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Top 5 PC Games that have been Played Widely During the Lockdown

The top 5 PC games are not easy to name. You must evaluate a variety of games in this process. I did the same things. I made a compilation of 5 Pc games that were played a great deal during the lockdown. And, I have made this with the help of Google Search Console. Now, look at these most played games-

1. Grand theft auto vice city

Top 5 PC Games: Grand theft auto vice city

This game was really popular with children in the 90’s. Most of today’s players have begun playing sports. Any of them hooked themselves to it. This game can only be played on a PC. It’s so fun to play this game. You can only finish missions in this game, drive cars, run by the police, kill people on the road, and so on. You’ll be given a handset at the start of the game.

You will get instructions on the missions and all over the mobile phone. In order to do this, all possible properties, additional activities, and rampages must be obtained. Around 100 parcels are to be found concealed in various locations. You will win the game by doing all this. This game is also a perfect way to spend your time traveling the world. The game was seen as very believable in the 1990s. This game has an overwhelming amount of admirers you can’t deny. And so it is on the first position of our top 5 PC games list.

2. DOTA2


DOTA2’s a great game. It’s a multiplayer game that is online. This game’s numbers are much higher than other PC titles. The plan and action are full of this game. You just have to protect your old man or kill the older one of the enemy to win this game. So in the beginning, any hero you want to be from the hero adaptation can be picked and managed. You’ll have lots of decisions to make. You can do what you want. Other players who have already been taken cannot pick the same hero. Each hero has various abilities. Two teams of five players each play the game.

For both sides of a team, there will be some towers. To level your heroes, you must kill the opponent’s tour. You would even have to destroy the creeps and all. It’s just a fun game overall. Overall. For beginners, this game can be a little challenging and confusing. However, you will enjoy this game until you understand the technique. In addition, several updates are available in this game.

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counterstrike is a game that is a game for multiplayer. It’s a 10-player game in all. The game will be contested by two players. There are 5 players in each class. Half of the teams are militant, and the other is the anti-terrorist. It’s a chronological game. You’ll have to plant a bomb in every bomb spot if you play as a part of the terrorist squad. You have to cover the place before the bomb explodes. You will win the game just by destroying the adversaries.

But if you play as an enemy, either the terrorist squad must avoid planting the bomb, or the bomb must be located and killed. Or you might only kill terrorists in order to win the game. You must finish your mission in due course. With or without bots, you should train offline. When you win this game, you get a lot of money to get more weapons and supplies. If you really know the maps, you can be an expert in this game. To get a grip on the maps you need to play this game more often. Overall it’s a really fun and kinda realistic game to play.

4. Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2

Half-life 2 is an excellent game. This is a sequel to the first half-life game series. It definitely is the best PC shooter game ever made by a single player. You’ll be on a train or subway, whatever you’re saying at the very start of the game. You’re going to play Mr. G. Freeman’s character. You must leave the train at 17th city. The last stop is there. This game’s graphics are very satisfactory and believable. You’ll know for yourself once you reach the game.

This game’s artistic style is impressive. After the game begins, instructions are given on what is to be done. Basically, the zombies and monsters and the other enemies must be destroyed for human upliftment. In this game, Valve made excellent use of physics. It is too true to use mechanics. Although you do not like any parts of this game. Again no multiplayer edition is available. Yet it’s a magnificent game overall. And you have to try playing if you’re a PC game fan.

5. Happy Wheels Unblocked

Top 5 PC games: Happy Wheels Unblocked

The happy wheels unblocked is an online game. By playing this game you will get a lot of fun. From the name Happy wheel, you will see it. Graphical aggression is the main focus of this game. In this game, there are different levels and challenges. Perhaps the best game to play, if you like challenges. You can complete your game by hitting the end of your game stage. Here you have the luxury of choosing any vehicle you want to play. You face some kind of challenge when playing the game. Thus it could be a little difficult to hit the endpoint. The game becomes more challenging as the difficulty increases.

Often the end of the stage can be very difficult. You will die a lot of times while playing the game and find these deaths absolutely funny. On death, the screen all gets red with blood. But you might not like this game if you’re not familiar with all this abuse. Often due to Internet connectivity, it does not have sufficient service. This game is very practical when it comes to mechanics. Playing really is enjoyable. You have to play it.


Throughout the final I would like to say, you can try all the most played games if you believe you’re a real gamer. At least once you can play them to understand how they’re so popular and why we have added these to our Top 5 PC Games list.

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