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Is it possible to recover data for free?

YES! You can recover data for free using data recovery software during the trial version but that will limit you to recover up to a certain size of the data. Data loss, perhaps you are well-aware of it or have gone through it, is one of the most common phenomena. And this kind of data loss is so uncertain that you may lose any data at time; hence, if there is any data loss, that user goes through a lot of pain to recover that data if they want to recover data for free or without any application.

Why data loss cause?

As it is mentioned earlier that data loss is pretty much uncertain, but it is imperative to stay aware of the reasons behind data recovery but one or two reasons are inevitable. Causes are:

1. Accidental File Deleting

Deleting file(s) accidentally is one of the common causes of data loss. While using a computer we all delete or remove files and doing so, deleting the file you may need later is what refers to as accidental file deleting. This unintended deleting of files without a backup can be costly in terms of money and resources, not forgetting it can potentially cripple business operations.

2. Sudden Damage

Needless to say, that all of your data is stored in a hard drive and if that hard drive crashes, there is a 90% chance that you will lose all of your data at once. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to recover data from faulty drives although it is super-expensive. With that said, if you have faced a hard drive crash and data loss from it, you want to use software like iBoysoft free data recovery software which is designed to let users recover data from crashed hard drives and to some extent hard crashed drives.

3. Viruses and malware

Being connected online exposes you to a lot of information, one of the many benefits. However, this exposure means your computer is also exposed to multiple viruses and malware, which attack devices on a daily basis. Virus and malware damages may come in the form of operational software damage or damage to stored data.

4. System crash

Few computer problems are just as frustrating as a Windows or Mac not booting up. When your system can’t boot, it’s hard to make any progress in determining the location and source of the problem. This can also lead to loss of your data as well. In such a situation, you can take assistance of a powerful tool to recover lost data after system crash.

Recover Data like a PRO!

While data loss has become a common phenomenon, several ways of data recovery have been introduced to tackle such problems.  Data recovery is the process of salvaging lost data from either a secondary storage system, removable media or files.

But how will you perform data recovery when you are on a tight budget and also need to recover small-sized data? There is always a way. In order to initiate your data recovery process, you need to download a software, unless and until you are a professional data scientist or have technical knowledge about it.

Of all the data recovery software, you want to download iBoysoft Data Recovery because it provides the chance to recover data up to 1GB for FREE! Given that, iBoysoft’s data recovery software is one of the best tools that has so much to offer to its users.

Steps to perform a free data recovery process through iBoysoft data recovery software.

1. Download and install iBoysoft Data Recovery for free.

2. Launch the software and click the Scan button.  The software will search for deleted/lost files.

3. Preview the scanning result and click Recover.

Voila! You will be able to see your lost data and can easily recover those instantly. However, using the free edition of iBoysoft Data Recovery, you are restricted to recover data up to 1 GB. Beyond that, you will have to buy the premium ones.

It is worth mentioning that data loss has become a common factor and to some people a common reason to stress out whereas you can purchase premium data recovery and keep it with you so that you can recover your data easily.

Final Talk

Since there are so many options, why do you have to choose iBoysoft Data Recovery? The straightforward answer to this question is it allows users to feel what iBoysoft is offering to their premium clients. On the other hand, if you go for the trial of other data recovery software, it will want your details and give you a mini-stress without any reason and you don’t want that. So, using iBoysoft Data Recovery, you will be able to recover your data up to 1GB for free. Don’t miss the chance!

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