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10 Reasons Why Should Consider To Have Refurbishment

A complete office renovation and office interior fit out London could be done in a variety of ways. It could mean a modernized bathroom or two, a change of furniture, or a complete remodel. If you are looking for a company to complete a top office remodel, turn to us.

A commercial refurbishment in London (also known as office refurbishment) is also among our specialties of ours. You’ll be surprised at how a small renovation will impress clients and employees. Making sure your staff is happy with a fresh and modern look will boost their productivity. It is a given that customers will receive an excellent impression. When they visit your office and will be amazed by the outcomes of our work.

10 Reasons Why You Could Gain From An Office Remodel

Extra Space To Accommodate Additional Staff

If your business expands, you might find yourself having to add space to accommodate new employees. An office fit out contractors London lets you get the most out of your current office space without having to search for new office space.

Design A New Meeting Space Or Boardroom

The most important place at work must be both relaxing and stimulating. Create a space unique to the office where management can discuss how to grow the business and work long hours comfortably.

Enhancing Facilities To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Team

A new look for your workplace can be a significant boost to the morale of your team as it’s an obvious sign that you appreciate your employees and are willing to invest in the improvement of their working environment.

Enhancing Facilities To Make An Impression That Is Pleasing To Your Customers And Prospects

When your customers and potential customers walk through the front door, the first impressions matter. A striking professional designed and fitted office interior fit out London will boost their confidence and set them at relaxed.

Reorganization Or Downsizing

Your employees can see that you are concerned about the environment. improve the efficiency of your office space creating an open-plan office, or construct additional rooms as needed by your business.

Environmental Compliance And “Green” Office Renovation

Design a workspace that is made up of carbon-neutral materials and renewable energy sources. That allows for the most sustainable use of power. You can also display your commitment to the environment’s resources, including office furniture and other disposable items.


The government is constantly introducing new legislation that can lead to fines for companies that don’t conform. Europe’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) was first introduced in 2006 to help companies to minimize the impact on the environment of their structures.

In Jan. 2009, the directive became law. If you’re thinking of an office remodel, talk with smart interiors for offices prior to the project to make sure you’re in compliance.

Conveniently Accommodate New Facilities

The demands of your business may require commercial electrical contractors with new facilities, ranging from a conference room to a new reception area or common room. Make sure they fit the existing space with the right design guidelines.

Attract Passers-By Trade

An attractive shop front and window display will make people stop in their tracks and make them stop for a moment. Take advantage of the constant flow of potential customers and lure visitors to come into your establishment.

Safety And Health

Wear and tear from general use can affect the condition of the workplace and can pose risk to your health and safety. Renovate the office and create a safer and more enjoyable environment for employees to be in.

Office Fit Out Contractors London

How To Pick The Right Office Design For Your Business?

An office remodel is the ideal option for those moving your office or undertaking an office renovation. You’ll need to ensure that you’ve got everything that you and your staff require to become more efficient and productive.

Here’s The Information You Should Take Into

  1. You’ll need to determine the requirements you have to run your business. If you’re moving into new offices, then you’ll be free to do whatever you like. In case you’re not, there may be limitations that you have to be aware of.
  2. It is important to consider the design of your office and the ways you can make the most available space. If you require assistance and need advice, why not contact an experienced office layout company for help?
  3. Maybe you’re looking to create more space for your new staff and also add computers, desks, and chairs. Perhaps your sales personnel are growing or you’re moving or relocating your department for marketing.
  4. Perhaps you’re using more modern technology within your workplace. Maybe you have a wireless network, so your employees don’t need desktop computers or to be on servers. You may want to consider having large-screen TVs instead of screens in your boardroom or meeting rooms. You may want an area that is soundproof to record podcasts or create videocasts.
  5. Perhaps you’re looking for new office furniture that can take over the former furniture of tenants or perhaps your company has grown. Maybe you require ergonomically designed furniture or more filing cabinets or privacy screens so that your call center staff is available all day long.
  6. If you’re planning to move or moving offices, you may wish to take your office furniture. You could also decide to start over and ensure that the furniture you choose to purchase is suitable for the office space.
  7. You’ll need to ensure that the office furniture and layout you pick are appropriate for the industry you work in. If you’re a company of accountants or solicitors, then your office furniture and office furnishings must look different from a fashionable marketing agency, or call center. You don’t want your customers to become confused or believe that your business isn’t suitable for them.

What Office Space Do Your Business Really Does It Really

As one would imagine, individual offices for workers take up more space than a desk with an open layout and are not usually designed with the same efficiency.

A big single-person office that has space for a tiny meeting table and the desk will take up around five times the space of an open-plan workstation, while a smaller one with no meeting table for instance can take up around four times the amount of space.

Meeting rooms should also be considered when calculating the space. They can be as small as 4 meters wide by 4 meters (sixteen square meters) for a moderate-sized meeting space that can accommodate up to eight people and up to thirty-six sq meters in a room with the capacity of accommodating 18 to 20 individuals around a table.

Alongside the above, you have to account for tea and kitchen facilities break-out spaces. As well as filing storage and common rooms, and a reception. After you have the figures, circulation space must be included in the calculation. Although it will be contingent upon the efficiency of your ability to plan the office furniture installer you should be able to add 20 percent of general circulation.

Once you’ve figured out what you should look for you’ll be able to find the office furniture and equipment that you need to give you the ideal office space. 

If you still need more help, you can contact a competent office fit out contractor who will cater to all your requirements.









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