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Top Things To Do In Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country that combines the expectations of adventurers, beach goers and urban skyscrape fanatics. Malaysia is a mix of vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes  that encompasses everything desirable on a trip to the other side of the world.  Many airlines do fly to and for from this country carrying millions of passengers everyday. Fly cheap with Delta Airlines Reservations and witness the beauty and charm of Malaysia with your family and friends.

Places you must visit in Malaysia

If you are looking for an alternative to crowded beaches and cleaner landscapes, then Malaysia is the country for you! Solitary virgin beaches, adrenaline infused adventure activities and beautiful temples filled with culture and peace. So let’s find out what are the best places to visit in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur

The main city of Malaysian country will inspire you as soon as you leave it’s airport through its warm atmosphere, friendly people and with the smell of happiness. Kuala Lumpur is packed with various things to see and do. Merdeka square, Independence square, the National mosque (only accessible if you visit with appropriate outfit), and also the old station with British colonial airs, are few of the most happening tourist destinations, you shouldn’t miss.

 To eat and to soak up the country’s major culture, head over to Chinatown. It holds multiple stalls of imitation, food and cheap items that will make your hours fly by in a jiffy. However, when the sun goes down, come closer to the Petronas towers to enjoy the lights of the skyscrapers. Visit the shopping centers and also grab your takeaway food in its restaurant area and enjoy the evening in the small garden behind along with your warm food and beautiful breeze. 

Cameron Highlands

One of the main economic engines of the main Malaysian country is the production of tea. Therefore, it is essential to visit Cameron Highlands to enjoy a good cup of warm, soothing tea. It is also suitable for anyone who wants to take a break from the high temperatures of the capital or the country in general, as it is one of the highest and therefore the coldest points in Malaysia. Many companies offer jeep tours of the plantation in Cameron Highlands.

Taman Negara

It is a national park whose jungle is one of the oldest jungles in the world. Getting here can mean a spectacular boat trip on the river that encloses it. The organization that protects it, requires paying a symbolic license for taking photographs inside the park, which can be paid at most travel agencies. While returning, they will give you a small piece of paper that you must carry with you all the times when you are in the jungle. Regardless of whether you go on an excursion organized by one of the Taman Negara companies. 

One of the options that you might acquire while there is to spend the night inside the park, in one of the caves that are hidden among its undergrowth. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to witness an animal while on a safari, although it can be difficult.

Risks of traveling to Malaysia

The main dangers to which a tourist is exposed in Malaysia are thefts and blood. However, the area of Sabah and the island closer to the south of Philippines can be somewhat more unsafe than the rest of the country, so it is usually recommended to avoid them unless strictly necessary. 

Risks of traveling to Malaysia

The main dangers to which a tourist is exposed in Malaysia are thefts and floods. Robberies and robberies with violence are usually quite infrequent, although it is always advisable not to travel through lonely places at night as anywhere.

Malaysia is a place to visit to explore new cuisine and indulge in new culture with the locals. Like Delta, you may also book your tickets from Hawaiian Airlines reservations to utilize the benefits of best flight service and comfortable travel experience. Have a happy and safe journey!

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