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Clownfish Voice Changer for Discord: Voice Changer Free

When playing multiplayer games, chat on a public Discord server or spend time on Skype. Voxal voice changers and clownfish voice changers may quarrel. Whether it’s for added security and privacy, or just for fun. A discordant voice changer can sound like a completely different person, like a robot or an alien.

Release the best voice changer

Windows has several great voice changer solutions. Clownfish in battle immediately come to mind. For various reasons, I finally decided to use the voice changer discord guide.

To get started, Voice Mode Voice Changer is technically free, but the voice changer free version has some limitations. You have access to 6 random voices that change daily. The free version of VoiceMode doesn’t help if a particular online contact has a consistent voice associated with it. Another major drawback of VoiceMode is that it is not integrated throughout the system.

Installing Robot VoiceMod creates a virtual input device that you need to manually select in your application.

Clownfish, on the other hand, provide voice variation throughout the system.  Windows do not consider it a separate device, which makes the configuration much more comfortable.

Being global, you only need to configure Clownfish once and it works with all software. Clownfish Voice Changer’s library of voice options is more limited than voice mode, but because it’s a completely free voice changer for Chromebooks, there is no freemium limit for voice mode.

Install Clownfish Voice Changer for Discord

Before you install Clownfish Voice Changer on your Chromebook, Skype, Hearthstone, and other games, you need to do some preparation.  Here’s what you need:

Discord Voice Changer Download Clownfish from the link below or click Download Discord Icon.

The PC confuses the new version with a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows installation, working with Windows Vista, or downloading clownfish.

Pikachu, someone is using a Pikachu meme (custom pitch).

step 1

You need to download Clownfish and install Discord Voice Changer. Discorded Voice Changer is available for Mac or Windows. If you have a 64-bit version, get a 64-bit clownfish. Otherwise, get the 32-bit version. Follow the standard installation procedure here.

To see if you’re using the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, click the Windows button to open the Settings app, find Settings, and press Enter. Then go to System> About.  It shows your operating system.

Step 2

After installing Clownfish Voice Changer, run the application and it will appear in the system tray. 

Step 3

Right-click the Discord Voice Changer system tray icon and click the Settings option.

From here, click Install next to the list of microphones. It is displayed as a “microphone”. If you choose to install, Clownfish will be configured to work with your microphone.

Step: 4

Now that you are ready to install Clownfish, proceed to step 3 above to install it.

After setting up the Clownfish microphone, click the Clownfish system tray icon again. Then click Listen to Microphone. This allows you to hear confusing voice changer features.

Step: 5

Click the Windows 10 or any system tray icon, then click Voice Changer Setup. There may be a blue mark next to it, but this is just a design flaw.

The cowfish menu is displayed. You can select and enable any voice effect. If you want to mix the effects, click the clownfish icon that appears, then click the right arrow next to it. You can select the effects to combine. You can use the interface to adjust presets with respect to tone and microphone sensitivity.

Step: 6

 In apps like other Discord apps, you don’t have to do anything special. If you check the input devices, your microphone with clownfish will only appear as “default” as shown below.

If you want to disable clownfish, just right-click on the tray icon and then click “Close”.

Now, what will happen after installation? We had no problem uninstalling Clownfish, but some users reported driver conflicts. General security guidelines for third-party software apply here: Set up a Windows reset point before installing Clownfish, and you must do a clean uninstall after the keyword. You can check out some of these apps here to learn how to clean uninstall.

Speak in a different voice with a voice changer

If you are a fan of novelty items, the voice changer must be on your wish list for next Christmas or your next birthday. A voice changer is basically a device that you can use to disguise or change your voice.

If you like to watch movies then you have probably seen a scene where one character calls another character on the phone and fools the other character by changing his voice through special instruments. This device is none other than a voice changer. The voice changer works by manipulating the pitch of your voice either making it higher or lower. The pitch will depend on how you adjust the buttons on the device. Whether you want to imitate the voice of a human, robot, or movie character, this voice changer guide should be able to help you.

Right pitch

This voice changer guide can help you decide what type of voice changer you need. A landline or telephone voice changer, as the name implies, is a device that you attach to the phone’s mouthpiece to change your voice.

In order to work on this device, you need to hold both the phone and the voice changer at the same time. If you want a more comfortable way to use this device, you can try the mobile voice changer. It comes with a headset, an adapter, and a connector so you can use your hands-free. Software voice changer is the most professional type of voice changer. It can be used in dubbing, video editing, chat rooms, etc.

The more features, the more fun

When going out to buy a voice changer, ask the salesperson for a voice changer guide so that you can learn about the different features of each product. Choose one that offers plenty of options that allow you to change your age, gender, and other aspects of your voice.


If you follow these step-by-step steps, you will need to have a clownfish voice changer to keep the operation going.

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