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Is It Worthy Repairing Your Laptop Screen?

Often we get a question raised by the laptop users “Do you repair laptop screen?’’ An instant answer for them is ‘Yes’. Obviously that is for their consolation. So, the actual and realistic answer should be ‘no’. We are professional in repairing and services for the laptops and computers. We have to meet the demand of the customers. They think that we are suggesting for not repairing the screen for our monetary profit. That is not at all right because of the following: –

Actual issues are much more than the superficial problem of the laptop screen

The most common reason behind the damage of the laptop screen is the fall from thee grip. While we go into the inside parts of the laptop, we find more numbers of defects in its other components in comparison to the screen. Let’s talk about the common problems we face.

  • Cracked case:  Whenever you try to get out the cracked screen, the other things that were cracked will also get separated. Then customer will claim that the laptop screen was cracked, not the other parts. A kind of disbelief will grow in the mind of the customer.
  • Affects Cable:  There are so many delicate cables inside the laptop. Dropping of laptop might cause damage to those cables. Superficial damage may have deep impact on the delicate wires.
  • Fragile components: There are so many fragile components inside the laptop.  If it’s dropped hard, those may also get cracked or dislocated.
  • Deep effect on Hard-drive: Almost half of the cases of cracked screens we see have damaged hard drives. This is the central nervous system of your laptop. It stores all the important stuff.

And you know the repairing cost of all these will certainly be on higher side.

Scarcity of genuine component

Kansas is one of the states fighting for a “Right to Repair.” This enables everyone to procure the different parts of computers and laptops. Currently we can only use the duplicate or the imitated materials. Since it is the companies’ revenue issue, no company is ready to get their original component available in the market.

Customers’ satisfaction is the asset of our business. We always want the right things at right time. These imitative screens are not up to the mark. In our assessment the failure rate is 10% to 30%. It is highly unacceptable for us. Because if we are not satisfied with the work, how could we satisfy the customer? So we buy time from the customer until we get good quality screen. We always want the customer go through trouble free experience with their replaced screen. When we get a bad screen, it causes double work for us.  Most computer repair companies claim double charges for that repairing.  Why would the customers pay for this? As an ethical business proprietor, I charges for what services I have done.  One must not overcharge a valid customer.

Generally, it does not require Repairing

Hardly any question rises of repairing screen when you get quality screens and we don’t find other damage inside the laptop.  There are also some other reason why you don’t have to repair the screen.

If your computer or laptop is within the warranty period of one year, you will get the repairing at free of cost by the manufacturer. When they do not provide the services to you within the warranty period, they will void the warranty. If they offer you service for the damaged screen within the warranty period you will have not to spend a single rupee. That means they will keep the warranty intact. Besides this screen damage so many things may also happen. For this you have to be ready with variety of options. For the replacement you may face a claim of lump some money from the company’s service person or service center. Stick to your principle. They are bound to do so without any additional charges. In this context the screen is not worthy to be repaired through us.

Purchasing laptop through credit card generally extends the warranty from one year to two year. It is not the original warranty, it is an extended one. For instance, if your key board gets faulty within that period you may get the exchange. But a screen repairing generally does not fall within that extended warranty. A general study on consumers reveals that they do not recommend repair when the repairing cost exceed 50% of its original cost.

You can use an alternative ploy in this case. It is also a report on the survey on consumers’ preference. We often get puzzled, how should we estimate the repairing cost? You can apply a formula in this regard. Generally an electronic product depreciates 35% per year. For instance, you bought a laptop on Rs 35000/-, its value after one year would be near Rs. 22000/- odd. Always mind it if the repairing cost is 25% i.e. Rs 8000/- odd after two year, never tend to do it. Then you should check the e-commerce site for the market value of that laptop or desktop on that state. If you are getting 30% of the original price after two year, you can leave it. Then you can go for a complete new purchase.

A three year old laptop is not worthy to be repaired. They will show all typical problems from hardware to software. The efficacy off the battery will surely decrease. You may face key board issues, power jack problem; slow-down etc. one should cautiously store the important data in three year old hard disk. If any of the problems does not grow in your laptop, you will get 10-15% cost of its original value. Do not expect too much in selling your 3yr old laptop. We have noticed that excessive bargaining often brings down the sell receipt amount.

Why you would get honesty from us in repairing screen of laptop

The other laptop repair center in Kolkata objurgates me for this.  While a person approaches to me for the repair of the screen, would I say no? We are in this arena since 90s. We can feel the pulse of the consumers who wants only solution. Sometimes they are ready to shower money to get over the problem. But, remember money is not all in business. You have to be trustworthy and acceptable to the consumers. The work you do to earn money without being satisfied will only decline your business. So our principle is – you trust us first than to pay us. We always want the customer should not regret of paying us.

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