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Why The Sikh Community Is Save In Pakistan?

When it comes to worldwide rankings, Pakistan is the fifth most populated country, 33rd largest country, and the top 3 most potent Islamic countries in the world.

With over more than 20 crores of population, there is various religion, and ethnic group peacefully lives in this country.

If we count the percentage of religions lives in this country, so almost 95% are Muslims. Aside from that, the other 5% contains different other faiths, including Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs.

If we mainly talk about the Sikh community, so there are almost 50,000 peoples who belong to Sikh religion lives in this country since a lot of time.

Among the 50,000 peoples, most of them were living here since the independence of Pakistan. However, in the past 30 years, a massive population of Afghani refugee Sikhs is also migrated to Pakistan and living in Peshawar and Lahore.

In the four provinces of Pakistan, peoples from the Sikh community are living mostly in the KPK, Punjab, and Sindh Region. The majority of these Sikh community peoples are either doing business, trading or working as a civil servant.

There are various Gurdwaras and historical places of Sikh Community that is still preserved and actively working for various Sikh events. An individual committee is also working with the Pakistani Government to maintain and guard religious places for all the Sikh community living in Pakistan and across the world.

When it comes to minorities, Pakistan always supported not only Sikh but all other non-Muslim religions within their intellectual property.

Every year, a lot of Sikh community peoples come here in Pakistan to attend the auspicious events of their gurdwara from across the world, including India, the UK, America, and Canada.

If we talk about Guru Nanak Sahib, he was the founder of Sikhism. He spent most of his life in the region that comes in Pakistan Territory. His birth and buried locations are also located in the Pakistan region. The buried place is still preserved the same as it was used to be in his period.

Aside from Guru Nanak Sahib, Pakistan is also lucky to have almost 90% of the significant Sikh shrines in its territory. Each Shrine is preserved and maintained just like the same, as it used to be in the old days.

Every year, most of the people from the Sikh community use to come here to attend the religious events on various Sikh shrines across Pakistan.

The Pakistan government allocate special trains for the Indian pilgrims who wanted to visit here from India through the train. The security system of the whole gurdwara is done on proper homework.

Every pilgrim shows their utmost love when they reach to the most prominent Sikh shrines in Pakistan. Since the past few years, the majority of the pilgrims have supported the fact that Pakistan is the safest place to visit for religious or tourist reasons.

It’s the most compelling evidence for every person that Pakistan is the safest place for the Sikh community. Pakistan has always respected and created efforts to provide a chance to the Pakistani Sikhs and others to have a pleasant moment when they reach to their holy places.

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The Historical Guru Nanak Shrine in Kartarpur

When we talk about the safety of the Sikh community, we shouldn’t forget Pakistan’s Government decision of giving a roadmap to Sikh pilgrims of India, and across the world to visit the Guru Nanak Last place.

Kartarpur is the place where the Founder of Sikhism is Buried at the time of pre-partition. After the partition, the area comes inside the Pakistani territory. As per the tension between India and Pakistan, the Sikh community living in India couldn’t make it possible to reach this place from this border.

However, realizing the emotions of the Sikh community. Pakistan has made a friendly move to remove these barriers for the Sikh Community of India to visit their holy Shrine of Guru Nanak.

In the past, the Shrine area was got very affected by the Flood. But, the Government then make a move to recover the place in 2004.

If we talk about the current Government, they have made such a fantastic move by investing the right amount of money to renovate the surroundings of Guru Nanak Sahib Shrine.

The renovation made it possible for the Pakistani government to accommodate around 5000 peoples per day and up to 10,000 peoples to visit the Shrine every day.

It was a mega project where the Pakistani Government made much investment, to keep the Pakistani Sikh community and Sikh across the world feel good and safe in Pakistan.

The new infrastructure across the Guru Nanak shrine has covered locker rooms, museums, libraries, Dormitories, immigration centers, and an embankment to protect the area of Shrine stay protected with any Flood.

Why is the Sikh Community not Save in Pakistan?

It’s a kind of question that also needs to be mentioned to clear the misconceptions of the peoples about Pakistan. As already said, almost 5% of the population in Pakistan are non-Muslims. In these 5% community, there are Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Parsi, and many other religions live here.

All of these religions are living absolutely a peaceful and amazing life, and also play an important role in making Pakistan much prosper around the world.

Pakistan could be only not saved for you as a Sikh when you are coming here for the first time without having proper guidance. It’s evident that without having adequate knowledge of any country, you shouldn’t visit it.

Although there are different ways, you can get to know about the tourism or religious tours in Pakistan as a Sikh. All you need is to visit either the best booking app in Pakistan or the best travel app in Pakistan.

Because these two are the best places where you can get to know about which areas are mean to be right for you and which are not suitable for you.

Coming here for religious reasons might also create some fantastic thoughts in your mind to perform some tourist activities after ending your Sikh religious event. So, reading the proper guidance in the best travel app in Pakistan gives you a great idea about the best Pakistani places to explore.

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