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Why We Need A GPS Tracker

Placing a GPS tracker in a car is the best way to get it back today. There are many occasions when the vehicle is left parked in public and crowded places. When the car has an efficient alarm system installed it is safer. But it does not guarantee that seasoned thieves can steal it just the same. There are more and more thefts of cars that have alarm systems, which are deactivated by thieves.

To all this problem is added the endless amount of paperwork that must be done before the insurance companies. For this reason, installing a GPS satellite tracking and tracking system in the vehicle is the most convenient.

Why install a GPS tracker?

The satellite GPS trackers are part of security packages that are hired to track the vehicle. GPS trackers allow you to know the location of the vehicle in real-time and receive warnings directly to the cell phone. There are apps installed on the mobile that is responsible for reporting the location of the vehicle

The security company keeps track of the vehicle on its monitors. In this way, you can notify the police authorities about your location in real-time, stop the engine, and disable the vehicle.

GPS tracker provides important advantages

According to recently obtained statistics, in Latin America, the recovery of vehicles by means of satellite trackers reaches 90% efficiency. The advantages of this system are very important to keep in mind:

  • GPS tracking equipment is very small and can be installed in a strategic part of the vehicle. They are generally places of difficult access. However, it is impossible for thieves to locate the tracker before the vehicle is found by the monitoring center.
  • The vehicle can be stopped from the same monitoring center. The people who stole it can’t do anything about it. Possible actions include stopping the engine by cutting off the fuel supply, locking the doors, or shutting off power to certain vital parts.
  • This system, in addition to private vehicles, is very efficient in the safety of companies’ vehicle fleets. Satellite trackers allow these companies substantial savings, not only for thefts but for the control of their own employees.
  • The cost of installation and monitoring of the vehicle is not very high, since it has an excellent cost-benefit ratio. These systems are operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are the best way to have the car safe.
  • Sensing an unauthorized movement of the vehicle, it sends an alert signal to the owner’s mobile. At the same time and always in real-time, send the owner a message via email, in case you do not have the cell phone with you.
  • It also alerts the monitoring center that, in the event of an emergency, it will take the appropriate actions, such as contacting the owner, notifying the police, or stopping the operation of the vehicle.

Install the tracker on the vehicle

Currently, the cars of the new models already come with the GPS integrated into the dash, so it is necessary to hire a company to install the tracker. Users cannot install trackers, although there are models that offer it online.

These models that are offered by the web, have the problem that they do not have transmitters and thieves have the technology to neutralize the signal. Once the vehicle enters a shed, the owner does not perceive the signal of where it is. By not having any monitoring service associated with the tracker, the vehicle is inevitably lost.

On the other hand, those installed by security and satellite tracking companies have transmitters that cannot be neutralized. It is very likely that the located car will be intercepted by the authorities before they store it in a shed. For these reasons, and the minimal cost in relation to the tranquility that it transmits. We recommend that you install a satellite tracker with a professional.

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