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Benefits of the Prestashop Marketplace Integrators by Knowband

What do you think about the leading Prestashop marketplace integrators in general? Do you have any idea about them? Which modules come under the category of leading Prestashop marketplace integrators? I know there must be questions running inside your head. In fact, we will talk about these leading Prestashop marketplace integrators in this blog.

Every eCommerce merchant believes in taking their business to a whole new level. Thus, these leading Prestashop marketplace integrators help them do that. In this blog, we will take a look at the integrators by Knowband. In addition, discuss their benefits as well.

Leading Prestashop Marketplace Integrators by Knowband

Prestashop Etsy Integration Addon

Etsy is a well-known and outstanding online platform for eCommerce businesses. The Marketplace is a seller network. In fact, it focuses on handcrafted and antique items. You may certainly sell on a marketplace with the Prestashop Marketplace Integration. The module facilitates the whole registration and selling process. The API key is immediately available when you register. Further, you can manage anything from the Etsy Prestashop Connector’s backend. You can do anything from the store. For instance, listing items and monitoring transactions. Even without having to travel to the marketplace.

Perks of the Etsy Prestashop Integrator

Simple installation and an easy-to-use interface

The Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to list products on the Etsy marketplace. The Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration provides an intuitive interface for listing products on the Etsy marketplace.

Product uploading in bulk

The Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integrator Module enables merchants to move products in bulk. Vendors can create a profile to transfer the whole shop class to the Etsy marketplace.

Classification and product attribute mapping:

Merchants can easily direct the item credits and classes of the store products. Further, this happens with the Etsy store attributions and categories.

Shipping templates

Create shipping templates in the store administrator panel. Moreover, sync them to the Etsy shop using the module.

Order Management

From the OpenCartstore administrator board, supervise and manage Etsy shop orders.

Order status

Using cron work, the administrator may update the request status of Etsy marketplace requests from the Prestashop store administrator board.

Inventory management

From the Prestashop administrator board, manage stock for the Etsy store products. Following any changes to the item stock or characteristics in the Prestashop store. Furthermore, the administrator can unquestionably synchronize the progressions to the marketplace.

Secondary language

The administrator can select an alternative language for the site. Moreover, use cron to efficiently synchronize it with the Etsy marketplace shop.

Prestashop eBay API Integration Module

The Prestashop eBay Integration Addon connects your store to eBay effortlessly. There are several advantages to selling on eBay. Selling on a marketplace is simple with the Prestashop plugin. Everything is completely controllable and manageable from the module’s backend.

Benefits of the eBay Prestashop Integrator

  1. The module enables store administrators to link their store to eBay with a few easy clicks.
  2. The Prestashop eBay API integrator saves shop administrators time because the installation and configuration procedure is simple and quick.
  3. The admin can build various profiles via the Prestashop eBay API integrator’s backend.
  4. The Prestashop eBay API connection module’s profile-based product listing saves shop owners time and effort in the manual listing.
  5. With the assistance of these profiles generated, store owners can simply monitor and manage their inventory.
  6. Using the eBay Connector, shop keepers can quickly connect product characteristics and categories to eBay Marketplace attributes and categories.
  7. Merchants may quickly add, delete, edit, or relist goods on their eBay shop with the Prestashop eBay Feed Integration.
  8. The Prestashop eBay Connector allows for simple order administration.

Prestashop Google Shopping Integration module

The Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Module enables the administrator to list products on Google Shopping. As a result, when the customer searches for similar items, they will quickly find yours. Customers may then go directly to your site and shop by clicking the product link.

The Prestashop Google Shopping module from Knowband allows you to integrate an entire product category to Google Shopping at once. There is no need for manual labor. You can handle your profiles, product listings, product status updates, and much more with the Google Shopping Prestashop Integration.

Benefits of the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Module

More qualified traffic

When such people click on your advertisement, they have only collected enough valuable information about your product. They can tell how your item appears by looking at the image. In addition, they can also tell if it is within their budget by looking at the price. As a result, those who click on your Shopping advertising are more likely to make a purchase. If you don’t include the cost, customers may come in to look at your product but then leave. This will result in a greater bounce rate and an unsatisfied customer’s wants. However, providing this information from the start engages/quickens the purchase objective while also demonstrating openness in your processes.

Increased reach

You may increase the number of prospective consumers for your business by using Google Shopping advertising. Variable outcomes of your selections may appear only in a single question. Google Shopping enables you to raise awareness of the variety of relevant goods you are selling. Thus, reach more interested individuals with a greater number of items. It is a win-win situation for both parties!

Set yourself different from the competition

Your advertising will appear when people search specifically for your products. In fact, when they search for similar products with a strong desire to purchase. Thus, that’s when people are looking for something to buy. Moreover, have a strong intention to buy. Hence, it is the most important component in making a transaction.

With appealing images and useful data, you can attract the right audience. In fact, stand out from the throng. Those who choose incorrectly will not be able to make shopping promotions! That is why you must deal with a lot of things. For instance, products’ photos, succinct representations, and ramp up a value based on the nature of the materials. Further, so the customer can finish the transaction. How? By convincing himself that it is your item he requires and no other.

Extremely easy to manage

Ignore the time-consuming catch-all measure! Google will decide when to display your goods based on the information in your item information stream. Controlling your information using your item title, description, and classification will help you get better results.

Let’s conclude!!

Thus, these are the leading Prestashop marketplace integrators by Knowband. In fact, Knowband is one of the leading companies dealing with eCommerce plugins. Further, the company believes in providing only the best to its clients. Thus, Knowband provides add – ons that matter. For instance, expert customer support is free of cost for 3 months. Moreover, regular updates in the plugins for the best admin (and customer) experience. Thus, choosing Knowband for these leading Prestashop Marketplace Integrators is a wise decision. What do you think?

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