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How to Protect Your Home While on Vacations

People worldwide go on holidays and summer breaks, special vacations and travelling trips. The only thing they leave behind is their home, which deserves protection while the owners of the house are away. There are over thousands of overwhelming incidents of robbery and burglary when people are away on vacation. Here are some of the most authentic methods to secure your home on holidays. 

Home Monitoring System 

Home Monitoring System 

The first crucial step to protect your house is to install and upgrade your monitoring system. Advanced technologies have automatic and timer locks activated everywhere. Upon detecting a stranger on the doorstep or closer to the house’s boundary, it immediately signals the noise device or sends a message to the owner’s cellphone. Monitoring systems are of different sorts depending on the main aspect you want the device to focus on. Wireless fire alarm Manchester and wireless control systems London provide high-quality alert mechanisms. You can put up recording cameras as well along the monitoring system. Control all the functions, even call emergency numbers, through one cell phone. The more upgraded access control system you opt for, the more secure you leave your home behind. Get a home security system that can live record all the movements around the house. 

The Keys and Lockers 

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It is best to store your gold, silver and possessions in lockers. All sorts of pricey items, valuables and jewellery must be stored away before travelling. The keys to such lockers should be in the hands of a trusted relative while you are away. It is better to install steel grills for windows, as glass cannot protect your house. The house’s hideout key in your plants or lawn can be dangerous. Take it with you or it is better to give it to a family relative. Close and lock the backdoors, windows, fronts doors, garage doors and quick basement shortcuts for safety. Purchase high-quality locks for every door, that too from the access control system company providers. They can help you install the system all over the house. 

Regular Home Maintenance Procedures 

During the normal routine, there may be mailmen, gardeners, maids and housekeepers that maintain the house under your supervision. You can ask the housekeepers to protect your house while you are gone. Some family old housekeepers are trustable people who hand over the keys of your house in their hands. If you completely block the house from such normal activities, then a stalker or a thief can easily notice the absence of people around the place to break in secretly. Regular home activities keep things in balance. Ask the mail carrier to give the letters, parcels and postcards to the housekeepers or store them in the mailbox, if you do not have maids and keepers. Your friend or family relative can take away the newspapers and the mails on a weekly basis. 

Be Tricky and Up-to-Date 

It is better to install indoor and outdoor lights in the house, whether you are home or on vacation. This automatic lightning system turns on the porch lights and room lights on its own. To an outsider, it appears people are inside the house even when they are not. It is safer for house owners to leave their homes in the custody of such lock and light systems. There are automatic light sensors that detect movement and turn on by themselves. Such systems found online can be reliable to operate if workers themselves come to install it providing instructions and manuals. 

Manual Locks and Access Controls 

Try basic yet tricky manual locks on the garage doors. You do not want to lose your vehicles while you are away if burglars hack through the security system and steal them. You can put access control locks and keypads on the door from inside, rather than out, as it can be hacked. Try manual locks on basement shortcuts and backdoors if necessary. Do not let any door or window skip, it can be dangerous. Some of the advanced control systems can trigger a loud alarm to alert the neighbors or send an automatic signal to the emergency line. If you want to compete with tricky burglars, then better update yourself with technology as well.

Fences and Boundaries 

It is good to keep an electric fence around the house, with hidden electric shock lines under the bushes or climber plants. Keep a sign out for people unaware of this caution. There are time limits and timers for such fence protectors. Warn your neighbors and nearby friends about this. There are steel wire boundaries you can put up in the backyard. It makes it difficult to jump inside or worse, entangle with wires before the thief jumps. Such boundaries secure the perimeters of the house from a couple of feet and can secure the lawns and gardens as well. 

Social Interactions and Locations 

The burglars today are not old school, rather they work with technology, hack into systems and stalk the owners before they plan a heist. Updating your vacation on an hourly and daily basis can trigger their attention. They will know every movement you make without you knowing. If you have your location turned on, they can access that from satellite maps and easily pick up your current location. Keep a low profile these days and do not brag about any such details of the trip until you are back home. Every tricky thief is first a stalker. Remain vigilant about every step you take if you have a bigger family or a bigger house. 


There is nothing to worry about if you have guards, guard dogs and housekeepers around your home. However, after installing such access controls, you can monitor your house from afar and still be at peace. Once you have mentioned your vacation to your nearby friends and relatives, you can give them a spare key to check around every few days and go through the house maintenance. This was all about keeping your house safe and sound while you are away for the holidays. 

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