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5 Assorted Varieties Of Hashtags Used For Social Media Marketing

Hashtags are in high demand now. You can even mark this as the most trending part of the internet, especially when you are talking about social media.

However, hashtags are not just about using ‘#’ prior to any word and adding them to any of your social media captions. It is about highlighting your keyword with a “#” and using them in your marketing caption.  

Marketers thinking about their brand awareness often optimize their hashtags and use them while creating any social media post on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other popular channel. Even if you find social media marketing services in Delhi, you will be provided with a hashtag marketing strategy that keeps you aware of the emerging trends and makes you stand out in the crowd. 

Now, before you speak about the marketing strategy using hashtags, we would like you to learn the different types of hashtags used for marketing in social media. Take a look.

5 Different types of hashtags that are used for social media marketing

  1. Branded hashtags:

    The most common hashtag that you can never overlook is your own branded hashtag. This comes in a short crispy form, easy to memorize, and of course, includes the brand name. 

Just research how the successful brands using their own brand name as hashtags and use it likewise. Even the customers use the branded hashtags to make the post visible to the brand itself, maybe you are unaware of it. 

Check out the posts on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter and learn how to use your own brand name as hashtags. 

2. Community hashtags:

Like branded hashtags, you can use community hashtags to showcase your brand and engage a wide range of prospects. Though termed as community hashtags, they even include the brand name in some form and are usually used by the customers themselves. 

Customers use a community hashtag usually on a picture that highlights the brand or any product of it. Brands finding their name on an image post feature the best one on its feed. 

Consumers are definitely a part of a larger community. Therefore, using the hashtags, drive more people likely to their community and benefit the brand with a large customer base. 

Apart from the customers, brands also use the same hashtag to find user-generated content and build strong brand credibility online. Usually, such hashtags are preferred while featuring any product, exhibition, or event. 

3. Campaign hashtags

: Are you about to run any social media campaign or maybe a contest to brand your business online? In such cases, campaign hashtags work really well. Do you know the benefit of using hashtags? They can be measured and help you determine the performance for which the hashtag is chosen. 

Hence, when you are conducting a campaign, adding hashtags related to it is very essential. This will help measure the performance of your campaign, giving you an insight into the targeted keywords and customer reactions. 

Campaign hashtags also carry a brand name in a form that reflects a slogan or a message. 

4. Event hashtags :

Hashtags are almost similar to the campaign hashtags that you can use to track the event performance including traffic generated, leads captured, and reactions gained. 

Event hashtags often include a start date and an end date, while some yearly events make use of the year itself to mark the event for that particular year. Year-specific hashtags make the event different from the one launched in the past. 

Event hashtags are used while announcing the event, going live in the event, and sharing pictures post-event. It’s indeed a great idea to bring up the brand in front of the audience in a trending way. 

5. Trending hashtags :

To make your brand viral or to flow with the marketing trend, trending hashtags are always welcome. It doesn’t matter what you post, if you add the trending hashtag it reflects your updated marketing attitude towards the digital marketplace. 

Adding a trending hashtag improves the brand exposure and makes it more visible to the searches whenever a relevant keyword is used in the search query. This makes the post-viral to the relevant searches, resulting in huge traffic generation using that particular hashtags.  

The Bottom Line

Social media marketing without hashtags is a meaningless approach. If you are concerned about your brand awareness and digital presence on social media, you should prioritize hashtags whenever you are posting content on social media. This will help to narrow down your goal and highlight your content on social platforms. 

Agencies offering comprehensive white label services including SMO often craft a separate hashtag marketing strategy for their clients. The strategy is based on business niche, business goal, and emerging marketing trends. You can check them out while approaching SMO experts. 

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