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A Comprehensive Guide to React Developer Tools | Devstringx

Guide to React Developer Tools

1. Introduction to React Developer tools:

React JS Developer tools are the most commonly used tools, a Chrome Developer Tools extension for the React JavaScript library. These tools mainly allow the users to inspect the react component in Chrome Developer Tools. Just like the other components, these tools contain many sub-components within a component that gets rendered.

2. Usage of a React Developer Tool:

These tools are very much popular amongst the other tools that various users widely use for other such purposes. It is easy to make use of these tools as it speeds up the react js web development. React Developer is also used for debugging purposes that come in handy, and they are completely open-source. This tool helps the user to inspect the components, materials used, and other such elements in a React tree.

3. Activation of React development tool:

The most eligible way to activate a react development tool is to right-click on the current page and click on inspect. The browser on which the user is on will show the inspection window. The next step requires the selection of the react tab, which views the whole application’s component hierarchy.

4. Advantages of React developer tools:

  • It is search engine friendly (SEO).
  • With every toolset, there comes a handy and powerful developer toolset
  • React tool generally boosts productivity.
  • This tool is very popular
  • It guarantees stable codes and makes the developer tool easy.

5. Debugging react using browser inspector:

Firstly, modification or making changes in the code so that debugging the code can be done easily without any glitches. Secondly, open the code inspector of the user’s browser if it isn’t opened. The next step is refreshing the page to not face any system glitches during debugging. Fourthly, observing the code instead of running the application will further stop the browser’s execution.

6. Components used in developer tools:

React components tools in the react developer tool shows the ROOT components, which renders on the page. The components also contain sub-components that somehow end up rendering. The components are all situated at the ROOT TREE. By selecting one of the components in the tree, the user can inspect and proceed to edit the current props/materials and the state in the panel on the right. ReactJS supports creating reusable components.

7. Using development mode for development tools:

The user can click on the eye-like icon, which is present in the developer tools toolbar, which helps examine the DOM element. The first icon is shown with a mouse icon present in a regular DevTools icon; the user can hover any element in the browser user interface to directly select the react component that renders it.

8. Huge investing companies:

Facebook undoubtedly has put massive efforts into making ReactJS a powerful tool that eventually develops the UI of the web applications, making it more efficient and pleasant to use. In 2013, Facebook encouraged Android and iOS to use and improve the React JS development tool. Today’s ReactJS usage is the final result of the joint efforts. The ReactJS community supplies tons of valuable libraries that facilitate the React JS development process.

9. Narrow focus on User Interface:

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that contains a collection of tools for the creation of web application UIs. Unfortunately, ReactJS is not an all-in-one useful tool for creating a whole web application as it requires many props. Thus, using the MVC ( Model View Controller) design pattern to mobile application development, this development tool is only partially responsible for the view. Therefore, the narrow focus on UI and React’s developers is considered to be a disadvantage.

10. Development on a high pace:

The development of a React JS development tool has its pros and cons. Since the environment continually changes so fast, some developers do not feel very comfortable relearning new techniques of doing things regularly, which makes it a disadvantage of using the development tool at a high pace.

11. Securing the developer tools:

Facebook generally is not an open-source tool but React tools are an open-source tool. Therefore, there are chances of malicious code containing the user’s privacy infringing on React itself. The probability of such code existing is negligible due to the attention from the open-source community, but it sure exists.

12. The Easiest way to provide developer tools on mobile browsers:

ReactJS developer tools or other such tools are likely to be pre-installed in every safari (iOS) and chrome (Android) browsers. There is no requirement for modifications like plugging in USB or changes in settings.

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13. Safety measures for development tools:

It is completely safe to enable developer options onto the browser. However, these actions require access from the user’s phone settings. Some options might seem dangerous at first under critical circumstances, but they have to be explicitly enabled by the user because they cannot be activated automatically.

14. Turning ON development mode:

If the DEVELOPER MODE is enabled, the user can install a Linux operating system alongside the regular chrome operating system installation. When the user boots the Chromebook, he/she can browse the option of using Chrome OS or Linux, which completely depends on the user on what they choose.

15. Summing up:

The React JS development tool has proved to be efficient for creating interactive user interfaces. It is extensively used by a wide range of renowned websites, ensuring the safety and security required. There are numerous pros and cons the user needs to keep in mind while he creates any sort of web application to grow the upcoming business. However, the users must make sure they hire a professional with React developer skills who do the work more simply without making any kind of complications as it is time-consuming in the upcoming era.


Kamal Singh is a technical expert, a passionate writer, and a seasoned IT professional and who is working with Devstringx, a custom software development company. His role includes overall quality assessment and business development for Devstringx. He also holds in-depth knowledge of IT outsourcing services and remote hire of angular developers.

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