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6 Best Green Plant Gifts To Brighten Any Living Space

Best Green Plant Gifts

Gift-giving continues year-round, but somehow, we still find ourselves trying to figure out and acknowledge what our friend or loved one would like the most. Nowadays giving online indoor plants  is the latest trend and for valid reasons. Not only do plants help clean the air in your room, but they also help provide a calming environment, whether at work or at home. They bring life and greenery, especially if you personalize it with a decorative pot into your décor. And, of course, all of them have lovely aromas that will serve as  natural sanitizer for your space.

You may still be struggling to decide which plant gift is the best for your recipient, with so many plants to choose from. We are here to advise you on which varieties are best for gifting, whether you think your friend or loved one will be happier with a low-maintenance plant, or a more fragrant plant.

Bamboo Plant

It is said that the Lucky Bamboo brings luck and is a perfect choice for a special gift. The lucky bamboo offers a sense of tranquility for every occasion, including Diwali, birthdays, graduations, promotions, anniversaries, or Mother’s Day. The straight, dense bamboo stalks signify strength and harmony. The main stalks never grow taller, although the side shoots continue to grow at all times. For a soothing, peaceful feeling, put lucky bamboo plants all over your home or office. 

Money Plant

Money plants are a part of the creeper plant family. Their lush green and heart-shaped leaves make them so beautiful, making them one of the most favored green plants people keep at home. It is believed that when held at home or in the workplace, money plants bring financial luck and prosperity along with it.

Mixed Succulents 

Mixed succulents are another choice for busy individuals. Not everybody has time on a regular basis to care for a plant. While the other plants are simple to care for, minimal care is needed for the succulent garden. These plants are native to desert regions, meaning that very little water is required. Water is stored from their stems, roots, and leaves. The planting of succulents in a layered container makes it a special centerpiece for a desktop or shelf in your office or home. 

Kalanchoe Plant

Kalanchoe is a flowering, succulent herb, which makes it an ideal natural air purifier. There are several different colours available for the Kalanchoe Plants, so select the color that matches your home decor and add to its beauty. It requires less water and little sunlight. It will clean the ambient air and make you feel better while relaxing your muscles and relieving pain and cough.

Jade Plant

Need a gift from easy-care plants? The Jade Plant is a succulent plant, making it a tough and appealing choice. This plant grows rapidly and is also regarded as a money plant. So this little succulent could be for you or your friend if you need any link between a fast-growing plant and your bank account. Traditionally, they have been given as wedding gifts and housewarming gifts, where you can wish the receiver good fortune. 


Throughout the year, these extremely hardy houseplants bloom and are ideal presents for people who like a smash of color without having it overtake the room!  Keep in mind that most flowering plants like brightly illuminated environments, so order plants online to someone who can provide the right light.  Although, these plants will last a long time and will surely outshine any cut flower in darker areas!

Indoors plants render thoughtful gifts. Houseplants in any space will offer elegance, character and lush greenery. For space, the right plant may set the tone and help create the look. Plants also need much less attention. So get and gift for all your loved ones with the best house plants.

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