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Benefits of starting a VNO ISP in India

If you ever wished to start an ISP in India, you shouldn’t go for the traditional ISP License. Choose VNO License instead. It practically comes with the same perk as a traditional ISP – however at a smaller scale. However, a smaller, concentrated approach of providing high quality internet is what India needs right now. VNO License can help you do that.

So, what is UL VNO License? It’s a permission to start an internet service centre where instead of using cumbersome hardware, you provide internet services through Virtual Network Operator. In India, where the rise of internet have caused companies like reliance Jio to have monopoly over such services, a VNO license allows smaller players to step in and create a more competitive market.

In this article, we are going to dive into some of the more impactful benefits of a VNO License. Once you’ve read it, whether or not the license is for you, you can decide with the knowledge of those benefits.

It’s easier to obtain the VNO license as compared to an ISP License

If you go online and search for how to get VNO license in India, you’ll see more results than you would’ve if you’ve asked the same for ISP license. When you ask the question “how to apply for VNO License”, you get answers that can be condensed into the following points:

  • you incorporate a company
  • You file the application
  • You receive the letter of intent
  • You pay the UL VNO entry fees
  • You finally sign the license agreement with the DOT

If the above steps seem too much for you to handle, we’ll have you know that you won’t even have to lift a finger. You can let an VNO consultant to handle the process for you.

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NO requirement for a performance bank guarantee

Once you’ve successfully filed the application VNO license online, you receive a letter of intent. If your application was of a traditional ISP, you would have been asked to pay the following:

  • Entry fees
  • performance Bank guarantee
  • Financial bank guarantee

The “performance bank guarantee” binds the ISP and compels it to perform admirably both technically and financially. However, letter of intent doesn’t mention this cost if you’ve applied for a VNO ISP. The absence of performance bank guarantee gives you some room to experiment and grow your business without the Department of Telecommunication breathing down your neck with requirements that are too difficult to comply to. Lack of PBG reduces the overall UL VNO ISP fees that you, as an entrepreneur, should appreciate.

Reduced hardware requirement

One of the factors that make getting the VNO license such an attractive prospect is the lack of hardware requirement. Don’t get us wrong, you do need to have some hardware to provide internet access. However, they won’t be the major ones. As a bandwidth reseller, the telecom service provider who sells you the bandwidth will provide you with:

  • Network design
  • Central Server
  • And other infrastructure required to provide internet service

All you’ll need to provide is the hardware to maintain the above.

Low marketing requirement

While the competition in the VNO market is high, the marketing requirement is low. As a reseller, you can use your bandwidth seller’s brand to promote your own business.


As you can see, when you have a combination of benefits that consist of:

  • Easy filing: Where you can obtain the VNO license through online apply
  • No burden to perform perfectly because of the no requirement to pay performance bank guarantee;
  • And, reduced market requirement and high marketability with low effort, you can understand the starting a VNO is a winning strategy if you’re an internet service provider.

Don’t get us wrong, you do need to have some hardware to provide internet access. However, they won’t be the major ones. As a bandwidth reseller, the telecom service provider who sells you the bandwidth will provide you

So, if you want to provide the best internet services at lowest prices without compromising it’s quality, choose VNO license. And if you want so obtain the license quickly, at an affordable price and without compromising the deadline, choose Registrationwala.

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What are the benefits of start an VNO ISP in India? There are quite few of them. However, there are only 4 of them that you should care about. Read the whole blog so that you got no problem while filing for vno license. If you need any kind of assistance we are here to help you.

Vicky Kumar Gupta

Vicky Kumar Gupta is a business consultant specializing in nuanced business registrations. His current domains are payment gateway license and Bee Certification. He likes to inform people to get benefit fromSemrush Black Friday Deals.Through his blogs, he has been able to aid a lot of start-up business owners.

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