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Effects of Covid OutBreak on students

The COVID-19 has led to a myriad of modifications to our daily lives in the last few months. One of the groups that have been affected more is teenagers in high schools.

They have been upfront to many difficulties for almost 2 years. Such situations weren’t faced before at this level.

Earlier, the schools were controlling the daily routine of the students. They are expected to get up at a particular time and returning home at a particular time. It gives students a sense of regularity within their daily lives. 

Know how Medical Delivery in Kenya is fulfilling the public’s medical service demand and empowering parents to keep their kids healthy during the pandemic era.  

Fixed school routines help students achieve academic and behavioral goals. One can say there was a set culture of education which is disturbed by the covid outbreak. Read how the pandemic affects the students in different ways. 


Too much time to spend at home


Staying at home brought many positive and negative aspects in students’ life. It is the best time to visit relatives, parents, grandmothers, grandparents and other relatives since there is plenty of time for spending.

Kids are enjoying the movies with their family and having fun, these kinds of things are only possible at this moment.

It is also the best time to spend with your parents and share your career plan views and discuss them in order to step in the right direction for a feature.


Online Classes


Online classes are not much impactful for deep learning purposes. It has been discovered that the adoption rate in online classes is between 50 and 60 percent, while in the classroom the rate was between 80 and 90 percent.

 In addition, students are feeling extra stress on their eyes due to the five to six hours of online classes through laptops and smartphones. 

Students of very early classes are not so much developed to gain so much from online classes. They have become a problem for parents while helping them for attending their online classes.


Saving Time


Since the Covid outbreak, students are saving time for transportation and prayer, as well as socializing with friends, or playing sports.

They have five to six hours of high-quality time to attend online classes. In school, they have to spend 8 hours. 

They are making more time for self-study by using the right way to avoid the temptation of watching movies or playing games on mobile devices.


Less physical activities


Pandemic has forced kids to stay at home for most of the time in a day. They can go outside only with their parents. One can say the current situations are forcing kids to live a restricted life. 

Students now can not play with their friends due to the fear of getting infected. They are living a daily routine with fewer physical activities. This is further leading students to feel bored and low in energy. 

Poor students are suffering more


A lot of students in poverty don’t have access to computers or laptops. Such students have been become ignorant and spending their entire days without studying. This is due to the lack of guidance and ignorance of parents towards their children. 

During the start of the covid outbreak, some students of urban areas were initially thrilled over the disease due to the shutdown all across India. There was no school or college and they were enjoying the whole day playing games and wandering here and there.

Parents of some students understood the value of education and managed somehow smartphones for their kids to join the online classes. Initially online classes were important for poor students but soon they swung their minds to time-wasting activities. 

Phone addiction


Because of the closure of schools, the majority of youngsters are encouraged to access the internet in order to continue their studies. They’ll also be looking to stay in touch with their friends and it is making them more active on social media.

This can cause them to be distracted when they are supposed to do their homework. Additionally, they could be exposed to online bullying and inappropriate content. This could cause anxiety, stress as well as low self-esteem, and suicide attempts.

Social media can be one of the main reasons for getting addicted to phones. The content on social media leading students to involve in serious activities like smoking and drinking. 

Fear and Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are the most difficult things to handle in the pandemic era. It is difficult to know whether a student is infected with the virus or not. And it is not possible to find the carrier of the virus. 

Students do not know when schools will reopen and what are the long-term impacts of this epidemic will be. Such things are making kids feeling more fear and anxiety. RT-PCR test in Kenya is available at affordable prices to eliminate the fear of covid infection. 

When the anxiety becomes intense then it reduces the ability to focus on other matters. Further, it becomes difficult for the person to refrain from doing the things they need to be doing.

Childhood growth

The education of children is likely to be severely affected by the closures of schools. 

UNESCO has been actively promoting distance-based learning methods, which include the use of digital teaching aids.

Children who are able to access these tools will have the chance to study techniques for learning that can benefit their future. 

They can also participate in different activities that are creative, physical, and learning activities during vacations. 



Loneliness is thought to be an important risk factor for mental health since the covid outbreak. Spending more time lonely at home affects the mental health of kids and adults as well.

People are bounded to stay home and go out if it is much necessary. It has been noticed that loneliness results in serious health issues such as stress and depression. 

Students are spending five to six hours on online classes and then they are not free to play outside due to the spreading infection. Staying at home pushing them to be alone every day. 




COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have profound, long-term effects on children across the globe. Although some of these could prove beneficial, others negative consequences can spoil the students’ growth. 


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