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Buying Guide For Soundbar

What to consider when buying a soundbar?

Slim, discreet, simple to configure soundbars, and a fully-implemented surround sound system can easily mimic the best soundbars under 5000 (for less dough and less effort). In this article find a buying guide for soundbar.

The variety of choices and the confusion of numerical suffixes can be difficult to work out which soundbar to pick.

  • A sound base is installed under your TV and sometimes integrates a subwoofer that makes your audio both more portable and more efficient.
  • However, some of the more recent TV stands have stretched legs that cannot be put without dropping down on a sound platform.
  • One alternative will be to put the sound base below the TV, but if the sound base is too far below the ear height, you would not get the best audio location.


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Soundbar Vs Sound base


The sound bars may be mounted at a wall or on a shelf above or under a TV at about 40 inches or longer. 


Find a broader stereo picture format for larger TVs (the spatial location of the sound). Consider one that isn’t bigger than the panel with smaller televisions.


In the main enclosure sound bars can contain two to five speakers from anywhere. Some have drivers who face out towards the sides of the room to create a larger field of sound. 


Most come now with a wireless subwoofer, which is almost out of reach anywhere in the room.


Sound base

Consider a sound base below the TV if your room is small. You don’t have to deal with wall installation or positioning issues. Be sure the base sound supports your set’s weight if you intend to change your TV. 


Make sure the TV’s base or legs are wide and deeper enough. (Some could be slender enough if their legs are at the sides of the screen to fit under a TV.)


Sound bases have speaker arrays as well, but most of the sound bases do not have individual subwoofers.


Plug & Play

In most cases you can attach a couple of sound bars to your room with a few settings and enhance sound for your room. 


Few input options, including HDMI, optical (Toslink) and RCA, may be available, but nothing compared to the sophistication of a conventional receiver. 


You have to sit down and study the insides and outs of about all to achieve the perfect audio result. There is a much easier sound bar.


Is there a soundbar going to work on me?

  • Soundbars operate in wide open spaces, but they are fine in narrower confined rooms, just a few metres apart. For entertaining lounges, but less useful for an outside wheel for a BBQ, a soundbar may be perfect.


  • It’s quick to set up a soundbar, just make sure you have enough space before or below your TV screen (they are usually less than 15cm tall).


  • If you use a subwoofer with a cable link, make sure that the cable length is enough to better place it.


  • Most models are now wireless, so you can position them anywhere you want in the room.


What else in a soundbar can I look for?



To connect a DVD or Blu-ray player, verify that the sound bar is paired with a digital audio connection or a stereo interface, like Toslink or Digital RCA. Ideal for HDMI input. 


The link transmits the video signal to the TV with just one cable through the sound bar.


Bluetooth connection:


A Bluetooth link makes linking your phone or tablet simpler, but you must “pair” your phone or tablet before this works.


Front display panel:

When you want to listen to music, a control screen on the front of the sound bar is very convenient without having a Monitor. 


Look for a model which can diminish or toggle it off when you’re not looking for the show, as if it’s too light it can be distracting.


Video Switching:

You can switch the video signal to your TV through the sound bar. 


This can only be seen on HDMI sound bars, minimising the number of wires from the DVD player on the sound bar to one and from the sound bar to the TV.



Some versions have an iPod dock, which is suitable for listening to independent songs. 


Find other versions that can also be used for playback with the extra analogue input (like headphone jack).

Streaming of music:


Built-in music platforms like Tidal and Spotify can be useful if you like your content. 


Installed networking uses the phone/tablet as distant rather than streaming through Bluetooth when streaming from the cloud via Wi-Fi to the soundbar. 


The audio quality and battery life can be improved.


Wi-Fi: Broadband internet connection:


Some versions stream the ante with Wi-Fi support, so that lossless audio can be streamed over a home network.


Wired / wireless speakers: 


Wired or wireless communication is provided in certain sound bars. 


It is often confined to a subwoofer, but a few model versions have provided “surround sound” support so that extra speakers sitting on the rear of the room can be attached to image 5.1. 


These speakers are offered as an extra complement individually or at an additional expense in packs.




In a wide space a soundbar with a specific (external) subwoofer can sound better than one not. 


A well-crafted subcomputer enhances the quality of audio while bringing the film feeling to your atmosphere. A badly produced sub however will adversely affect the sound quality.


Do I need special soundbar cables?

Most soundbars support popular cable formats, the majority of which are:


  • Optical Optical (aka Toslink or digital RCA)
  • CARs (the red and white stereo cables).


99 percent of electronic entertainment systems in your house should be used. 


If you have an ordinary set of ears and the differences between audio choices cannot be identified, HDMI or optical would be perfect for you (RCA stereo is a little long in the tooth and best avoided). 


However, if you want the best audio quality possible, you might need to use a certain form of cable.


Bottom Line


We believe this article helps you to know about the factors that you have to consider before buying a soundbar. If you are still confused, comment and we will try to reply back as soon as possible.

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