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Job Application: Winning Cover Letter

It is easier to apply for a specific vacancy than to tell you about yourself on the website. On the site, you do not know who your message is specifically addressed to. Anyone can come to you: a potential client, an employer, a like-minded person or an outsider. It’s not clear what people want from you and Buy Essay usa.

With a vacancy, everything is different: the employer clearly tells you what he wants from you. Your task is to tell about it as accurately and honestly as possible, showing a little diligence and care.

But let’s make an agreement on the shore. To apply for a job, you need to meet the requirements.

If you’re an inexperienced student looking to apply for a sales director job, that’s nice, but not likely to work.

If the vacancy says “obligatory presence in the office in Moscow”, and you want to work remotely from Kaliningrad, try your luck, but do not hope for an answer.

This does not mean that you should not apply for a job – on the contrary, apply for whatever you like. But don’t expect to be answered if you don’t qualify.

And one more thing: a formal vacancy is written in order to facilitate recruitment. The firm structures this process in advance in order to find a candidate as quickly as possible. Follow this structure and don’t be self-directed.

Some companies need to look at a test item – then do a test item. Others ask to send a resume – send it. Still others need a cover letter – write. The fourth will offer to meet with you ten times, and if you are ready to meet – meet.

Usually, to apply for a vacancy, it is enough to attach a resume and write a cover letter.

It’s easy with a resume. It’s just a plate with data about you: where you studied, who you worked with, what were your successes. Resumes have long been compiled according to templates on job search sites, and you no longer need to compose a resume form yourself. Just fill out the form.

It’s more difficult with a cover letter: no one explains what to write in it and why you need it. To understand this, you need to understand how the hiring process works, who reads what and what wants to see.

When a company is looking for an employee, usually at least two people are involved in the process: the customer and the personnel officer. A customer is someone who needs a new employee. For example, a sales director is looking for a new manager.

The customer is a competent specialist. He understands his business, knows his competitors and can estimate in five minutes whether he is a normal specialist or an amateur. If a sales director is looking for a salesperson, in the first five minutes of the conversation he will understand what kind of salesperson is in front of him.

A recruiter is a person who organises hiring: posts a vacancy, accepts responses, sorts suitable candidates and organises interviews. The personnel officer does not understand what the customer understands. His job is not to evaluate candidates, but to get as many responses as possible, select the most suitable from them and organise interviews with them. Often this means that you need to pull the customer out of his main job and force him to meet with the candidates – and the customer has a lot of other things to do.

A recruiter must bring good candidates to the customer so that the customer chooses the best in a few meetings. Imagine that the HR manager is working as a filter and writing.



Example. The director of the travel agency gives the task to the personnel officer:

“I need a person to write to our blog and social networks. Copywriter or editor for the web. Someone young and not too expensive, but be sure to go to the office and for a full day to be there all the time. Perhaps in six months or a year he will be able to switch to remote work if he wants.

Ideally – to have experience in our field. It is imperative to be able to write. Salary – as agreed.

Let’s as an assignment he write us some articles for the blog. Let’s look at the style and character. “

The personnel officer formulates the vacancy text from this assignment:


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