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Everything you need to know about the Minibus Driver Course!

If you are organizing an event that requires transport then Minibuses are a convenient option for it. These buses are perfect for small groups and are affordable too. When hiring a minibus means that you don’t have to deal with the inconveniences of public transport or book loads of individual cabs that help to get you from A to B. These minibuses are bound to take a lot of the stress out of your event and you can attend your event relaxed on time. This article helps you in clearing some of the facts and information about minibus course. Thus, you don’t’ have to widen your search and looking for the answers you need. Here you can read and find out how to become a minibus driver.

Who can legally drive a Minibus?

The Drivers who have been awarded their driving licence will automatically have the D1 entitlement and this allows them to drive a minibus.

However, some drivers have passed their car driving test and are still able to drive a minibus that can carry up to 16 passengers in the UK with a standard B car driving licence. It also depends on whether they meet the criteria set by GOV.UK.

1: You must be at least 21 years old.

2: The person must carry their driving licence for at least two years.

3: You meet the Group 2 medical standards if you are above 70 years of age.

4: Remember that you are driving voluntarily and the minibus is used for social purposes by a non-commercial body.

5: The maximum weight of the minibus should not be more than 3.5 tonnes and it should include the specialist equipment for disabled passengers like for example a wheelchair ramp.

6: Try to remember that you are not towing a trailer.

If you are considering driving a minibus then it is essential to check whether it contains licence authority in the particular country or is it legal that you will be able to drive a minibus in the country.

If you are looking for opting Minibus driving course then firstly a driver should be able to drive a minibus having more than 16 passengers or should have a D1 licence.

In order to obtain a D1 licence, the drivers will need to gain medical clearance from their GP Pass a two-part theory test. They will also need a 90-minute practical test while driving a category D car. So, it is recommended to have lessons with a professional driving instructor and to source D1 test papers you need to study before attempting the test.

Steps to Obtain a PCV licence

If you are looking to professionally drive a minibus in the UK then a PCV licence is needed and there are four steps to obtain a PCV licence:

1: Theory test: In the Theory test, the test is divided into two sections: a 100-question multiple-choice question and a hazard perception.

2: Case Studies: A several case studies needed to be worked on by answering 6-8 multiple-choice questions.

3: Driving Skills: The drivers are expected to demonstrate their capability of safely maneuvering a bus on public roads.

4: Practical Demonstration: In this, the examiner will assess the candidate based on their working knowledge of at least 5 topics from the Driver CPC syllabus. This will also examine your verbal explanations as well as physical demonstrations.

Technically, you need to meet all the given criteria if you want to drive a minibus:

1: You must be driving the minibus voluntarily.

2: You should be over the age of 21.

3: You should contain a full driving licence for 2 or more years.

4: If you are above 70 years of age then you need to meet Group 2 medical standards and that must be registered by a medical practitioner.

5: The maximum weight of the limit should be 3.5 tonnes or 4.25 tonnes and should be fitted with a passenger lift/ramp.

However, if you are planning to hire a minibus for commercial service or work purposes then you will need a D1 licence for your business in order to stay legally compliant.

How you can get a D1 Licence?


Usually, it is not tricky to get a Minibus Licence. So, if you need to obtain a D1 licence to hire your minibus then here is a list of steps that you will need to take:

1: You first need to make sure that you meet the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence or driver CPC requirements.

2: You just need to fill out the forms so that you can acquire a category D1 provisional licence and these are available online on the Government DVLA website.

3: You need to pass your medical examination which can be undertaken by your local Group professionals. It proves that you are healthy enough so you can drive a minibus with up to 16 passengers.

4: You will need to pass your D1 theory test as well as your practical driving test.

So, if you are hiring a minibus for commercial purposes then you will need to ensure that you have permits for driving the Minibus Provisional Entitlement and the public service vehicle operator licence.

Final Words

In the end, we can say that many people want to drive a minibus and to drive these buses you will need a professional licence.

Also, you will need to meet the required standards for safety and professionalism. For that, you need to get a provisional entitlement to drive a minibus and it is also known as PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) licence.

Once you have that then you will also need a Public Service Vehicle licence. When you obtain both these licences then you will need to go through some professional training and undertake several hours of driving practice.

While driving the minibuses, you need to ensure that you are competent and safe to drive a minibus for professional purposes. If you are seeking how much does the minibus test cost then you should know that the cost of minibuses varies depending on the size of the minibus.

If you hire 9 seater minibuses then it will roughly cost you $75 per day. On the other end, if you have 17 seater minibuses then it will cost you $110 a day.

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