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Important Things While Choosing Vinyl Record Pressing in Australia

You might be thinking why anyone in the right mind would even opt to press music into a medium that dates back to the late 20th century. Important Things While Choosing Vinyl Record Pressing in Australia are.

Well, if you are an independent artist, vinyl is one of the few remaining mediums that permit an artist to connect directly to the audience in an intimate, engaging, physical and highly innovative manner.

As the famous phrase says, “Old is Gold”, what once was old is new again. Gen Z millennials are discovering the thrill of tactile collectability and enjoying the feeling of being connected to their famous indie artists.

People love to groove with their favourite music band via cover art, eye-catching coloured vinyl, and the physical activity of lowering a needle onto a revolving disc that produces pops, crackles, and warm sound.

So, your popular band has recorded a new album, and you’re thinking of unleashing it on vinyl. Who does not love a classic vinyl, right? Well, let me take you through the things you should consider for vinyl record pressing to make a knowledgeable decision.

Guide to consider vinyl record pressing


Decide your music project

Planing your music project is the key, but before you consider vinyl record pressing, you have to know what you will press into vinyl.

If you are a music artist that presses just about everything and plays vinyl out, then there is no barrier; it’s just the quantity you have to agonize. Vinyl pressing is not the best idea for a single random track.

You need to consider a more significant project such as an album with some serious buzz in the music industry. The unique album with hype will make your fans crazy and take your vinyl copy home.

Engineer experience

First and foremost, if you are selecting to release music in vinyl, you should be well aware that you can’t just send your files to a usual engineer and ask them to make custom record vinyl printing out of it.

Many modern-day engineers have not mastered vinyl record pressing, so make sure they have abundant experience to master a vinyl record personally. To master a vinyl record pressing, an engineer should recognize the critical things like discography, sound levels and EQ, overly high and low frequencies in the mix, Etc.

If you have mastered your songs for vinyl, then you’ve overthrown the purpose of even having your music project pressed on vinyl. Vinyl record pressing in Australia has decades of experience mastering your track for vinyl.

Plan your vinyl pressing

While vinyl record pressing Australia is significantly expanding the amount of pressing plants, here is where things get trickier. Do you want your music pressed on 12″ standard weight vinyl? or do you need a 7″ record pressed? What about the 180-gram studier or heavier record?

  • A 12″ record holds about 22 minutes worth of music on each side. Mainly reserved for full-length albums.
  • A 12″ record usually whirls at 33-1/3 RPM but can also spin at 45 RPM to reach higher musical fidelity.
  •  7″ vinyl record usually spins at just 45 RPM.

Making vinyl record pressing can take a long time; it can take a few months or even prolonged if your order gets struck down at a plant in favour of a more prominent client. Custom vinyl record Australia is committed to delivering vinyl on the release date if you place the order several months ahead of time.

Vinyl record pressing comes in different colours, and your artwork is modified and designed at the Vinyl pressing plant. However, colouring or mixing can adversely affect the sound of the music and even add more time.

Choose your artwork

Over the decades, vinyl record pressing Australia created unique colour pressing and special editions for famous music artists who have been incredibly popular record collectors.

Most vinyl is all black in colours; you can also request pressing plant to produce a blend of colours that fit your album.

Making the sleeves and record jackets are the final piece’s main important artwork. Artists have many options, including special die-cut covers, inserts, and gatefolds.

Offset custom vinyl record printing is more cost-effective for large runs and lets you maintain consistent quality throughout a large batch of printed material.

Finally, records are packaged shrink-wrapped and sent to labels for distribution.

Find a pressing plant

Presently, a couple of dozen vinyl pressing plants are available within Australia, so it’s vital to cite that once you have thought of how you want your vinyl pressed, you should shop around for the best turnaround time and price.

Turnaround time is very consequential. With numerous labels and artists pressing vinyl, you need to make sure the plant is a one-stop-shop solution for pressing, jacket printing, labelling Etc., and you have enough time for manufacturing your vinyl properly.

Vinyl pressing plant produces custom vinyl records in Australia from lacquer mastering, vinyl pressing australia, sleeves, jackets to label printing. Vinyl pressing quality and dedication to excellence accompany your classic vinyl from start to finish. Talk to our vinyl specialist today.

Types of Vinyl Records in Australia

12″ Vinyl Records

12″ Vinyl Records, the most in-demand size going around for albums, EPs and even singles. Looking for something special?We have a wide range of vinyl records, colours, patterns and finishes.  We press Vinyl records in 150 gram and 180 gram weights.

10″ Vinyl Records

10″ Vinyl Records are popular for EPs and shorter-length releases, with play times of 8 minutes at 45 rpm and up to 14 minutes at 33 rpm per side.

If you’re avoiding run-of-the-mill formats, this size will deliver. Comes in a standard weight of 110 grams and is available in our full range of colours and finishes.

7″ Vinyl Records

7″ Vinyl Records are unrivalled for single and promotional releases and has found its niche with collectors of vinyl.

It’s typical to put only one song per side, making this size perfectly sufficient. Its small-form factor weighs in at only 42 grams with an ability to hold 4.5 minutes per side at 45 rpm and 6 minutes at 33 rpm.

Opaque / Transparent

Most of our standard vinyl colours come in an opaque or transparent variant.

Check out exactly what’s on offer by hitting our pricing page or buzz our experts for more information.


Contemplating a record with “splats” of colour throughout? This effect is a result of mixing colour vinyl pellets in with the vinyl puck during record pressing.

Simply confirm your base colour (pricing here varies) and what splatter hue you love – we’ll make the splatter magic happen at no extra charge.

If you have a particular effect in mind, we’ll even vary the splatter slightly. Just let us know what (with pictures if possible) and we’ll recreate it.


Much like our splatter (see above) but less pronounced, this effect can be produced on every one of our colour vinyl pressing variations.

We’ll help you make the perfect colour choice for an impressive result.

Black Smoke

Black smoke is one of the only stand alone effects we produce.

True to its name, the vinyl is created by combining black and clear vinyl, which produces a smokey visual throughout.

Half / Half

Torn between two colours? Why not both! We can create custom vinyl records in Australia made-up of two colours.

If you want a split down the middle or somewhere else, we’ll accommodate.

A little something to consider for your design: movement in the position of the colour divide will always occur.

3rds / Flag Effect

Two colours not enough? We can throw one more into the mix.

We can split into thirds of each colour, which yields extraordinary results.

Again, dividing the record isn’t an exact science, so as per our technical note on Half / Half (see above), positions will vary in movement.

Source: Things To Consider While Choosing Vinyl Record Pressing in Australia

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