to show on the front end of eCommerce mobile apps.

Easy Product And Category Management-

The seller can send the request to add the product and categories in the Multi-vendor App for Magento 2 to the eCommerce merchant. The store admin can allow or reject the product and category request from the module backend.

Admin Shipping-

This feature of the Magento 2 Marketplace allows the store admin to add shipping prices according to the prices and weight of the product. This feature can also be used while adding a new shipping method.

Best Selling Product –

This feature allows the store admin to have a look at best-selling products regularly by including different filter and sorting options. The Magento 2 Marketplace allows the store admin to see the Top-selling products based on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Magento 2 Mobile App Feature-


It is the most common technique to establish a brand identity in front of customers. The Magento 2 Mobile App consists of several options that help to create brand value for users. The store admin can launch the shopping app under its brand name, logo, splash screen, banner, images, UI, and much more.

Home Screen Layout Customization-

One of the most important features of the Magento 2 eCommerce Mobile App is home screen layout customization. It gives the ability to choose, create, and alter the home screen layout. It enables the store owner to fully modify the look and feel of the shopping app. The convenient customization options enable the store admin to choose the best layout for the Android and iOS app.

Easy Login & Checkout-

The store admin can use the Magento 2 Mobile App Builder to enable social login (Facebook and Google) as well as email login and registration options in the mobile app. The store admin can also include the Fingerprint and Phone Number (OTP). Customers can check out using the eCommerce apps without filling in unnecessary details.

Multilingual and Currency Support-

The Magento 2 Mobile App Creator allows the store manager to enable all eCommerce store languages and currencies on the mobile app including RTL. As a result, by using this feature of the eCommerce app, the store administrator can easily reach out to international target audiences.

Multiple Payment With Shipping Options-

The Magento 2 Android & iOS Mobile App Builder integrates all eCommerce website payment and shipping methods in the eCommerce mobile app. Users may choose from their favorite payment and shipping in the shopping app to become more convenient during checkout.

Real-Time Synchronization-

The eCommerce store product inventory and data will be fully synchronized with the Mobile App for Magento 2. It allows the store manager to make changes without imposing too much manual effort.

Offline mode –

The Magento 2 Mobile App also allows users to use the Android and iOS apps even with no or slow internet connection. Users can browse the product offline and add it to their wishlist and cart. This feature is beneficial in engaging the customers when they don’t have access to the internet.


We already know that customers have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the shopping app. The Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace also allows the eCommerce merchant to lead in the competitive era. The seamless integration allows the various sellers to get registered into the Android and iOS app using the web marketplace. The module allows the vendors to add multiple products under different categories and the Android and iOS app also serve various options. To know more about this module then you can send us an email at


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