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Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese

Have you always wanted to learn to speak Chinese?

Have you always wanted to learn to speak Chinese? With close to a billion Mandarin speakers around the world, this language is one worth the time it takes to learn.

Unfortunately, this desire is complicated by the fact that many people have varying definitions of what exactly it means to be able to speak Mandarin. Do you want to be able to read Mandarin? Would you like to be able to understand it and speak it in a conversation? Perhaps both?

To further complicate the issue, learning Mandarin Chinese requires that the student have access to plenty of opportunities to practice speaking it. Ideally, this should be done with someone who speaks the language fluently. Although Mandarin is the most common of the seven Chinese dialects, it can still be difficult to find people with whom to converse – particularly for students who do not live in China or Taiwan.

As a result, the best way to learn to speak Chinese is to learn how to read Chinese first. Although this sounds counterintuitive – it’s often easier to learn a language by knowing how to speak it first – Mandarin Chinese poses a unique exception to this rule. As students read the characters, they’ll hear the words spoken in their heads.

Of course, they can only do this if they are taught how to pronounce the words, characters, and sentences first. That’s a core feature of Mandarin Reading Club and is, in fact, what sets this language learning program apart from the rest. WIth Mandarin Reading Club, students are able to listen to how the sentences and words are pronounced – and they can listen as many times as they want and as often as they would like. That’s something you won’t find anywhere else, even in a conversation with a native speaker.

The result? When they do finally have an opportunity to speak Mandarin Chinese in an authentic environment, they’ll be ready for the challenge.

To be fair, there isn’t exactly a “correct” Mandarin pronunciation, as most native speakers will have an accent when they speak Mandarin. It is similar to how English differs depending on where it is spoken, with speakers from different regions of the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom all putting their own unique spin on the language. So while hearing the pronunciation is an essential part to learning Mandarin, it’s not the only aspect of learning this beautiful language you need to be concerned about.

Learning how to speak Mandarin Chinese is a multifaceted process that should take into consideration pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and other features of the language. Mandarin Reading Club will teach you everything you need to know to become a fluent speaker, incorporating narration, read-aloud stories, video activities, and more. You’ll be able to move beyond the limited conversational level and engage in meaningful conversations with relatives abroad, strangers on your travels to Asia, and in many other settings.

If you’re ready to begin the fun, life-changing process of learning Mandarin Chinese, sign up for a subscription today.

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