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How to Protect Your Crawl Space?

If your basement has a crawl space, you may have often experience cold drafts of wind into your basement from there. The crawl space typically comprises electrical wires and cables and water pipes that require protection at all costs. If you want to provide maximum protection to your home, it is advisable to opt for spray foam insulation in Calderon, along with cementitious fireproofing. Both Caledon and East Gwillimbury has several contractors who can work for new buildings and repair any faults in older buildings. Hence, it would be wise to contact them as soon as possible!

Why do you need to insulate the crawl space?

There are several reasons why you should consider insulating your crawl space. Let’s check them out one by one:

• Since water pipes run through the crawl space, the chances are that they can freeze during chilly winters. The crawl spaces are usually at the lowest point in your entire house building.

• Even if you had insulated your basement, the cold drafts of air could rise from your crawl space, making the basement cold too! Hence, all your efforts to keep the basement warm can go in vain.

• Moisture may accumulate inside your crawl space and lead to the growth of mildew and molds that can reduce the longevity of the pipes or other structures in the crawl space.

• If there are gaps in the flooring or walls of your crawl space, then insects and worms or even mice can invade it and settle down here. From the crawl space, they can easily climb up to your living space and bedrooms!

Keeping all these factors in mind, experts would suggest that you insulate your crawl spaces with spray foam technology. Being expandable by nature and having a high R-value, it can enter into every nook and corner to fill up all the gaps while retaining heat inside the crawl space area. Moreover, spray foam is eco-friendly and suffers minimum wear over the years. It can be applied over a large number of substrates making it all the more desirable.

Why do you need to fireproof your crawl space?

So, now that you know that you need to insulate your crawl space, but do you know that you need to fireproof it too? You might be wondering that no one travels there unless essential to do so. Moreover, it is implausible that someone will carry candles or cigarettes to light there! However, you forget that several electrical connections or wires also pass through your crawl space. The last thing you will need is your home to go up into flames! Hence, it is recommendable that you fireproof your crawl space along with your basement.

Lastly, it would help if you always were cautious regarding the contractors you are hiring. You can end up with a shoddy job if you are not too careful. Here are some of the tips you can dig into:

• It is advisable to ask your friends and family to have a trusted service provider. If someone you know has been their previous client, you will get a concrete idea regarding the services they provide.

• Talk to more than one contractor. That way, you can compare and decide on which plans seem appropriate or profitable for you.

• You can find out whether the service providers are licensed. Since they will be handling something essential such as fireproofing, they need to be approved.

• You should also find out all the benefits you will be getting under a specific scheme. On that note, you should also talk about your budget beforehand.

Therefore, keep the points mentioned above in mind and avail the best services for your crawl spaces. It is wiser to remember that your entire house should stay protected from all types of danger. A small mishap could lead to dangerous consequences!

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