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White-labeling And Clone Solution Are The Two Pillars Of Your Food Delivery App Development

Well, in this reign of on-demand services, the food delivery service is the ruler. The rigorous expansion of technology has fueled the growth of food delivery services. Previously, it was only the Pizza delivery service that knocked at our doors. But, as years passed by, several cuisines started crashing in at our doorsteps. 

The food delivery service business is an excellent opportunity for business professionals and entrepreneurs as they can yield high profits with less investment. Less investment? Yes, there are clone app solutions available in the market that are budget-friendly. So, in the next 10 minutes, you will spare your time to knowing about the clone apps and white-label solutions.

Defining White-Label Food Delivery And Ordering Apps

In general, white-label apps are those that can be rebranded without any hassles. In fact, the white-label solution will acknowledge the owner with proprietary rights. Once the app developer builds the app and white-labels it, then you will be the sole owner of the app. 

Why Do Clone Apps Deserve All The Attention Of Entrepreneurs?

In general terms, clone means a replica of the original. Likewise, in the mobile app development industry, app cloning is the process of replicating an already existing app. However, the clone app doesn’t have to be the same as the original app. Quizzed? Clone apps can be customized by owners by adding different features and functionalities.

As said earlier, clone apps can cut off the development time and cost. But how? Since the clone apps are already built, you will directly go ahead with customizations. After you customize the app, it will be ready for launch. Cool, right? Further, let us see the benefits of adopting clone apps and white-label solutions.


The word cost-effective has become synonymous with clone app development. For example, you are going for an UberEats clone app. In this case, you will approach a clone app development company. They will have a ready-made app solution. You can just do the needed customizations and launch the app. From this workflow itself, you can vouch that clone app development takes less time. In general, the cost of developing any app purely depends on a range of factors like hours taken, size of the team, country, and the complexity of the app. Therefore, the lesser the time, the lesser is the cost.

Rebranding Is No More A Herculean Task

The process of white-labeling a product or service infers that it is sold to the owner without holding any property rights by the app developer. The app owner can customize the app with their product name, logo, and tagline.


In general, who doesn’t love personalizations? We prefer getting products personalized to our tastes. Likewise, in clone app development, you have the freedom to shape up the app or personalize the app according to your requisites. Isn’t this a great advantage? Since every business will have a different set of goals and target audience. In order to suffice your requirements, you will definitely need to personalize your app.

As far now, we have been looking at the benefits of opting for white-label and clone app solutions. Next follows the crucial section on the features to be integrated into your food delivery app. Here, let us take the best of the best food ordering clone app as an example. We will be looking at the features that are stitched with the UberEats clone solution.

Integral Features Paired With The Food Delivery App

Firstly, the food ordering and delivery app solution comes with three app packages. They are

  1. The Customer App
  2. The Delivery Person App
  3. The Restaurant App
  4. The Admin Panel
  5. Website

Track orders

Tracking lets your customers get updates regarding their orders. The tracking feature is a must in your food ordering app that will increase the credibility of your services among your customers.

Store pick-up

One of the recently popular options is store pick-up. Customers who wish to collect orders from restaurants can opt for this option.


People are becoming more acquainted with technology by preferring digital transactions. Other than the traditional cash on delivery option, considering adding smart payment gateways like Amazon Pay, GPay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc.,

Route Optimization

The live map will help the delivery persons to sort out the easiest route to the customer’s location. Here, easiest in a sense, the road that is devoid of traffic and also the shortest route.

Earnings corner

The total income gained from taking up deliveries will be recorded by the app. The delivery person can view his/her income in the earnings section.


Delivery persons can indicate whether they are available for delivering or not using the availability button on the app.

Summing up,

While planning your customizations, you must pay heed to the above-mentioned set of real-time features. If you integrate these features, you gain traction effortlessly.

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