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7 tips to become a Professional Singer

These are tips to start your singing adventure, as always, we remind you to consult a professional if you have pain or if you think that the sound of your voice is not correct. Remember that taking singer lessons is an investment that can bring you great returns.


  1. Relax and check your posture

 As a professional singer

Many of us go through stages of tension or anxiety, it is common to keep some muscle tension in our body. Even during sleep we adopt uncomfortable postures that during the day we feel like muscle tension. The cell phone or mobile is also a cause of bad posture. We spend hours during the day looking at our screens without realizing the strange ways that our necks take to be able to read the content. That is why it is important to take a few minutes a day relaxing the muscles and reviewing our postures. Posture is everything. These postures should be reviewed regularly, since if we spend a lot of time sitting, we tend to have vices that put our health at risk. I even suggest you take pictures of yourself from various full-body angles while you sing, it will be good to know a before and after reviewing these poses.


  1. Hydrate and Cover

Imagine a late-model car running without oil, coolant, or water, it sure won’t get you far. Without lubrication, the engine will quickly overheat and you will probably end up melting the engine.

The same happens with the voice, that is why it is recommended to drink enough water at room temperature, before, during and after singing.

The truth, you could drink cold water (as we have seen some singer) but not during rehearsal or concert, since your vocal cords and your larynx are “hot” and the shock of the change in temperature can cause damage.

It is for this same reason that many vocalists also wear scarves or shirts with their necks covered, although the general perception is that the cold at night can affect your throat is that our instrument is extremely delicate, it requires constant care.

  1. Free your voice

Believe it or not, yawning is a good exercise and helps us open the larynx and the back of the mouth. Now try to provoke a  yawn , try to be aware of the muscles that extend in the back of your  throat , even listen to the sounds as your throat expands. This flexibility will help us to expand our mouth from the inside to be able to sing correctly. We must allow the voice to come out without obstacles, without internal limitations, many times we sing with our lips almost closed. Remember that the voice is air vibration and needs to come out smoothly. Now that you’ve felt your larynx expand, sing a verse and chorus of a song that you like, like this while yawning. Feel how the air is released and even if it does not sound quite right and the lyrics are not understood, you will feel how the notes come out without any problem or obstruction.

  1. Learn to properly control the air

I will show you a basic exercise that will gradually give you the physical condition and the air economy control to sing comfortably. Do this exercise : Inhale with your nose slowly and try not to raise your shoulders, while exhaling try to “deflate” the abdominal area, applying a slight pressure inwards, almost as if you were pushing the air down to the center of your body. As you exhale, make the long sound of the letter “S”, make it sound even and without spitting. If your sound is too soft you should control the pressure until it has a considerable volume, almost like the volume you feel when speaking. Try it in intervals of 10 times, rest 30 seconds, and try again for at least 3 sets. This exercise is vital to begin to control your breathing and gradually strengthen the supporting muscles. The secret of this exercise is that it sounds good, that that prolonged “S” sounds the same at the beginning as it does at the end, and that it does not lose power for more info visit us. Little by little you will notice that you will do better and it will sound more and more homogeneous.


  1. Warm-up before singing

Have you noticed that your voice sounds better to the third or fourth song? it is because our vocal sound system is muscular and like any muscle, you need to warm up, stretch and rest. When doing sports, you don’t start a competition without being “hot” with oxygenated, warm muscles and blood flowing through your body. In the same way, you need to prepare before singing. Especially when they are complicated songs. One of the best ways to warm up your voice is by making the sound of “toad” or “croak” with your voice, emitting a low and hoarse sound (no note) from the base of your throat, as if you were emitting a dark sound, try it with all vowels. This exercise will “Start” your singing mode. Do it for several minutes and you will notice the big difference. Besides being a good exercise to clean the phlegm that lodges near your larynx. Then, you could also implement singing a favorite song very softly,  and without straining your voice a singer. Even in your mind, lower it a few tones, so that it is a gentle exercise, almost like whispering.


When you sing, fix your attention on the notes emitted, feel the notes that resonate the most in your head, in your neck or even in your chest, try a song that uses a wide range. Safety on stage can be seen and heard, don’t forget that we have all had some kind of insecurity , but when projecting your voice you will feel the power that emanates from your body and that feeling will fascinate you. Also look at the amount of effort you use when singing as a singer in the high notes, all this is going to change soon in your voice: you will be able to reach higher with less effort. To sing well is to sing with expression this is the mark of singer, do not forget to always keep a correct expression and avoid making faces of “effort”.

  1. Believe It (Most Important)

The most important thing is to believe in yourself as the player of the best instruments of all. Your voice is unique, there is no other person like you, you have a perfect instrument, nature has endowed you with the  resources you need to sing well as a singer. You can improve as long as you fall in love with the process, singing well is not a destination, it is a journey. Remember the times you have dreamed of singing better, projecting your voice and inspiring many people. Remember those dreams that live in your heart and take a deep breath as you imagine making them come true.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right”

Henry ford

So get to work, you can do it !



The best suggestion someone can give you is: seek help from a professional. A singing teacher can take you from zero to one hundred, little by little, and make you a professional singer. The voice is a living instrument and for this reason, it also suffers our sleeplessness, our carelessness or improves with our attention and care. Therefore, it is important to bear in mind that like any muscle, if you don’t put it to use, it atrophies or stops working properly. Many singer has been losing their voice because they stop using it or have simply stopped doing basic exercises to keep it in shape. Just like any sport, let’s give our voice the care and dedication it deserves.

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