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How Technology is Likely to Change the Future of the World

There has been a breakthrough improvement in technology that has been making the future even brighter. It has affected every sector, and it is quite hard to imagine living life without technology.

There are a lot of gadgets that you can use in your day-to-day activities. From smartwatches to robot cleaners, there are as many examples you can see around you. Technology has improved health and solved the problem of food shortage.

Apart from it, technology has made the virtual experience better. Many examples prove how technology has improved people’s lives.

Here is how technology is going to impact the world

This blog discusses how it is likely to change the future of the world.

· Artificial cornea to see the world

Vision impairment is one of the significant concerns in the people of this world. Some people are blind by birth, and some lose their eyesight in an accident or injury. There is a long list with the name of patients who have registered to have an eye donated.

Now scientists are making the extra effort to tackle this problem. A new type of technology is expected to help ophthalmologists to restore sight in patients with vision impairment. Six months ago, a surgeon in Israel implanted an artificial eye in a blind person.

It had been a successful surgery because the patient could immediately recognise his family and read the text. Likewise, last year scientists were able to develop artificial contact lenses that could rectify the sight of an impaired eye. Now scientists are also working out on wireless brain implants for rectifying impaired eyesight.

· Sutures to detect infection

When you got an injury, you need immediate treatment before the wound becomes infected. However, they will try to prescribe you medicines to heal during the inflammatory stage, so you do not get the infection, but the question is how doctors can identify when your wounds are being infected.

A doctor in Ohio has invented sutures that can change the colour when a wound becomes infected. The colour changes from bright red to dark purple because of your skin’s pH level. When a wound becomes infected, the pH level raises from 5 to 9.

These sutures can immediately send the notification to your mobile phone as there is a change in electric resistance. However, this technique will not be successful at all where there is no use of smartphones at large.

· Supercapacitor – a sweat powered battery

You will be surprised to know how far the technology has improved. A group of engineers have developed a flexible supercapacitor at the University of Glasgow that stores energy. These batteries can be charged with as little fluid as possible.

This device has a thin layer of polymer that has a coating of polyester cellulose. This cloth absorbs your sweat, and the energy is generated with an electrochemical reaction due to the interaction of positive and negative ions.

Although conventional batteries are a lot cheaper than sweat powered batteries, they are harmful to the environment. It is very difficult to dispose of them safely. Further, if these batteries are broken, they can release toxins onto your skin. All these problems are dealt with efficiently with a supercapacitor.

· Heart monitoring wearable

If you want to track your health, you can use a wearable. You may not know that a heart rate monitoring t-shirt can help you count palpitations. However, when it comes to a device, accuracy is everything. Heart monitoring t-shirts will give you an accurate record of your heartbeats.

This t-shirt has smart materials that can accurately determine your ECG and notify you whether or not your heart is functioning well. It uploads the entire information via Bluetooth or the cloud. Early detection of irregular heartbeats will be beneficial to save your life before it is too late.

Whether you are an athlete or a homemaker who slog out household tasks throughout the day, heart monitoring t-shirts are suitable for everyone.

· Soon airports for flying taxis will be made

Traffic congestion is the biggest problem in cities that you all have been facing for a long time, and this problem does not let up despite flyovers.

Seeing the constant rise in the traffic, it seems as if soon there would be no space left for the traffic movement. This is why engineers are trying to work on flying taxis and implementing this project Urban AirPort has started in the UK.

The idea of funding this project is to provide some space on roads so people can move freely without wasting their time in traffic. This new project will likely replace cars and vehicles with flying taxis to some extent. This will reduce road traffic.

· Autonomous trucks

Autonomous trucks are not just a recent concept. Logistics companies invest in autonomous trucks to ensure that all goods can be supplied to the desired destination on time without fearing any injury to the driver.

Another benefit of investing in autonomous trucks is that they do not get tired like human beings. They can supply goods round the clock. No drivers need to be appointed, so there is no additional burden in the form of drivers’ salaries.

Freight companies are working out on this project to find out if they will be able to have enough revenues, and if so, they will immediately upgrade the entire fleet. However, companies still have to ensure the safety protocol.

It is not just about the increased revenues but also about public property safety and people and vehicles moving on the road.

The bottom line

Technology is constantly changing the future of the world. Hardly will there be any sector that would go untouched by technology. For instance, people have adopted these changes, technology wearable, that they do not hesitate of taking out 24 hour loans Ireland.

In the coming years, you will see a significant improvement in technology. Undoubtedly, it is about to change the future of the entire world but in  a beautiful way.

Technology is about to change the future of the world entirely. This blog discusses how it is going to do that.

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