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How to drive an automatic car

Driving automatic car requires a high level of concentration, calmness , and strength, as well as good handling and conduct in all circumstances to ensure that the driver can navigate along the roads and streets without causing harm to other people or causing damage to others or himself and to avoid the issues that motorists of different vehicles might cause. Consequently, many people who wish to drive want to buy the auto-driven vehicle because of its features that make driving more convenient due to its simplicity of use, and makes driving more comfortable, particularly when driving in areas with traffic congestion.

Many people prefer to drive an automatic car and that is why we will discuss in this article the steps to follow when driving an automatic car. 1. Automatic driving steps for driving an automatic vehicle it is necessary to adhere to the following steps:[2 The driver that will drive has to adjust the seat to ensure that they are comfortable and fit during driving, by shifting the chair forward or forward as desired. The driver must know how to operate the foot pedal, since automatic cars only have two pedals inside the vehicle.

Move a Car

First pedal on the right is the gas pedal that is responsible for causing the car to move and walk, and the other pedal is the brakes, which is responsible for speeding. Using the brakes, one can decrease the speed to a certain level and effectively stop the car and recommended to make sure to use the right foot when driving, so that one can use both pedals when driving the car. The driver should alter the mirrors inside the car. It well known that the car comes with three mirrors.

Two of them situated on the opposite sides of the vehicle so that the driver is able to see what is happening in the vicinity of the car, and the third mirror is there so that the driver is able to see what’s behind the vehicle. The driver needs to be aware of the significance of the brakes, which is the arm that located between the front and rear seats. It pulled up or back when the vehicle stopped prior to the driver’s departure to ensure that the car doesn’t move, and with the requirement to move the hand brakes in the forward direction prior to trying to drive once more in order for the vehicle to move.

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The driver must learn how to use the transmission as the transmission is one of the main components of the vehicle, which is the part responsible for controlling the movement of the vehicle either forward or backward, and controls its suspension and includes the automatic transmission on some English letters (b, d, r and n) if the transmission installed on the letter b, it means that the person will not be able to drive no matter how much he tries to press the gas pedal.

But if the transmission installed on the letter (n) the car will rush either forward or backward but will remain as in the first case will not move no matter how the person tries to press the gas pedal, but when the transmission is installed on the d which is short for the word drive the car will go forward as soon as the driver removes his foot from the brake pedal, as well as if the transmission placed on the letter r the car will move back at the back the driver lifted his foot off the brake pedal.

The driver needs to understand and be aware of the role of the meter gauges in the vehicle is. There is a measurement device called “meter” whose job is to inform the person.. Who is driving the vehicle with the amount of gasoline. That is in the vehicle and to determine if it is necessary to fill the tank with more gasoline. And lastly, to display what speed the vehicle is traveling and the driver is able to instruct the various units used to determine the temperature of the car engine by using special measurement units.

Automatic Transmission

The driver shouldn’t take his feet off the brakes due to the fact that cars. That have an automatic transmission can move forward or backwards without pressing the gas pedal. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the driver’s foot always on the brake pedal. The driver must be in the correct position of the seat belt to ensure the safety of others. The driver required to use through the motor by placing their key in the appropriate space. Which typically located on the right part of the wheel and the key must rotated clockwise.

Driver shouldn’t operate the vehicle with only one hand. Since one-handed driving creates more chance of accident, particularly in the case of a driver who new, inexperienced.  And has no experience since it’s possible that the driver is unable to effectively control the steering wheel. The driver must follow the signal lights when turning to the left or left. Autonomous car components.


The car has basic components. The components differ between types and companies to companies based on their efficiency, design and design. And the components include: the engine switch: the part that provides electricity to the engine. And the vehicle can begin the normal engine operation. Be ware about the awareness of components.

The steering wheel the device employed by drivers to direct the vehicle’s course towards the left or right. fuel beat. The wheel responsible in transferring fuel to engine. Thereby increasing the vehicle’s speed when driving. Brake step: the action that is responsible for keeping the vehicle or slowing its speed when driving. hand brake.:
This type of brake is essential for emergency solutions for drivers. And can be utilized when parking is complete to ensure stability. Transmission A stick in front of the driver who is in charge of various driving positions. See also for Livery best Services for Boston Airport cars


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