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Why you study public relations?

After the tremendous growth of social media and communication technology, the study of public relations and

knowledge of its departments has become one of the distinguished university majors, and it has gained great

demand in the recent period, due to the important role that its specialists play in institutions and administrative and

professional environments, which made it one of the necessary departments that are not Indispensable in any institution.

public relations
public relations

Why you study public relations?

The public relations specialization is one of the indispensable administrative functions in any institution or company

for its vital role in promoting the institution and maintaining its reputation internally and externally among the

public and customers. What role does this play in the development of the work of the institution and the dedication

of its success among competitors and the creation of a positive image that reflects this success of the institution.

Therefore, it is considered one of the common professional specializations, which in recent years has witnessed and

still is an increasing demand for studying and working in it.

Studying in the field of public relations usually includes a set of lectures and seminars that deal with problems and

ways to solve them by sharing ideas among students.

The Public Relations major is considered the most important job position in the organization, which is concerned

with the continuous efforts in establishing and maintaining the image of the organization and understanding and

communication between the organization and the target audience through continuous planning.

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Definition of public relations:

Public relations is the link between the institution and its internal and external audience, and works to increase

technical progress, especially in the various media, as it has a key role in increasing the effectiveness of the role of

the media in society. In order to achieve the objectives of the institution, taking into account the values, social

standards and laws existing in society.

Public relations is a marketing activity, the public relations officer assumes the social responsibility of the

institution, and helps to develop the programs in it, and works to create different two-way communication methods,

in order to increase for EX : the growth of the zadedu institution.

The importance of studying public relations:

The opportunity to work with diverse people. And work in different levels of working conditions.

The Public Relations major establishes the student for creativity, supports his innovative ideas, broadens the

horizon, and makes his vision of things deeper and more accurate.

The student learns the skills of prioritizing, influencing and thinking ways to find appropriate solutions to the

problems he faces.

Identify ways to communicate with the target audience through various means.

The study of public relations aims to provide the student with evidence of human communication with society,

including an understanding of human feelings and ways of dealing with different personalities.

The Public Relations major aims to provide students with the knowledge to be able to create their own business,

methods of implementing posters, videos, and methods of creating photographs.

Public Relations provides students with the skill of collecting and analyzing press releases, publishing blogs, and

ways to use all available capabilities to suit the nature of work.

The Public Relations specialization, and through the training materials in it, works to provide students with factors

of self-confidence, personal development and improvement of public speaking skills, delivery and analysis, and

enhancing self-confidence.

Public Relations Specialists:

They are public relations graduates who possess technical, technological and media skills and knowledge, and hold

different titles such as: communications specialist, public affairs specialist, media specialist. Each is equipped with a

PR degree and the strong communication and promotional skills needed to manage the reputation of important

clients, influence media opinion, build professional public relations and work alongside journalism.

Types of public relations:
  • Media relations or relations with the media
  • community relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Public Affairs
  • Crisis Management
  • Social media
  • Employee Relations
  • Integrated approach to marketing and communications

Public Relations Courses:

The public relations degree path is often part of a university’s School of Journalism and Communication, so public

relations majors can expect to take some classes alongside journalism or media studies majors.

University compulsory and elective requirements: social sciences, political sciences, economics, technology, health,

communication skills, management skills, human rights and psychology

Compulsory and elective majors requirements:

These requirements include many subjects, including an introduction to the media, news in the media, public

opinion, political science, written editing, persuasion, communication theories, style, text analysis, social

psychology, international media, the foundations of public relations, international public relations, the organization

and management of public relations, the production of media and technical materials in public relations, a study

Advanced cases in public relations, organizational communication, and public relations in crises and emergencies. In

addition to courses in contemporary media issues, scientific research methods in media, computers and the Internet

in communication, principles of marketing, planning public relations programs and campaigns, writing in public

relations, principles of ethics in public relations, advertising and public relations tools and methods.

The classrooms are interspersed with training materials and graduation research, so the public relations

specialization is a mixture of theoretical sciences and work Applied ya.

