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How to attach a ski tube to a boat for a safe ride?

You must be aware of water sports like skiing, surfing, and other sports that involve being pulled by a boat. But did you know that you can enjoy such water rides together with your friends? Tubing is a prevalent activity among people of all ages.

It is an enlivening experience to share the joy of being pulled behind a boat in a ski tube with your best buddies. The fun is double, and if you are scared, you’re not alone. Further, if you are an adrenaline junkie, you can double up the speed and see your friends scream their hearts out.

Tips to have the best ski tubing experience

You can use multiple ski tubes and indulge in slow and steady riding or go fast and furious. However, to get the best out of ski tubes for a safe and fun ride, you have to attach the tube to the boat by keeping these two things in mind –

Different tube styles

You need to choose a tube size based on the number of people. You can go for one-rider ski tubes in the traditional inner tube style or lay-on. However, if you want to hop on with a bunch of people like kids, you can go for 2-4 passenger tubes. Many people find this safer.

You might want more fun if you are a bunch of adults. You can go for lay-on styles for a more thrilling and adventurous experience. If there are 7-8 people, you can buy two tubes and attach them to the boat. Make sure your boat is bigger and stronger in this case.

Tube line placement and length

After picking a suitable ski tube, you must choose a tube line. Ensure the tube line floats on the water, so it doesn’t get wrapped around the propeller. Take a strong enough tube line according to the number of passengers.

Further, ensure that the line has a good eye at the ends. You can easily attach this eye to the tube and the boat. The best part is that these tube lines are affordable. After picking the tube line, attach it to a ski bar/hook on the stern of the boat (you will find the boat motor here).

This will give height and angle to the tube line so that the water does not splash directly into the rider’s face.

How to keep ski tubing safe?

For a safe ski tubing experience, you need to keep these things in mind-

  • Life jacket – Wear a life jacket or personal floatation devices. It will keep you afloat if you topple over and fall into the water.
  • Quiet areas – Pick a peaceful and safer location for tubing. Avid traffic areas to avoid any accidents.
  • Tuber communication– Makes sure to communicate with the driver about the speed (faster, slower) and movement (start, stop, or to keep going)
  • Speed:The speed should be between 12-25 mph for kids. For adults, you can go above this range.
  • Essentials:Make sure to fill your tank, as the tubing is a fuel-heavy sport. Further, keep a bunch of towels and sunscreen, and lots of drinking water.

Wrapping Up

Tubing is one of Australia’s favourite outdoor activities with friends and family. You will find all sorts of water activities in Australian cities like Sydney, Goldcoast, Melbourne, etc. Grab a ski tube with the help of the above tips and attach it to a sturdy boat.

Wear a life jacket, and after you are done attaching, you are ready to experience the most fun-filled experience of a lifetime.

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