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Best Free Software For An Online Video Interview

At least 67% of HR professionals use video interview software, and it’s pretty easy to guess why. Video interviews can make the hiring process easier and convenient. Both candidates and recruiters get the benefits of interviewing from anywhere and at any time.

With the rising popularity of video interviews, it’s a good idea to find some of the best free software you can use in your organization. If you are already using video interviews in your hiring process, you should consider switching to the best free software.

Top Free Video Interview Software List


Jobma is among the best video interview software that can help recruiters connect with the top talents globally. You can integrate this digital hiring tool into your hiring process, which will significantly reduce the time to hire. Automation ensures that repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be completed efficiently.

The biggest hurdle a recruiter has to overcome in hiring is to screen the applicant pool. You might receive hundreds of applicants for a single job posting, which means that you have to go through so many candidates and schedule several telephonic interviews. One-way video interviews can eliminate all these challenges and ensure that you can efficiently find and hire the top talents.

  • One-way and live video interviews
  • Customizable for employer branding
  • Eliminate bias in the hiring process
  • Collaborative hiring solutions
  • Reduce time to hire by 70%


TestGorilla assists recruiters in evaluating a candidate’s skills before inviting them for an in-person interview. It saves recruiters and candidate’s time by ensuring that they can quickly complete the virtual interview

  • Conduct job-specific skills test to find qualified candidates
  • Easily rank candidates based on their scores
  • Prevent candidates from cheating during the video interview
  • Easily manage and track candidates using the ATS tool
  • Send multiple interviews invitation with just one-click


Workable has helped several organizations to find and recruit the top talents in the industry. Recruiters can easily advertise their job posting on hundreds of platforms with just one click. Automation in recruitment ensures that you can hire quickly and efficiently.

  • AI-enabled technology to find the best-fit candidates
  • Advertise your job ads on the top job platforms with one-click
  • Receive real-time updates on the candidate’s progress
  • Fast and responsive customer support
  • User-friendly interface


It is a cloud-based live video interview program that uses AI technology to boost your recruitment process. Use the advanced tools to collaborate with your team and find the top applicants. Manage your schedule and candidates with the applicant tracking system to ensure that you can quickly organize the process. The candidate data will get stored on the cloud storage and provide easy access for your recruitment team.

  • Automate screening, engaging, and shortlisting applicants
  • Customize the video interviews with advanced settings
  • Easily manage your interview schedule with AI-technology
  • Test candidates on job-specific skills
  • Automatically screen candidate’s CV using specific keywords


ApplicantPro is an advanced video interview platform that will enhance your recruitment speed by using modern technologies. You can eliminate the traditional hiring flaws and create a faster recruitment process. AI-based technology also promotes efficient hiring so that you can find talented applicants. Create a strong brand image by promoting your business during video interviews.

  • Improves your recruitment speed with AI-technology
  • Find and hire better quality candidates
  • One-click job postings to top job platforms
  • Promote your brand with video interviews
  • Eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks


Now that you have checked the free video interview software list, you might have already decided which one you want to use. It’s crucial that you first determine your recruitment strategy and choose a software that perfectly fits the description. A professional tool can completely transform your hiring process.

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