Number of years specializing in public relations:

The duration of the study is four years to obtain a bachelor’s degree in public relations

Fields of employment in the field of public relations:

The jobs that can be worked in are related to the experiences the graduate acquires from his continuous work in

institutions, where he can work first in the reception and customer service departments.

After years of experience, he moves to work in several fields, including:

Hospitality, which is based on receiving guests and providing them with various services.

Organizing events for the organization

Organizing activities such as conferences and corporate communication for the institution

Preparing for internal or external meetings

It is possible to work in the journalistic fields by performing journalistic media tasks such as drafting and publishing

news and interacting with the media and social media.

Work in public relations for colleges, universities and school systems, Work in Chambers of Commerce

Work in governmental or non-governmental organizations or NGOs and non-profit organizations.

They can become public relations managers, managing teams of public relations professionals.

Can work in media production

Functions and responsibilities of public relations specialists within the organization:
Public relations functions and responsibilities include the following:

Develop communication and communication strategies with the various bodies of institutions, official bodies and

clients to ensure the achievement of the company’s goals and what the management aspires to from each side, and

work to implement them.

Securing an effective communication environment between the organization’s employees themselves, and between

employees and management, and between different departments and work teams, to ensure that everyone is aware

of all the details of the company’s work, its objectives, what it aspires to achieve, and its current position in the

market and among competitors.

Communicate with journalists and various media agencies when needed and provide them with information and

data that ensures the best possible image of the institution.

Dealing with the various official bodies and the media in times of crises and emergency problems that may afflict

the institution and clarify the truth of what is happening in a positive way, to leave a good impression on the

institution and reduce the negative impact that can result from any problem or crisis.

Collaborate with marketing professionals in the organization or company to work together to achieve and

implement the specified marketing strategy and reach the marketing objectives.

Working to solve the problems and obstacles facing employees, in order to ensure the provision of a positive work

environment that is encouraging and motivating to work progress and move forward according to the drawn plans.

One of the tasks of the public relations specialization is to provide the clients of the organization with details and

information and to answer their inquiries to ensure their satisfaction with the company and its work.

Dealing positively with any event or detail that may harm or affect the organization’s reputation and image with

clients, customers and the public in general.

These were the main tasks and duties assigned to those working in the field of public relations in any of the

institutions, departments or companies. However, the public relations officer does not necessarily have to work on

all these tasks, but the nature of the tasks that may be imposed on them varies according to the institution, its field

of work, the nature of its audience, and the market in which it is located. The tasks that a public relations officer in a

tourism company works on are different from those of a public relations officer in a media organization or in an

industrial company.

The relationship between public relations and marketing majors:

There is a close connection between the two disciplines, and in many institutions and companies, these two

departments work side by side with the same goals and rules to reach common results. Public relations specialists

cannot succeed without effective marketing efforts that achieve benefit and benefit, in addition to that their

functions often include marketing and brand promotion, which is one of the tasks of marketing specialists, and it is

important that there be cooperation and communication between the two areas in organizations.

Public Relations is a very competitive field and a degree is highly a must. Studying Public Relations provides

professional knowledge and practical skills in client management, media communication and ethical practice.

By the end of the undergraduate degree in public relations, the student will be able to create press releases, collect

data at the request of the media, identify the target audiences and determine ways to reach them, prepare answers

to questions posed by the media, and help clients to correspond appropriately. With the general public, successfully

supporting the client’s public image through logos and banners, assisting corporate managers by drafting speeches

and coordinating interviews, researching and evaluating aspects of advertising and promotion for a client company

to check their consistency with public relations initiatives, contributing to fundraising efforts by identifying support

points financial potential, apply for and contact grants, and organize ceremonies and events to help foster good

relationships between clients and the media.

The public relations function is an organized administrative function, and public relations is concerned with

reaching the target groups. It is also considered a marketing profession that aims to achieve the requirements,

programs and objectives of institutions.

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