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Computers and Technology

How to know that your iPhone has water damage?

Water damage is a typical problem with mobile phones that definitely harm the value and performance of your cell and cause more trouble with high damage to your device.

With the betterment of technology and advancement in new techniques the devices like phones are manufactured as water-resistant or waterproof. Same like some top-class iPhone also serve this facility to its users. But just because of this water-resistant assurance you don’t have to be carefree.

Even the 100% assurance would not save your device from water damage. So, better to save your phone from water and any other liquid like tea or coffee, etc. iPhone’s warranty doesn’t include the water damage so if you ever face this you definitely have to be ready to spend a handsome amount for repair.

Sometimes we are not aware of the actual reason for the damage and what if the damage is due to the water? How to check this you might need to follow these steps to actually know about the water damage.

Steps to check the Water damage of iPhone

  1. First, lift the back case of your Apple iPhone and find the SIM card platter under the case. The SIM card tray will be located on the right side of your device.
  2. Second, you need to remove this SIM card tray. Use a tray removal pin or paper clip. Insert the SIM card tray ejection pin into the hole and press lightly. The SIM card tray will pop out smoothly.
  3. Now use a flashlight or a torch to shine light into the empty SIM hole and check if there is any red color. If you spot that red color the game is just started and now this is something alarming.

The red color just indicates that your iPhone ‘s LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator) has been activated and the liquid has reached the internal part of your phone. And this water or any liquid has started damaging your device. So the red color is actually the sign of danger.

On the other hand, if you see white or silver color then take a sigh of relief because your device is safe from water damage.

The quick solution to escape from the water damage(iphone reparatie rotterdam) or lessen the damage intensity you must take a few immediate steps.

Instantly switch off your iPhone after the incident. Don’t charge it or connect it with any other device. After that dry your phone gently with soft fabric thoroughly. Now take out the SIM card tray and wipe out the excess moisture. Then pat dry all slots including charging and headphones ports.

In the next step, put your device in a bag of raw rice for 48 hours to give it a complete dryness. The uncooked rice will swallow all excess moisture and make it fully drained. After the completion of the targeted time period re-embed the SIM card and turn your phone on. In some fortunate situations, this method actually works.

If hard-luck hits you up and this DIY method don’t work for you then you definitely need to consult your Apple Store for your iPhone for expert technician’s services.

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