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How to practice meditation the right way

Meditation is the best remedy for body and mind health. All the famous and great people of the world have acknowledged the importance and benefits of meditation by following them in ancient as well as modern times.

Nowadays, there are many centres to teach meditation, there are institutions that teach meditation in many different ways. All methods of meditation have some basic similarities, indicating that the root of all actions is the same.

So all actions are good. All methods benefit from regular practice. Now we will tell the method of meditation and the benefits of meditation.

Follow Simple Lifestyle

Eating simple, sattvic food, keeping the body clean, keeping positive thoughts and following good qualities gives peace of mind, an experience of peace. All this creates the right mental state for meditation. All meditation activities acknowledge their importance.

Best Time for Meditation

The time from 3 am to 6-7 pm and after 10 pm is considered the best for meditation. At this time there is peace in the environment, disturbances are reduced. According to meditation methods, this time is best for developing mental powers.

Best Asana and Place for meditation

A place of meditation can be your place of worship, a quiet room or a secluded open space. Meditating daily in one place is considered good for meditation.

Put blankets or woollen postures on the ground and sit in Sukhasana or Padmasana by sitting in cross-leg position. You can also use a mat, cushion seat or cotton pad. If you have trouble sitting on the ground, you can also sit on a chair.

Keep in mind that the back of the chair is straight so that your backbone is straight and your feet are flat on the ground. Mat or thick cloth under the foot so that the foot does not directly contact the ground.

Sit in a Straight Posture

With your eyes closed make sure your back should be straight, and the backbone is in a straight line and sit in a comfortable position

Do not sit in a position that causes pain or discomfort, otherwise, your mind will not be able to meditate. Place your hands on your thighs or knees. Hands should be open and facing upwards.

Practice Deep Breathing or Pranayama

Doing pranayama at the beginning of meditation or taking long breaths slowly and leaving it slowly increases the amount of oxygen in the mind and body. This makes the brain active and it is possible to control thoughts.

In anger, the breath starts moving very fast in excitement and the breath slows down in grief and despair. Breath speed affects thoughts and abnormal breath produces mental unsuitability.

Therefore, Pranayama or deep and long breath brings peace in the mind and thoughts, which helps the mind to concentrate.

Becoming one with God

This world is an expression of different forms of energy. There exists absolute energy or power in this universe which is regularly operating by us, all living beings and this world.

We are also a part of the same infinite energy source and are connected to it. By considering ourselves as part of that ultimate source, we get to experience our immense potential and possibilities.

While starting your practice, it is prayed to the Supreme Father / Supreme Power that our meditation be successful, we experience our divine real nature.

Focus on your thoughts

Often, a chain of thoughts keeps running in the mind. One thought leads to the next thought and our mind is busy in it. The practice methods say to stop the pace of thoughts, try to be free from thoughts.

For this, when thoughts come in your mind, let them come and go, do not get lost in them. Just look at the flow of thoughts like an observer observing nature. Don’t hold an idea and give it speed.

This will gradually slow down the speed of thought and fewer thoughts will come. How long will it take to free the mind from the thought? It depends on the seriousness of your will and effort.

This is the way to go deep into meditation. So keep trying with patience, perseverance and positive thinking.

Meditation centres and Courses

Initially, no teacher or teacher is required to meditate. You can start yourself.

If you have any problem or do not get peace even after sitting in meditation for 1-2 months every day, then you can join any guru, meditation centre or meditation course.

The major meditation centres in India for learning meditation are Rishikesh yoga teacher training centre, Yoga Satsang Society, Art of Living, Isha Foundation, Sri Ramana Maharishi Ashram, Maa Amritanandamayi Ashram, Paramarth Niketan Ashram, Brahmakumari Ashram, Vipassana Meditation Center.

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