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How To Solve Common Problems of Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones or cell phones have gradually become integrated into our lifestyle. Petty communications with peers to significant professional data handling, we use mobile phones in every aspect. The daily use of these devices can cause various problems, which are very common for users all over the globe. Business owners like the Mobile Junction specialize in fixing issues with mobiles. Some minor problems with our devices can be shrugged off because it does not pose any hindrance to daily usage. While others can consistently prove to be nerve-racking. This article walks you through simple tips for your cell phone repair without bothering for professional help.

The problems with there simple yet effective solutions:

Significant Delay in Performance

Brand new devices seem faster to process information. Due to the daily usage over time, performance drops significantly, which can be quite frustrating. Among several causes; the most common ones are, overuse of RAM, lack of storage, the strain on GPU, etc. The overuse of RAM can be solved by closing applications, from the background. Lack of storage deters the device from storing cache, which causes unexpected shutdown of apps or delayed response. You can try uninstalling apps which you do not use. If you are a person who loves to play games, you can unintentionally strain your GPU from prolonged activity. Keeping a significant time gap between consecutive gaming sessions might resolve the issue.

Cracked Display Screen

A very usual problem that professionals deal with every day is cracked display screens of mobile phones. Excessive pressure from other objects when kept inside a bag or dropping the device from a relatively high ground can easily crack or break your screen. Small cracks are generally not repaired by the users but major-cracks are a must. Cracks in the display screen can cause light to refract and reflect at different angles, which can cause optical defects over time. You can replace your mobile phone’s screen from numerous Phone Repair in London at an affordable rate. An easy way to prevent this is the use of protective cases and screen guards.

Wireless Issues

Bluetooth and WiFi have brought into existence the subject of wireless connectivity. Issues like not able to pair with wireless speakers and headphones can be a bit irritating. Typically the Bluetooth and Wifi Radio both are located on the same chipset. If one of them malfunctions, it is likely that the other might as well. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to replace or repair these. It is preferred to purchase a new device rather than try to repair it.

Power Source Hiccups

The charging port and the battery is the last thing from which you do not want any issue. Any damage to these areas can put you in severe difficulties in times of emergency. Frequent charging of your device and render your charging port as well as your charger useless. The prolonged effect of this is the significant deterioration of the battery. Noticeable problems are- the reduced capacity to provide proper backup, swelling of the battery, etc. are some of the many issues that you might face.

It is advised to charge your device once a day. Newer phones do not require a charge until two days. Also, recharge your device when the battery drops to 10 – 20 %. Remove your charger when it reaches around 85%. It ensures the healthy life of the power source.

Inevitable Faults

Sometimes the fault lies not in the software but on the motherboard. Due to negligence on manufacture or callous shipping, the delicate integrated circuits and processors can be defective or damaged. Issues that surfaced are no network coverage whatsoever, unexpected heating of the device, etc. These types of issues are normally solved by replacing your devices, with a new one from the supplier, you have purchased.

While some issues can only be resolved with expertise; it is hoped that this article helped you to fix some of your problems. Replacing batteries and display screens are better left to professionals. You can get in touch with the experts repairing individuals just by searching “Phone Repair near me” on the web. Shops like the Mobile Junction are ready to help you and relieve you of your misery. Careful handling and little protection can prevent mishaps with your device.

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