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What are the benefits of IPV6?

People who are unaware of IPV6 need to know it is the next generation internet protocol IP address. It needs to replace IPV4, which is uses for internet services. These days, every computer, mobile phone, IoT sensor, and other internet device requires numerical IP addresses to communicate between other devices. With IPV6, it’s pretty simple to configure the various types of switches such as Cisco Catalyst WS-C2960X-48FPD-L. Here in this article, we will share the benefits of IPV6, which is essential to know for everyone.

Effective routing

IPV6 reduces the sizing of routing tables and makes routing even more efficient and hierarchical. IPV6 allows an aggregate of the customer’s network into a single prefix and makes it to most IPV6 internet because It is for using the simple protocol for discovering maximum transmission unit.

Effective Packet processing

With IPV6 simplified packet processing would become easier and efficient. Getting rid of IP level checksum is possible with most link-layer and, technologies that already contain checksum and error-control capabilities. The majority of transport layers that handle end-to-end connectivity can enable error detection.

Directed data flows

IPV6 supports multicast rather than broadcast. Multicast increases intensive packet flows, which is an end to multiple destinations simultaneously. Directed data flow saves network bandwidth. Disinterested hosts no longer process the broadcast packets. IPV6 header has a new file named flow label to identify packets belonging to the same flow.

Simplified network configuration

A host can generate the IP address by appending its link-layer address, a 64-bit format with 64 bits of local link prefix. The router will send the prefix of the local link with router details.

Supports new services

Peer-to-peer networks are much easier to create and maintain services and the Quality of service has become more robust. IPV6 eliminates Network address translation to ensure the right kind of end-to-end connectivity.


IPv6 ensures better Quality with confidentiality, authentication, and data integrity. IPsec can easily implement it over the IPv6 packet. Corporate firewalls mostly block IPV4 packets, but IPV6 permits and implantation of the Internet control message.

Why is upgrade essential to IPv6 address?

Transitioning to IPV6 is essential for the internet. People who don’t upgrade the communications mediums will be stuck at a slower speed. Websites engineered to run with IPv6 connectivity will help communicate with businesses or households on IPv4 connectivity because IPv6 protocols represent the next generation for networking protocols. They are evolving internet connectivity through multiple devices from computers and mobile phones. Nowadays, companies are still looking for IPv4 packet data in IPv6 format. It provides the bridge gap between these two communication channels.

How IPv6 is supportive of the growth of the internet?

Internet protocol is being considered one of the support of the internet, and it acts as the network layer protocol for the internet because IPV4 is still used in various internet engineering tasks. IPV4 is outdated because of its design and needs some modification for its development. IPv6 is formed in 1994 and you might have seen the exact change from IPv4 to IPv6 which is the actual address. IPv4 is a 32-bit long address that is mostly formed of a network and host parts. IPv6 address is 128 bits long and typically the host portion of the address is directly detect from the MAC address. This expansion gives the flexibility for address allocation and routing traffic needs to eliminate the need for network address translation.

Do you know about IPv5?

Many of you must be thinking about why you people are always thinking about IPv4 and IPv6. Why do we skip IPv5? It decided to go with an outrageous amount of IPv6 to worry about IP addresses again.

What are the disadvantages of IPv6?


IPv4 and IPv6 machines are unable to communicate directly with each other in rare circumstances.


Transitioning the process is slow and tedious from IPv4 to IPv6


Understanding IPv6 subnetting would be much more difficult with its own and complex to memorize IPv6 addresses.

These are the few things that everyone needs to know about IPv6 because it is a protocol for the systems uses to differentiate computers on a network for routing traffic across the internet. Cisco WS-C3850-24XU-L Catalyst 3850 Switch is very much easier to enable. Just change the SDM template and reload. Whatever template you want to enable, either ipv4 or ipv6, and configure this. The switch supports IPv6 unicast addresses, and it doesn’t support anycast addresses and multicast addresses.

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