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Methods for Increasing Sales of Magento 2 Mobile Apps

The eCommerce market crossed the 1 trillion dollar mark in 2019. Year after year, the industry expands at a double-digit rate. More than 2,00,000 online stores run only on Magento 2 platform. Magento 2 Mobile App Builder is one of the largest eCommerce platforms with a market share of 26%. The competition among online shops is escalating, necessitating the selection of a platform that is dependable. It offers best-in-class functionality and adapts to the needs of users.

Nowadays, having a mobile app is not an option; it is a need. In fact, rather than sitting and stressing themselves out in front of a desktop computer. Many of your target visitors shop online utilizing their mobile phones. If you don’t have the Magento 2 Mobile App, you’re losing a higher percentage of your customers to smart competitors who do.

60% of all eCommerce traffic currently comes from mobile devices. We can examine the reasons that help Magento 2 eCommerce Mobile App increase sales. So, nearly half of all eCommerce traffic comes from mobile devices. Understanding how important it is to have a mobile-friendly shopping app. We can go into more depth about why you need a Magento 2 mobile app.

1. One-Page Checkout –

It is possible to use both Magento 2 Mobile App Maker built-in payment gateways as well as third-party payment gateways. You can include all the methods that you consider appropriate for your business and your customers. That way, you won’t ever miss a sale because of a payment problem in Magento 2 Mobile App.

When customers are required to give out information while checking out, more than 15% of them abandon their shopping carts. When it comes to providing a hassle-free buying experience for customers, the default Magento 2 Mobile App checkout page is also quite complicated. It is lengthy that causes the user to become confused. The majority of customers avoid these lengthy checkout procedures. To avoid this, Magento 2 Mobile App Creator also comes up with the one-Step Checkout option. This Magento 2 Android App Builder makes the checkout process smooth and greatly increases sales.

2. Rapid Growth in Mobile Phone Users –

With the introduction of new mobile phone brands and advancements in technology, the number of mobile phone users who use their phones for eCommerce shopping has increased. People choose to use their mobile smartphones instead of sitting in front of their desktop computers on a daily basis. Furthermore, targeting this 60% of users with a simple Mobile App for Magento 2 is a guaranteed way to boost sales.

3. Customers have a better experience –

The Magento 2 iOS App Maker is such a time saver! Customers can now have the best possible experience. Your buyers can save a lot of time by tapping on a Magento 2 Mobile App, looking through your store, selecting preferred products, and quickly moving on to the checkout page. The biggest advantage is that you are not only saving your valuable time, but you are also saving the time of your valued customers. How? Because your customized Magento 2 Mobile App Builder will also be available in Android and iPhone versions, your customers will be able to access your store at any time and from any location.

A mobile app on the other hand means that your customers can save a significant amount of time during the checkout process by just tapping on the app while browsing your store and selecting the products they want. This has the biggest advantage of saving your time as well as your valued consumers. How? Customers may easily visit your store from anywhere with the mobile versions of the Magento 2 module that is accessible to them on Android and iPhone.

4. Push notifications –

By sending push notifications to your valued customers via the Magento 2 eCommerce Mobile App, your online business can experience a huge rise in sales. Whether you’re running a special offer or launching a new product, the Mobile App for Magento 2 push notifications can help you boost sales. When the notification arrives on your customers’ phones, they are enticed to purchase the new product or take advantage of the given discount, resulting in an increase in sales for you.

How can you boost sales if your customers are really not aware of the latest arrivals, discounts, and other enticing deals in your store? Sending push notifications to your valued customers through Magento 2 Mobile App can result in a significant boost in sales. Especially for your online store when using the Magento mobile app. Push notifications from the Magento 2 Mobile App builder can help you boost sales, whether you’re running a promotion or launching a new product. When your customers get the notification on their phones, they are immediately enticed to purchase the new product or take advantage of the discount, which results in more sales for you. The study shows that between 45% and 75% of those who get push notifications and actually click on them.

Magento 2 Mobile App Creator push notifications also enhance customer loyalty and engagement. Your sales will increase by 50% if your mobile app has a strong function like “push notification.”

Conclusion –

Technology has made it possible for many people to own a mobile phone. People’s shopping habits have changed as a result of this trend. To make this shift, you’ll need the Magento mobile app to reduce stress and boost sales by at least 50%. Knowband’s Magento 2 Mobile App Builder can assist you in this effort. Please contact us at right away.

You can also know about Several in-built Functions of Magento 2 Marketplace app builder. Magento 2 Marketplace from Knowband lets shop owners create an online marketplace. Where multiple merchants can register and sell their products on the marketplace. It is also possible for the owner of an eCommerce shop to specify the percentage or fixed amount of the commission paid to the store’s seller. The store admin has the ability to monitor and control the seller’s actions. In addition, the administrator of the online store can send an email to the seller. The notification is send to notify sellers about their membership plan. It is possible to build a Magento 2 Marketplace where numerous merchants can register and sell their products on the marketplace. Additionally, an eCommerce store owner has the option of specifying a percentage or a set amount of the commission given to the business’s seller

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