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List Of 5 Most Durable Roofing Materials According To Weather Conditions

The roofing and durability go hand in hand because the roof has to be durable. The reason for that is pretty simple because it acts like shelter to the rest of the structure. You would have often noticed that when the roof starts taking damage the rest of the structure starts aging as well. The cracks would become more prominent, the mold’s growth, paint chipping, etc. The whole building would seem to be falling apart. That’s why a roof has to be very durable under the given circumstances and should be able to perform with extreme perfection. That’s why it is often recommended to hire the best roofing contractor because a good contractor can change the fate of your building. 

It’s true that the roofing market is very competitive because of the presence of a lot of companies. Figuring out the best one might take a toll on you. However, it is worth your effort and because it increases your chances to get a better-quality service. The durability of the roof is also closely associated with the quality of the material. The better the quality of material the higher would be the durability and the lower would be the maintenance cost. The objective of a good roof replacement company isn’t only selling a roofing solution, but getting you a perfect and long-lasting solution. 

  1. White metal roofing

Metal roofing is known as one of the most stable and durable roofing solutions. Although there are some cons as well, there’s nothing out there that can dent the metal roof. Whether it is stormy weather or heavy rain or even a long snowy season, the metal roof will remain as solid as ever. It doesn’t let even a single droplet penetrate inside. There are some other advantages as well. For example, it is a highly efficient roofing solution for hot weather. Although commercial roofing companies claim that the metal roof reflects about 66% of the sun’s heat, but it still can’t match the efficiency of a flat roof. However, it has a unique advantage over the flat roof, that it cools down faster at night.

Where it is popular for its durability but it can be noisy as well. That’s why the insulation must be installed to reduce the noise. If you don’t want to invest in roofing for a long time again, then white metal roofing is an excellent choice. Because it can last up to a hundred years if you take care of it. 

  1. Rubber membrane roofing

Before you go any further it is important to understand the correlation between roofing and durability. For that, you would have to state what you actually want from a roof. Well, when someone installs a roofing solution, the core objective in mind is to protect the house from harsh weather. The house needs protection from rains, snow, and even from the sun as well. Sometimes the roofing solution isn’t strong enough and it has to be reinforced with some other material just like ethylene propylene diene monomer or EPDM which is commonly known as rubber. Rubber or EPDM for short is an excellent material that can make a regular roofing solution extremely durable. It can be used as a heat-reflecting material or a barrier against water and moisture. It comes in the form of sheets and requires a special installation method.   

  1. Solar tile system

Cracks caused by sun heat  in the roof is one of the most commonly known issues and it can be noticed in any concrete-based structure. Don’t worry because now there’s a highly efficient system out there that can change this disadvantage into the ally of your home. That’s right because solar tiles don’t even need to reflect the sunlight. These tiles absorb the sunlight and convert it into electrical energy that can be used for various activities in your home. It is a highly durable solution and can last up to twenty-plus years with regular maintenance. It might sound like an expensive system, but if you look at the unique edge it gives you, it is worth spending money on it. All you need is to make sure that you hire the right contractor for the installation job. 

  1. White flat tile

If you live in a warm area, then the white flat tile is another material best suited for overheated areas. This tile is a combination of ceramic, elastomeric material, or sometimes a combination of cement and fibers. Which makes it not only durable but water and heat-resistant as well. The testing results show that it can reflect up to 77% of the sunlight. Which makes it more efficient than the metal roof. Its cost is relatively lower than other roofing solutions and common windstorms and rainstorms or even snowstorms can’t cause damage. However, hailing is a different story and the roof might need slight care after a hailstorm. 

  1. Green living roofs

Who isn’t aware of the heat island effect and how unfriendly it is to the environment? With the excessive use of asphalt in roads and commercial centers, a healthy place will be turned into a “heat island” that absorbs tons of heat every single day. However, the impact of heat can be reduced by painting roofs with cool colors. Still, there’s something better than that out there. That’s right it is the green living roof, which is as unique as it sounds. It is a highly durable roofing solution that can cool down the roof from natural soil and water drains. The greenery is installed on the roof and it expands from there to cover the whole building. As a result, the performance of the building is fully optimized.   

The roofing materials listed above can no doubt help you optimize the performance of the roof and last for a longer time. Still, the roof has to be maintained regularly, especially when it faces harsh weather. Otherwise, no matter how durable the solution is, it will not last as long as you expect it to. You can also talk to a local contractor to look into the possible local options.

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