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How to choose best Peanut butter makers machine for Home & Restaurant?

Your choice of Nuts flavors proves you to be more popular


Peanut Butter Making Machine provides the craft chocolate / Pea / Almond Nut Butter maker with more specific control over the Nut Butter making process that results in larger batches and reduced processing times. Homespun peanut butters are healthier and taste superior to store bought.

Why need to choose us?

Chocolatemelangeur – We are Manufacturers and distributors of Peanut butter Machines , Chocolate Mellinger, Cocoa Grinder, Chocolate refineries, Nut butter Grinder, and Chocolate Conche Machine for home and commercial purposes.

User Benefit features:

  • Efficiency, Storage
  • Electricity use & Power supply
  • Timer settings
  • Purchasing multiple grinders
  • Self-cooling features for the motor
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance

We deliberating our Consumers want choice. They’re seems for different flavors, added spices or innovative foodstuffs that offer health benefits in the form of extra vitamins. For considering that we offer some products with best offer on our Store>>

Wide Range of Collections on Nut Butter / Peanut Butter Machines:

Commercial Peanut Butter Machine, Nut Butter /Peanut Butter Making Machine beyond doubt for worth grinding your own nuts to make homemade spreads? For several reasons really is!  Fresh-ground nut butter…

Electra – nut butter/peanut butter machine


Specification includes high grinding speed and No pre-crushing for peanut, shrink production loss the most Low temperature grinding to protect nut nutrition and flavor.

Butter extractor machine  electric sesame maker

Electric nut butter grinder 65lbs/hr,1100w

Abrasive blade driven by strong 1.5HP

Nut butter of 1.5 lbs/minute and Easy to operate and Clean

Electra Chocolate Melangeur has the capability to refine cocoa particles down to less than 15 microns.

Electra nut butter grinder peanut almond pistachio sesame butter grinder

Noticeable aspect of NSF- certified and  makes spreadable nut butter from peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios and more.

  • Timer controlled or continuous operation
  • All commercial duty components
  • 5 HP industrial motor
  • Easy, tool-free cleanup & Stainless or red cabinet

Rhino grind nut butter grinder

Rhino Nut Butter Grinder

Our NEW RHINO GRIND Nut Butter Grinder is easy to use and maintain.  durable, space saving and provides enough power capable of grinding whole, or pieced nutmeat (peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc.) into a fresh, gourmet style, spreadable paste.

  • Powerful & Beautiful design
  • Safe and sound
  • Programmable Timer
  • Utilizing high quality component plus brand new technology.

Who can be a recipient

Nut Butter grinder used by the chocolatiers, raw food makers, Commercial Chocolatier, Home Chocolatier, Raw Chocolate Maker, Nut butter manufacturers, Raw food makers, Vegan Restaurants, Organic Food Manufacturer, Nutritionist. Keep reading to learn about buying a nut grinder for your store, or surf our selection online. Buy Genuine Products – Authorized Dealers and Direct from individual brand Industries.

Visit our exclusive Chocolate Melangers, Refiners, Tempering and Conching Machines. Book for Factory Prices; get best Residential and Commercial Peanut butter and Nut butter Machine for offer sale. For more info, Visit us at:

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