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Ways to Transform Your Cybersecurity Posture

Cybersecurity in India

In this world, where everyone lives online, it is challenging to secure your activities and data. For instance, if you upload a picture on Instagram with your location, anyone can track you down. In the digital era, people uploading what they eat in a day, share what they do in their daily routine and others have got the path to knowing everything about the other person.

The concern is even more significant with businesses. All the thriving organizations of all sizes face cybersecurity threats at many stages. According to the Economic Times, there has been a rise of 25% in companies’ cyber threats in India. Leave the businesses aside, according to the Ministry of electronics and information technology, nearly 7 lakh people in India faced cyberattacks in 2020.

Cyberthreats may vary from stealing the data to hacking smartphones or laptops to companies facing downtime or operational efficiency loss. Therefore, it becomes essential for the business leaders to invest in cybersecurity services because when a breach happens the shareholders, customers, managers will be thankful to the executives that they invested in the best services and were not just dozing off on the keyboards.

In this blog, we have outlined everything about cybersecurity postures and how an organization can transform them.

What is cybersecurity posture, and why do you need cybersecurity services to protect it? 

Cybersecurity posture is a term used in organizations and refers to a company’s overall cybersecurity strength against cyber attacks. It means the security of your IT landscape and how vulnerable it is to outside threats. An organizations’ cybersecurity posture encompasses security policies, security solutions deployed against anti-virus and malware, training programs. In a nutshell, the collective security status of all the hardware and software, networks, information, and services in an organization leads to a healthy cybersecurity posture.

The landscape of cybersecurity is changing rapidly, and if companies cannot keep up with it, they will doom with cybersecurity threats. To stay in the game and fight cyber threats, it is crucial to employ a cybersecurity expert for a simple assessment and know where you stand.

Ways to transform your cybersecurity 

  1. Build a strong team:

    Building a strong team that is wholeheartedly dedicated to monitoring an organization’s cybersecurity is essential. The team will stop the potential incidents before they happen and help you achieve strong online security.

  2. Start a training program:

    It is imperative to spread awareness against cybersecurity threats. Providing information should be on the annual list of every company. When you give all your employees timely training, you move one step forward in establishing a robust defense system against cybercrimes. According to data, 90% of the corporate data breaches in the cloud due to the employees’ actions. Therefore, you really can’t blame the cloud provider!

  3. Do check in regularly:

    The cybersecurity world introduces new standards now and then, so it is essential to update and monitor the cybersecurity posture. Cybersecurity regulations need to be changed on regular basis. Why? For instance, a hacker is trying to hack a company’s primary system and fortunately, the company was able to fight back with a robust cybersecurity system, then next time the hacker will try to penetrate the software to get the data. Therefore, it is vital for the companies to always be ready because they will do anything to breach in.

  4. Monitor the third party invasion:

    It is vital to monitor third party invasions to prevent unwanted sources from breaching your data. It is essential to use a monitoring system to ensure the integrity of critical IT assets. Whenever a change is detected, the system captures it. In addition, it gives a detailed audit that entails what changes and dangers the foreign source contains.

  5. Secure internet access:

    The Internet is the backbone of any business and after COVID-19 internet has become essential for every business. Ensure that you use a restricted internet, use the connection for emails, meetings, contracts, or in every aspect where the internet would be needed. Make sure you employ a web proxy, filter, or internet traffic access solution to review that internet is serving the intended purpose. But, if you don’t have such software, make sure you purchase the internet filtering solution to thrive your business. At last, the best thing will be to remove the unrestricted internet access from the servers.

  6. Create strong Passwords:

    Have you seen the movies where people steal the data from companies’ computers by simply putting passwords? Well, this shows that if you have predictable passwords, hackers can steal the data. It is a common myth that biometric or facial authentication can keep your data safe. It is very vital to use a multi-character, difficult to guess the password to save your data. For instance, if you use companies’ founding dates as password hackers can easily assume it, therefore try to use something totally out of the blue.

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The Bottom Line 

Maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture is very important for every organization. As people have begun to trust companies to form a healthy cybersecurity posture, you must trust a credible company to share private information.

Sattrix Information Security provides the best cybersecurity services and can help you understand your cybersecurity posture and make it strong by employing all the updated cybersecurity methods.

Bhavik Patel

Bhavik Patel – Regional Head at Sattrix Information Security – Cybersecurity and Managed Security Services provider company. He has 20+ years of experience in hardware and networking. He usually writes and shares knowledge based on managed security services, MDR, managed SOC, threat hunting, etc. for Healthcare, AutoTech, Telecommunications, Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), IT sector companies.

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