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Get The Best Travel Pictures With The Vivo Mobiles Phones

Gone are the days when professional-level photography was considered the prerogative of DSLRs, Point and Shoot cameras, and the like. For capturing exquisite images in all circumstances, people needed to carry bulky cameras and multiple lenses to get the perfect shot.

And those with little to no knowledge of photography had to miss out on capturing some breathtaking photographs during their outing. However, this has all become a thing of the past. Smartphones are now empowered enough to snap different kinds of pictures.

With the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in smartphones, photography can also be pursued by an amateur in this field. When it comes to a smartphone company that has left far behind its immediate competitors in imaging capabilities, vivo is the name that strikes the mind. 

The brand has a plethora of camera phones in every budget range. Vivo mobile phones prices have always favoured the buyers, allowing them a spectrum of features at reasonable rates. You can get a vivo camera phone as per monetary capacity. For instance, the Latest Vivo Mobile Phone price is around the 15,000 INR mark, while the Vivo X70 Pro Plus will drain about 80,000 INR from your savings.

So, capturing scintillating visuals on the go, decking up your journal with splendid travel pictorial stories etc. have become feasible with vivo mobile phones. Let’s look at some vivo models and their camera specifications that will be your perfect travel companion.

Vivo X70 Pro

A flagship smartphone to help you compile your travel diaries. Sounds legit, right? The X70 is one of the best products to emerge from the house of vivo. As the tagline indicates, photography has undoubtedly been redefined with this model, which has been manufactured in association with ZEISS.

For instance, the presence of the ZEISS T* Coating mitigates the effects of stray lights to capture the essence of natural hues. The rear sports a quad-camera setup in the order of 50MP + 12MP + 12MP + 8MP and has an auto-focus facility.

The hallmark of the rear camera configuration has to be the Ultra-Sensing Gimbal feature. This futuristic technology eliminates all chances of blurry photographs; the lens moves and adjusts itself if it recognises any disturbance caused by the shaking or trembling of the hands.

So, while you are in a moving vehicle, you can snap or record the picturesque nature with utmost stability. You can also frame nightlife in its full original glory with this smartphone. With 60x Hyper Zoom, you can register some far-off, untraversed places with attention to detail. 

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Vivo X50 Pro

The X50 Pro is another high-end model from vivo that can do wonders for your travel photography. It features a quad-camera configuration, with the primary 48MP lens possessing the Gimbal Camera System.

You may be on the move, but your captured photographs will not depict any instability. Accuracy is the central feature of this advanced technology, and it will not leave behind any scope for complaint. Accompanying the primary sensor is a 13MP bokeh, an 8MP ultra-wide and an 8MP telephoto lenses.

For penetrating layers of blinding darkness of the night, this smartphone features the Extreme Night Vision. Crystal-clear pictures even in dimly-lit surroundings have become feasible with the vivo X50 Pro. On the front, it features a 32MP selfie camera. This vivo phone’s price starts from 44,990 INR. 

Vivo V17 Pro

vivo V17 Pro’s price commences from 25,000 INR. It is a perfect bet for those who do not possess the budget or are not interested in investing in a flagship smartphone. It is the first smartphone in the world that hosts a 32MP Dual Pop-up Selfie Camera.

With 32MP resolution, selfies appear vibrant and clear to the core. The 8MP ultra-wide lens on the front expands the perspective up to 105°. So, go on a selfie clicking spree with your travel partners without any worry.

On the rear end, this smartphone sports an array of four cameras–a 48MP primary sensor, a 13MP optical zoom lens, a 2MP depth lens and an 8MP ultra-wide shooter, which is also used for clicking close-up shots. Overall, this smartphone excels at photography and will not create a massive dent in your savings. 

You can purchase a Vivo mobile phones to upgrade your photography exploits from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. It is at this shopping hub where you will get the lowest prices in the market. For instance, the New Vivo Y21 Price on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store starts from 13,990 INR–the best deal in the online sphere.

You will be able to tread the EMI route to furnish the Vivo phone’s price. Smaller, monthly installments are much more convenient than a one-time payment. Furthermore, if you own the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card and use it for the transaction, No Cost EMI will be up for grabs. Select models can be buy through the zero down payment require no upfront payment. 

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