Key Features To Look For In PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

In the past few years, we have all seen a rise in the eCommerce business. With the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, many online sellers hope to use eCommerce websites that are suitable for mobile devices or enter the world of mobile commerce. But many of the users who like eCommerce mobile apps are growing every day, which encourages store owners to launch distinctive and engaging mobile applications. PrestaShop Mobile App is a great way to improve user experience (UX), increase sales, build customer loyalty, and provide your business with a competitive advantage.

#1. Easy registration and login –

It is very important to avoid the long registration process of the PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App. You can simplify the registration process by keeping It simple and short. You can also allow users to simply log in/register using their social network. media accounts (Facebook / Google) and save their information for future access. PrestaShop Mobile App Builder will surely help you achieve better conversions by preventing users from filling up large forms. Easier login means higher conversion rates and higher sales.

#2. Multiple payment and shipping methods for fast checkout –

The payment and shipping options in the PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App can be optimized and can change the customer’s entire shopping experience. You can easily integrate the one-click checkout and multiple payment and shipping options into your Android and iOS app. When customers can’t find their preferred payment method in the app, they usually switch to your competitors.

Customers like having a variety of payment methods to choose from so they can check out quickly and easily. Therefore, be aware that the greater the number of payment alternatives you have, the greater the number of customers you satisfy. Furthermore, every shopper’s first need is the ability to make a safe payment. Secure transactions should not be a concern while developing the app.

#3. Send push notifications –

Even if the customer doesn’t use a mobile app, it can still be a marketing tool for your business. Push notifications help customers stay up to date on the latest offers. Mobile push notifications can attract users’ attention. PrestaShop Mobile App Creator allows the store admin to notify customers that new products are in stock, provide offers for a limited time, personalized marketing activities, etc. The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator push notification features are a simple and effective way to interact with customers.

Push notifications keep your customers informed about products and services even when the mobile app is closed. Even if your customers aren’t using the mobile app for PrestaShop, they’ll still be notified of future sales and promotions via push notifications. Some customers have complained that the push notifications are annoying. Most of them, on the other hand, have seen impressive outcomes because of how well these notifications are. You can also use  Follow new offerings and record the results.

#4. Offline access –

Having an offline app is a great way to increase your sales of products. This PrestaShop Android App Builder allows users to access the app even if they don’t have an internet connection. Offline access ensures that the pre-installed screen is loaded automatically.

#5. Allow customer feedback-

The PrestaShop iOS App Maker lets you keep tabs on how your customers are using the app. More customers will buy from you if your Android and the iOS app have honest reviews. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder can also help users choose the right products according to their needs.

#6. Interactive User Interface –

Any PrestaShop Mobile App design has a significant impact on how users decide to use it. Customers will stick with you if you provide a unique shopping experience they can’t get anywhere else. Easy access and analytics are only two of the benefits of using a PrestaShop eCommerce mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. The front-end interface is the first thing that users will see while using an app. As a result, browsing and purchasing should be a simple and fast process for customers. With the help of the app interface, you can turn visitors into regular consumers by keeping them interested in your store.

#7. Real-time Synchronization-

It is the default setting in most eCommerce applications because it automatically updates to reflect any changes made to categories, customer profiles, or catalogs. This function PrestaShop Mobile App Maker helps in synchronization between the mobile app and the web. Get automatic synchronization whether you create a PrestaShop iPhone app or an Android app. PrestaShop’s mobile app features such as these enhance the user experience.

#8. The use of social media

Social networking has become an integral component of every mobile application, with users using it actively to share product information and sign/log in. When a user has the option of sharing an exciting offer or an excellent product, it encourages additional viewers to join the community. There should be a number of PrestaShop features that integrate with social media so that customers can find out about new deals, promotions, and arrivals.

#9. Option of adding to cart

A customer must know how many items they are purchasing, which is why an add to cart option is required. As a result, multiple pages load faster since a user doesn’t have to switch between different products on various sites. Customers return because of the app’s high level of functionality.

#10. Option for feedback

An excellent way to gather fresh ideas and make major changes is to include a feedback option. You should ask for feedback from your users to find out where your application is lacking and what its greatest features and functions are. Numerous developers have found Prestashop mobile site to be an excellent option since it enables them to make adjustments to their mobile app as they see fit.


The Mobile App for PrestaShop can contain additional functions. The features of the PrestaShop Mobile App should be adapted to your business goals. Store admins can also make decisions and improve their revenue. Send us an email at to get more information.

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