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Things to know before you start buying a car in the USA

There are several  buying a car options. One of them – under the order in a showroom, has already been cleared. This is the most expensive option. You can

There are several purchase options. One of them – under the order in a showroom, has already been cleared. This is the most expensive option. You can purchase it yourself through websites and online auctions.

All transactions will go through US dealers, except if the car is purchased on cars.com, a private bulletin board with over 10 million buyers. But such a purchase is relevant if you yourself are in the United States. This will not work for remote purchasing. The risks are too big.

The most important thing is to correctly determine whether such a deal is profitable. You can check its profitability without leaving your home as follows.

Choose your favorite car, for example, on the website – AutoTrader.com or copart.com. See how close the car is to the port from which it will start moving by sea (the closer, the cheaper delivery across the United States).

Calculate the customs duty on the official portal of the customs. Add up the costs of purchasing, shipping, insurance and customs clearance. This will give you the approximate cost price of your purchase.

And then the resulting figures are compared with the cost of similar cars sold. It is quite possible that after such calculations, the purchase of a car in the United States will not seem very profitable.

The exception is American cars, which are not sold at all, or luxury cars bought at a very favorable price at an auction.
  • Ford Fusion;
  • Buick Encore;
  • Ford Explorer;
  • Honda Fit

It is believed that it is these brands that are profitable to acquire not only for yourself, but also for sale.

The demand for the limo car service but within the US and for other classics of the American car industry Jeep Grand Cherokee, Cadillac CTS and Escalade is still not decreasing.

We should also highlight the Ford F-150. In Russia, it is not available, it is purchased only on order. The pleasure is not cheap, but orders are received regularly.

Auctions for the purchase of a car and equipment

Auction sales in America are very popular. They sell everything from toys to airplanes.

Cop art is the largest used car auction in the United States and worldwide. The advantages are that it is inexpensive, the choice is very large, in addition to dealers, individuals can also participate in it.

Private sellers are not obliged to give complete information about their car. If the buyer has not checked the car, the purchase may turn into a problem.

Manheim is the country’s oldest auction house. To a greater extent, it is focused on the domestic market. It ranks third in terms of sales. About 7 million used cars are registered here annually, the amount of turnover reaches $ 46 billion.

Only dealers work, there are more guarantees than in Cop art. Luxury cars are put up for auction every two weeks.

Major auctions include Adesa.com . Here you can buy not only cars, but motorcycles, trucks and other equipment.

The largest online auction site is eBay. It has about 20 million registered users. But it is a “general” auction and is not often used for the purchase of cars.

Car Delivery from the USA

Transportation can be carried out either by air or by water. The overwhelming majority uses the latter, since it is the cheapest and most reliable. Consists of several stages.

First, the car is delivered to a port across the United States, then loaded into a container, which is loaded onto water transport.

The place of delivery will be the port, usually Finland. From there, the purchased car is distilled to its destination in other country, or the owner independently picks it up from Finnish territory and brings it into the country on his own.


The vehicle is delivered from the auction site to the selected port by a logistics company. But you can drive a new car OR hire a car service for tour to the American port yourself when you are in the country.

If the transportation will be carried out by a specialized company, it is advisable to choose it before buying a car. She will also deal with the execution of all documents for transportation.

The cost of transportation within the United States is difficult to determine. Prices range from $ 200 to $ 1,500, which is why it is better to choose auctions located closer to the port of departure.

The cost of cargo insurance is added to the transportation – from 1.5 to 2.5% of the cost of the car.

In a US port, the car is loaded into a container. After that, the buyer immediately receives a number by which he can track the movement of the cargo, and he is also given a title – a document confirming his ownership of this car.

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