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Imazing car jump starter im29 review

What is the im29?

Imazing jump starter im29 is a compact, lightweight car jump starter designed to get you back on the road in seconds. It’s got a high capacity 12000mAh lithium-ion battery, which can be charged with the included USB cable or with a car charger. The built-in flashlight ensures you’ll never find yourself stuck in the dark again. This powerful device also has an SOS flashlight option for emergencies, as well as three different outputs for emergencies.

The Imazing im29 comes with everything you need to give your dead battery all of the power it needs to start right up again. Just hook up your own phone charging cable (not included) from your iphone , droid, ipad or any other USB compatible device.

This compact battery pack has the power to give your dead car battery up to 20 jump starts on a single charge. It’s also got a built-in flashlight and multiple emergency features that could prove to be very useful if you find yourself stranded in an emergency situation. The Imazing im29 is the must have accessory for anyone looking for real peace of mind as well as convenience!

How jump starter im29 works?

When you think about it, jump starters are a pretty cinch to use. First off, you’ll need an obvious power source: your car battery. The jump starter will require some time to charge the internal battery pack. When that’s done the whole unit will be good to go.

How far can im29 jump start?

With a power of 50000mah , it is enough for 20 times full charging of iPhone 4; 2 times full charging iPad 3; It can even give up to 8 times full charging iPhone 4S or 7 times full charging Samsung Galaxy S4.

The lithium-ion batteries have a voltage range between 3.7 and 3.9 volts per cell (approximately 17v). Once discharged below 2.7 volts per cell (approximately 10v), Li-ion batteries won’t be able to produce enough power for a vehicle to start, even when boosted by another car. Once you’ve depleted your battery’s charge down past this point, you’ll need a jump starter that can boost the voltage back up over 12-13 volts in order to get things moving. That said, you should remember that if it doesn’t turn on right away after giving it a little push with a booster pack like im29 , then chances are the issue was never related to lack of juice in the first place (might be an electrical short in the charging system or something similar).

Features of the im29

  • Smart Battery Management System (BMS) :  The im29 smart battery management system is a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled unit that monitors temperature, voltage, state of charge and health of the cells to ensure maximum life and performance during both usage and storage. The system will automatically shut off when fully charged or at critical low thresholds so as to prevent damage from overcharging or deep discharge.
  • AC/DC Source Input: Dual USB output provides two type charging options for users, which can be used at the same time: IM29 Car Jump Starter’s 12V Car DC Input for jump starting dead batteries; 5V/1A USB port for mobile phones.

The im29 can be charged via USB cable or directly from a 12V car socket.  It is designed for people who are on the go and need to stay connected, so you’ll never have to worry about finding yourself stranded with a dead battery again!

  • LED Flashlight: With collapsible design, emergency flashlight emits 150 lumen which can works for 30hrs when powered by im 29.

Pros and cons of the im29


Advantage 1

Efficient and easy to use  – It’s an affordable, compact power bank with a built-in flashlight and multiple emergency features. The im29 can charge your iPhone (or similar smartphone) several times on one jump starter pack, and the LED flashlight can provide you with up to 30 hours of continuous light. This battery pack is very efficient in its design, making it a handy accessory for any roadside emergency kit. Also, the 3 different outputs offered by the device ensure that once your car battery has been jumped-started by im29.You’ll be able to connect an additional electrical device like your phone or tablet.

Advantage 2

Improved durability over existing models – The im29 is made from aluminum alloy material which makes it more durable and lightweight than other devices in its class. It also has a solid built-in cooling system, an integrated flashlight and is capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously.

Advantage 3

Digital display – The im29 offers you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your jump starter pack is fully charged (the battery itself can be fully recharged in just 4 hours). You’ll also know how much power remains after each use, which both reduces the risk of being stranded without enough juice to get going again as well as helping you keep track of your device’s charge level at any given time.

Advantage 4

Plenty of ports for charging various devices – The IM 29 comes with two USB output ports , one 5V/1A port for powering or charging low power gadgets like phones or smaller tablets, and one 5V/2.1A port which can handle devices that require more amps such as laptop computers, cameras, GPS units and even larger smartphones (iPhones and Galaxy S-series phones in particular).

Advantage 5

Perfect for roadside emergencies – The im 29 is a must-have device for anyone who spends any amount of time on the road . When you consider there are about 3000 car accidents every hour in the U.S . alone , it’s not hard to understand why an emergency jump starter pack like this one could be life saving. In fact, it has been reported that over 1000 lives were saved by similar products just last year!


The only real downside to this product is that, like with many other portable battery packs on the market, its lithium ion batteries are not replaceable . This means you’ll have to invest in a new device if the electrodes ever become damaged or start to degrade.

 Who should buy this product ?

Who should buy the im29?  Any road warrior who spends lots of time on the road and wants to make sure they have multiple options for charging their devices while away from home.

When will I get it?

The estimated shipping date is within 2 weeks after ordering on Amazon.

Where can you buy this product?

You can purchase the im29 car jump starter pack at Amazon or eBay .

How much does this product cost?  The im29 battery backup costs about $50. Though some sellers may offer a price that is lower than MSRP (manufacturer’s recommended retail price) so be sure to check around before making your final purchase!



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