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5 Best Changelog Tools In 2022

Are you searching for no-cost changelog software that you can utilize to keep your users updated on new releases? The most successful software companies in the globe publish changelogs in order to keep track of changes and ensure that they’re affluent. If you’re trying to impress your customers as well as keep the internal development group on the same with the rest of the team, then changelogs are an absolute essential. In this article we will look at some the examples of changelogs that are public. provide free changelog tools and show a few paid tools for changelogs.

What is a tool for logging changes?

Changelogs are a changelog is a recorded chronological listing of the changes made to a project or product. Companies that offer software often release changelogs in order to notify users and their clients about new updates. However changelogs are beneficial to teams working on software development, as they are more aware of any new APIs or features that they aren’t working on, and also what’s been happening previously with the software they’re developing.

Changelog tool is software that allows you to make and manage your changelog. This means you don’t have to write the online publication on your own or manually create each release note. It is important to post an update for your customers for a variety of reasons:

  • Let your customers know the fact that your service is constantly getting updated to enhance the perceived worth of your subscription.
  • Improve user retention by educating users about new features and the benefits they could bring.
  • Actively communicate specific updates to features to ensure that users are equipped to handle the new features.

Examples of changelogs that are publically available

Let’s look at some examples of changelogs that are publically available. This can help you to understand the structure of the way other companies do things so that you can determine what you’d like to imitate. Be aware that the majority of public changelogs are structured as follows:

  • Reverse chronological order
  • All updates noticeable within the last two years to date.
  • Provides links from release notes and other details on top new features and announcements

Top 5 changelog tools for free

The great news is that there is a variety of free changelog tools available to notify your teams and users about releases and updates. Here are our suggestions to use changelog tools:


Feedsocio is a powerful tool for keeping track of changes. It allows you to get feedback and feedback from your customers on what they would like and offers more suggestions to improve your company. Feedsocio is also able to plan the future of its products and makes announcements about updates.

With Feedsocio it is possible to be aware of the requests of your audience and also get their opinions on what you’re planning to do with the upcoming products or projects. Feedsocio provides you with a great and distinctive design. It is also easy for both you and your viewers to utilize the application to its maximum potential.

There’s also the reaction tool feature which can help you to learn more about the data and understand the opinions of your customers about the quality of your product, so that you can adjust your product accordingly. Feedsocio is free and the most affordable method of gathering customer feedback.


Frill is a feedback tool that not only the collection of feedback, but also the management of roadmaps as well as changelogs. The platform refers to as Announcements. The software is renowned for its more fluid UX than the other tools. The feedback tool allows customers vote on suggestions from other users. This can be beneficial as it eliminates duplicate suggestions, and can help your team prioritize the release of updates. You can also integrate feedback from customers into your plan of action all in one place.

For their capabilities to changelog, Frill is a really excellent choice because it allows you to insert images in your announcements. They are more appealing for the customers to read and since they have visual content included, they are able to read the announcements, even if they can’t understand them.


GitHub is a platform for development which is used by more than 50 million programmers from around the globe. It doesn’t come with a gorgeous changelog feature as Feedsocio however, there are solutions. You can generate an update log from commit messages stored in Git. Git repository. They won’t include images, and they won’t automatically formatted in a user-friendly and attractive manner.

Your team must customize the output in order that the changelog appears appealing. It is also important to ensure together to create good commit messages or you’re at risk of being boring and confusing to your users , who are looking for access to a source where they can find out about changes.


Beamer is a tool to track changes that lets you create an individual changelog page and to inform users via an update notification widget for changelogs in your application. The free tool for changelogs is available only to companies that have less than 1,000 users of their changelog page or notification application. This is why it’s only an ideal choice for those who are hobbyists or new apps. Additionally, you’ll require a paid subscription for access to the features for user feedback.


Like Beamer Similar to Headway, using Headway you can build an open changelog page, or an embedded widget. Headway also allows custom branding so that your changelog adheres to the look and feel of your site and application. Changelogs can be created not just for the latest releases as well as to let users know about any bugs that your group is aware of or currently working on fixing.

This provides a quick way to communicate every product update. The free plan does give you some fantastic options (such such as unlimitable changelogs, designs modifications and Twitter integration) however, you’ll require a paid subscription to place your changelog at a custom domain. Furthermore, Headway is only a free changelog tool and does not offer additional tools that SaaS teams require, such as feedback from customers and prioritization of the management of roadmaps.

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