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How to Conduct a Video Interview | During Covid-19

Given the impact of COVID-19 and current calls for social distancing, it’s highly expected that your next job interview will be a video interview. Instead of the traditional way of meeting recruiters, the digital side will control the recruitment process. The purpose of this article is to help you prepare for a video interview. Let’s learn how to be successful in your job video interview.

Video Interview Tips:

Getting a job is not simply based on a CV and a cover letter. Recruiters need to select the eligible candidate for the job. That’s why they arrange an interview with them. There are many types and ways of interviewing applicants, among them: a video job interview. This Interview is also based on two options:

A live job interview: as it tells from its name. This Interview is a live streaming meeting. It looks like a traditional interview, with the difference that it is done remotely, via an interactive video application: Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom, etc.

A deferred job interview: concerning this type of video interview, the candidate will record alone a video remotely and answer pre-recorded questions. The advantage of this type is that the candidate can make multiple recordings until being satisfied with the result then send it to the recruiter, who will watch the video on demand.

Advantages of a Job Video Interview

A job video interview has many advantages:

It saves time and money: applicants might put money on transportation, looks because of the journey from home to workstation costs. A job video interview is too economic compared to other types of interviews.

The record can be viewed at any time: the recruiter from their locations can interview many candidates and even easily record the interviews for reviewing them later if they are hesitating between two or three applicants.

Tips for a Successful Video Interview:

A video job interview is an essential event in your professional life. That’s why you need to follow some tips to ace the Interview:

  1. Video Tests and Apps

Take a test with the video interviewing tool. Download the program through which you will interview your recruiter and try it. You can practice using the communication program if you are unfamiliar with it. Download the application you need and a few days before your interview, do a technical test to make sure everything works.

Check that the sound and picture are working. Make video calls with a friend and fix any technical issues you may encounter. If the job video interview requires signing up to certain websites, make sure to have a professional username; if not, create a new account for interviews only.

  1. Technical Preparations

Remember to charge your device before the Interview. Make sure your computer is 100% charged and works without any difficulty. Don’t forget to provide a good internet connection. Choose a location with a robust Wi-Fi network. You can arrange to stand next to the internet box to connect your computer with a cable. If you are using a tablet, find a way to keep it working.

  1. Calm

It is not only about being calm without any stress. This involves the place in which you will make the video interview. Avoid anything that could interfere with the Interview: pets, bad sound, people behind you, clutter in the room. Put a note on the door to ask visitors not to ring the bell or shut your room door to avoid less disturbing effects.

  1. Be Ready and Focus on the Interview

Adding to the location, you should avoid any source of destruction and concentrate on your Interview. Remember to deactivate notifications from your email or social networks. Please turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode.

  1. Take Care of Your Dress

A video job interview is not a phone interview. You should care for your dress code as if you will meet your recruiter in the classical interview conditions. Get ready by wearing professional outfits from head to toe. Pretend you have a regular interview to know what to wear.

  1. Take Care of the Décor

In a classical interview, the recruiter is meeting applicants in his/ her office. In a video job interview, you are the one who is hosting the recruiter in your place. It would be best if you cared for the décor. Don’t make this meeting in your kitchen or a public place such as a Nescafé. Be careful not to leave distracting elements in the background. Make sure that what you see behind you is clean and tidy. Choose a quiet, neutral, and bright room.

If you can, sit in front of a window: you will have good natural light. Otherwise, install a lamp behind the computer screen to light up your face. Avoid standing with your back to a window. You will be against the light, and the recruiter will not see you well.

  1. Do some Research

If you can print the documents, you may need a CV, cover letter, job description offered, etc. You won’t necessarily need them, but you need to prepare them as the recruiter might discuss individual sections in your application documents. You can also prepare some questions you want to ask during the Interview.

Don’t forget to do your homework: find out about the company by consulting the career site, company rating sites such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn. Also, remember to prepare your answers to common questions that are typically asked all applicants.

  1. Smile

Here is one last tip for a successful interview. Remember that the first impression is decisive. So pay particular attention to the first few minutes. Have a friendly attitude. Greet your interviewer warmly and speak with confidence.

These were the top 8 video interview tips for a successful meeting. Thanks for reading the article, if you liked it please share it with your friends.

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