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How Much Does a Pudu Delivery Robot Cost?

Contactless delivery robots are now not just a thing to fantasize about. But it’s actually making waves all over the internet through its incompatible features and benefits for various business owners.

So far, we have been accustomed to different autonomous delivery robotsBellaBot, Pudubot, Nuro, Eliport, and others but we are still unaware of how these robots will benefit us. Moreover, whatever the case may be, one common question lingers in every viewer’s mind, i.e., how much do these robots cost?

Therefore, by watching the futuristic features of the Pudu delivery robot, people estimate its value to be over the bars. The starting price of Pudubots is $10,000. (Credit Information:


What is a food delivery robot?

A food delivery robot is an autonomous robot whose purpose is to deliver food and other stuff. The main idea of creating such robots came from the growing trend of e-commerce and takeaways. Besides, it is convenient to get ordered food at your doorstep or the tables.


Dimensions – 516 x 500 x 1288mm

weighs around 35 kilograms

Climbing capacity – 13-degree incline

Battery life – 12 to 24 hours (depending on the usage)

Speed – 0.5~1.2m/s (mostly adjustable)

Quick charging. Generally, take up to 4 hours to get fully charged

Can carry up to 4 or more orders at a time

Features of Pudubot:

  1. Pudubots are a battery-operated, self-driven carrier, an upgraded version of the existing machines.
  2. It weighs around 35 kgs and can travel at a speed of 5 miles per hour within a maximum distance of 16 kilometers.
  3. Pudubot uses ultrasonic sensors with high-resolution cameras for smooth control over the device.
  4. Battery lasts up to10 to 24 hours.
  5. It can take around 400 computer vision technology per day for obstacle detection and micro-location.
  6. It can provide food in both hot and cold conditions.

Benefits of using Pudubot:

  • Cost-effective:

By using Pudubot instead of human workers, your business will reduce labor costs. Also, the absence of middle men will make the food reach your doorstep directly from the kitchen. It saves time and money since one Pudubot can deliver up to 400 orders per day.

2) Privacy: 

This robot enables customers to get their food without having an employee see them and avoid embarrassment.

3) Delivery-oriented:  

Pudu delivery bots are designed for on-demand deliveries and can deliver anything from a cup of coffee to a carton of orange juice.

4) Fast deliveries:  

The robot can drive through a map, calculate the time and distance required to deliver a product, and choose the best route for delivery.

5) Durable:  

It is extremely durable and prone to damage and collisions.

6) Safe: 

Pudubot has a twin sensor system using ultrasonic that warns it if anything is approaching its left or right side, including people, bikers, pets, and so on.

7) Customizable:

You can customize Pudu delivery robots to suit your business type by choosing the hardware you want to have inside it.

Popular FAQs on Pudubot:

Are food delivery robots legal?

Yes. According to US state laws, food delivery robots are legal within the sidewalk as long as they yield to pedestrians and follow traffic rules.

Where can we use Pudubots?

Pudubot can be used by restaurants, coffee shops, hospitals, school cafeterias, supermarkets, parties, weddings, etc.

Do we need to register robots? 

Yes, registering your robot is significant. It lets the citizens and law enforcement keep a trick of the robot’s purpose. It also allows us to keep a record of the database and model number of the robot.

Does it have an alarm system?

Yes, there are sensors at the side that detect obstacles. Therefore, if anything or anyone is detecting around its path, Pudu delivery bots will halt automatically for a few seconds before

Can we rent food delivery robots?

Yes. Pudubot can be rented and operated for a day or more. For this, you may ask a robotic dealer for the details and prices.

Do we need insurance to use the robot?

No. However, it will provide all necessary documents and information needed by law enforcement if anything happens to your property as well as people around it.

Are food delivery robots customizable?

Yes, these robots are easily customizable. Generally, these robots have upgraded technologies- Pudu SLAM, Pudu Scheduler, and Pudu Cloud, which is customizable as per the needs and requirements of the businesses.

 What kind of robots are these? 

Pudu delivery robots are battery-operated, self-driven carriers. Besides, it makes around 400 deliveries per day which is twice as much as the human workers do.

Do we need to maintain the robot regularly?

Yes. For daily inspection, you can use a Pudu app which will trigger an alarm if there is anything wrong with our Pudubot.

What kind of batteries do these robots use?

These robots use lithium-ion batteries with an average life of 10-24 hours.

How many hours does it take to charge the robot?

It takes about 3 hours to charge.

Can it work at night?

Yes, Pudubot is equipped with a front LED light which can be used in dark places.

Can we use food delivery robots for marketing purposes?

Yes. You can use Pudu robot videos on social media channels to attract customers.

Does it have a camera?

Pudu delivery bot have two rear-facing HD cameras, which give you a video feed of your home, office, or any other place where you are using this robot.

Can the Pudubot do multiple deliveries in one trip?

Yes, Pudubot can carry two objects at

What kind of deliveries can these robots make?

These robots have a daily capacity of 400 deliveries. In this case, you can easily save money on labor costs and machine usage.


While some questions about the Pudu delivery robots still need to be answered, it is clear that this new technology has a lot of potential. Besides, with more testing and development, the Robotics industry should iron out the kinks and make their product even better. Stay tuned for updates on this revolutionary new technology!

Furthermore, for any inquiries and purchases of Pudu robots, you may contact Youkey, one of the best companies in the robotics industry. Also, let us know what you think about this in the comment section below.

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