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Digital Marketing

Create your e-commerce site

Create your e-commerce site: the 5 essential points for success


With consumers connected and who get information online before any purchase, having an e-commerce site has become essential for merchants.

Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to have in-depth skills in website development to create an aesthetic and effective e-commerce site, thanks to specialized platforms in the field such as Shopify , Woo Commerce, Magento or Prestation. .

That said, it is essential to set clear objectives and a defined budget from the start to put in place an impactful digital strategy, once the site is online. Certain tactical elements must be taken into account to generate enough qualified traffic , conversions, and ultimately, sales on your e-commerce site . Creating an e-commerce site is not an easy task! We reveal 5 essential  steps to know to create your ecommerce site.

Determine your targets: 

In order to generate leads for your e-commerce site, you must first know your personas, their behavior, their desires and their issues. To achieve this, 3 phases must be established . To be able to define your offer, you will have to ask yourself 2 questions: What do my prospects need, and when? :

  • The discovery phase : your persona expresses a problem but does not know the solution.
  • The evaluation phase : your persona has done research and has now identified his problem and is looking for solutions.
  • The decision phase : your persona now knows the solution that best suits him and explores his choices.

know your buyer personas

Get closer to your marketing and sales teams , they know your customers, their challenges and their expectations. If you are just starting out, think about the ideal customers you would like to attract to your site.

Do not take this step lightly! Take the time to analyze this data in order to determine the personas you want to target as a priority and which will be likely to generate maximum sales on your e-commerce site.

Knowing your personas is the essential step in setting up your editorial strategy  to generate traffic.

Be visible on search engines thanks to SEO

Natural referencing  corresponds to the strategy put in place to optimize the visibility of a website in the results pages of a search engine. The best known is unsurprisingly Google .

Indeed, it is essential to optimize the referencing of your website, in order to appear at the top of the ranking of Internet searches: 75% of clicks are made in the first 3 results 

Positioning yourself well on the Google search engine has become a permanent competition. Appearing on the first page of Google is all the more difficult as the American giant constantly reviews its algorithms. To sustainably improve your SEO , take care to optimize:

  • Keywords, your page titles
  • your meta descriptions
  • your visuals
  • your URLs
  • the alternative texts of your images (alt-text).

Google also pays attention to the speed of the pages, to the fact that they are secure (HTTPS), and that the site is easily accessible. You also need to prioritize and organize your content pages into topic clusters .

If you can’t be found on the web by typing generic keywords, you may have great products and impeccable customer service, but your chances of success will be lower!


Take care of the conversion tunnel of your website

How can your conversation funnel be optimized? Every businessman should ask himself this question. The optimization of your conversion funnel is a topic that has to be researched because it is a significant difficulty for e-commerce businesses.

A conversion tunnel (or conversion funnel) is an indicator of visitor analysis on a website. This makes it possible to “track” their behavior from the moment they arrive on your site until the purchase or cart abandonment phase.

The average shopping cart abandonment rate on a website is estimated at 70% according to the e-commerce site Mag . It is not uncommon to have such a rate in e-commerce and the actions you will implement to reduce it will be decisive.

How to reduce this dropout rate?


There are analysis tools on the behavior of its visitors, such as Google Analytics   to optimize your conversion tunnel and capitalize on the pages that interest your users the most, and on the contrary exclude those that do not bring added value.

Similarly, solutions exist to improve the user experience and facilitate navigation and shopping cart.

Checkout is one of the most important pages in a user’s shopping journey . As mentioned before, this is the moment when the latter will decide whether or not to buy your products or services. As such, your site must be secure and have a clear pricing policy. Delivery costs play a major role in the validation of the basket. It is even the first factor of abandonment.

Set up an email automation strategy

Marketing automation   (or automated marketing) will allow you to send the right message to the right person at the right time according to specific scenarios . For example, after an order the traditional thank you email.

But if you want to go further, it requires resources:

  • technical means : software like HubSpot  which also has the advantage of being coupled with a CRM 
  • human resources : analysis and operational management skills.

These emails  are sent automatically following specific actions by users: for example, a form submission, a visit to the prices page, the opening of a specific email, an after-sales service follow-up, etc. These emails are  awaited by recipients who have placed an order on your site.

You can also schedule automated follow-up emails . As mentioned above, there is a high rate of basket abandonment in the e-commerce sector and you can follow up on H+2 or D+1, for example, with the prospect by offering him a discount to encourage him to complete his orders.


Encourage your customers to come back 

The conversion of prospects into customers is a key first step, but their subsequent loyalty is also essential. Transforming your one-time customers into loyal customers , or even ambassadors, is the holy grail, so it is important to define a strategy to encourage them to re-purchase.

Many techniques can be integrated into your strategy, such as cross-selling offers offering the purchase of products complementary to those they have just purchased. 

Subscribing to the newsletter can be interesting lever to keep in touch with your customers and keep them informed. 

Qualification emails also help you identify the consumption profile of volatile customers and then adapt the offers you send them. 

Finally, the satisfaction questionnaires will provide you with information on what you could add to the experience offered to your customers and the implementation of a loyalty program is an interesting channel to give the customer the feeling that he is unique. in your eyes. 


These 4 tactics are essential to optimize traffic and sales on your e-commerce site . You must also offer a unique and irreproachable customer experience because this is the main motivation for a user today. Other tools and tips can help you optimize the experience of your prospects and customers.

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Thanks for reading this article.


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