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Home Improvement

Composite Doors VS. Traditional Wooden Doors

Nowadays, there are two types of timber doors in the country, either you can get composite doors or wooden doors. This confuses many people because some people think that they are just two different names of timber doors and some people are caught wondering which one is better.

Since at Door Centre, we offer our customers to design and buy composite doors online, along with offering traditional wooden doors, we will be talking in detail about differences between each and the advantages provided by each of them.

There are lots of key differences between modern composite doors and traditional wooden ones. Compared to the traditional doors, which are made out of singular material like aluminium, wood, or uPVC, the composite doors are exceptionally dense and sturdy. Our composite doors are created out of several high-performance components to keep your property securer and warmer.

Although homeowners will be found feeling strongly about the design and advantages provided by both of the doors. The ones who choose traditional timber doors will give you the list of aesthetically pleasing traditional wooden doors look, but there is no doubt that traditional doors offer less endurance. Though traditional doors look great, they are mostly and only suitable for heritage or classical properties. On the other hand, the composite doors allow its users to enjoy modern performance without compromising greatly on aesthetics.

To make sure you make the well-formed decision about your home, this blog will take you through the comparison between composite and wooden doors.

Traditional hardwood doors

All the species of timbers can either be termed as softwood or hardwood. Hardwood usually comes from the trees like mahogany which are broad-leafed and deciduous. Hardwoods are named ‘hardwood’ because of the presence of pores in the cellular structure of their wood. The complex cellular structure of the hardwood makes it strong, stable and durable.  Hardwoods also have a great weatherproofing property, which is why they are widely used across the construction companies to make boats, windows, musical instruments and of course,  the doors.

Advantages of traditional hardwood

  • Aesthetics

There is hardly anything that beats the gorgeous appearance of hardwood greeting you at the entrance door. The stunning aesthetics of hardwood are characterised by charming and distinctive wood grain patterns. Consequently, making hardwood great for enhancing the aesthetics of heritage properties with an added vintage charm.

  • Very Long lifespan

Because of the fantastic dimensional stability, hardwood entrance doors tend to have a long lifespan. It has been estimated that a working lifespan of traditional hardwood is nearly 50 years and if proper maintenance is provided, they can even stay for a lifetime.

  1. Highly Stable

Hardwood also offers exceptional dimensional stability, which is caused by an inherent unique cellular structure in timber.

Composite door

A composite door is a hybrid of different strong materials to provide unmatched security, acoustic and thermal insulation. The composite doors provide incredibly great performance because they are created from solid timber core and frame, GRP layer, and high quality of foam insulation. Furthermore, they are very versatile when it comes to aesthetics, making them well-suited for every requirement.

Advantages of Composite doors

  • Energy Efficient

Since composite doors are composed of a solid timber core combination with high-density foam, they provide extremely good thermal and acoustic insulation. This helps to keep your space warm for longer hours without having you to utilise energy to heat your home. This potentially saves you from paying heavy bills and helps you save lots of energy at the same time.

  • Less maintenance

The composite doors are coated with very high-quality glass-reinforced plastic skin, reducing the maintenance need. Composite doors are relatively easier to maintain, as it requires only occasional wiping.

  • Highly Durable

The solid timber present at the heart of the composite doors makes them surprisingly durable. As a result, it serves as a barrier to any potential intruder, this makes composite doors ideal for upgrading the security of your home.

Are composite doors pricier than traditional wooden doors?

The answer to this question is, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ both. However, the cost of composites doors is nothing but fair, as composite doors are modern home improvement tools. Besides, they are available in a wide range of styles, that are fully customisable and can easily suit any home. Additionally, as composite doors are durable and robust, they can last much longer than traditional doors, thus making them a relatively affordable option.

Therefore, if you are someone who finds themselves usually too busy to care about the doors of your house because composite doors, in the long run, are a cost-effective investment. Though if you are a person who does not mind cleaning their doors, then traditional wood will do a great job.

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